Do you Love Her Boobs as much as I do, as much as she does, and as much as the rest of the world? Well, if you’ve got a pulse, chances are you appreciate a good titty, or better yet, a pair of them. Obviously, I talk about big ol’ jugs a lot around here because my name is The Porn Dude, and this business is more open about our love of breasts than anyone else. (Make no mistake, though, they love sizable tatas in every industry, from fast food to daycare to multi-national beverage conglomerates. So if you’ve got the boobies, maybe you can have the job!)

In most workplaces, you can expect a visit from HR or a sexual harassment lawsuit if you’re hiring based on melon size, but that’s a big part of the formula. As you’ve probably guessed from the titillating title, these perverts are selling premium smut where all the broads are very well endowed. They’re a newer site, putting out in their first movie back in April on Stoner Day, so I’m going to go ahead and pack my bong with Kush and Viagra dust before I lube up and take a look.

Do You Love Her Boobs Like I Do?

The LoveHerBoobs tour page has a familiar modern style, topped with an auto-playing montage from their newest feature. It stars none other than the lovely Chloe Lamour, whose huge knockers we see bouncing around as she rides cock and gets smashed missionary, just like God intended. Personally, the highlight of the montage for me is the titty fucking. You only see a half-second glimpse, but goddamn is it enticing.

Chloe isn’t the only big name with a big rack I see out front, though. I recognize most of these girls, and I’ve even banged a few of them over on the PornDudeCasting couch. For instance, without even leaving the landing page, I see Lauren Phillips going wide-eyed as she opens wide for some sausage. Likewise, Natasha Nice’s ever-expanding naturals are caressing a ding-dong, and the beautiful Angel Youngs is showing off the goods that are making her more and more famous. Other well-known busty bimbos to grace the page include Alura Jenson, Rachael Cavalli, and the consistently stunning Kayley Gunner. These are some of the world’s hottest and most famous pornstars.

I reviewed one of their sister sites earlier today, SheLovesBlack, and the preview situation is the same here. Lately, it seems like every paysite either gives you a one-minute preview or tricks you with a “Play” button that leads to the signup page. hits you with an in-between strategy: you get a peek, but it’s a teeny, tiny tease. So enjoy your ten seconds of Mona Azar, cheapskates! If you really want a show, you’re going to have to buy a ticket and go inside.

How Much to Love Her Boobs for a Month?

Speaking of buying tickets, these guys are offering a hell of a deal to subscribers. The regular rate is fifteen bucks a month, which is about half of what you’d pay for a membership on a different premium site. That’s already a fucking solid price, but they’re also giving you the first month for half that price. Eight bones for a month of access is easily one of the cheapest paysite memberships I’ve seen lately.

I do wonder how long that price is going to last, though. I’m pretty sure the price at LoveHerBoobs (and SheLovesBlack) is directly related to the relatively small library. I already mentioned that these guys started up in April, which was just a few months ago, which means they haven’t had all that much time to build up the collection. I just counted, and they currently have 23 fuck flicks ready to fap to. The price is one of the best I’ve seen lately, in large part because that’s also one of the smallest premium collections I’ve seen recently.

The good news is that the number is rising at a fair rate. Love Her Boobs puts out a new movie every Tuesday. It’s as consistent as clockwork but way easier to beat off to than a stupid wooden bird popping out of a tiny house to yell at you. In a few months, the library will be twice as big as it is today.

In case you’re wondering, yes, the runtimes are nice and long. You can expect a good forty minutes to an hour per movie, so it’s not like LoveHerBoobs forces you to speed fap through short scenes like some of the arty farty porn sites out there. Ultimately, you end up with a solid bang for your buck, even if the current stash isn’t quite as fleshed out like the competition. There’s enough there that you’ll have to put in some real work to wank through the whole thing, but I bet you’re up to the challenge. Just don’t forget the lotion unless you want to get chafed.

Big Titties on Big Sluts

Love Her Boobs has a nice Advanced Search page where you can filter by words or phrases or check some porn subgenres off their list of Tags. The tags list itself is a nice cross-section of the perversion you’ll find spread all around the joint, like Asian and Anal, Big Ass and Blonde, Finger and Footjob. I actually thought the list was set up with theoretical tags that may not have matching videos yet, but every box I checked off brought me back a couple of fapworthy results.

That said, the collection is small enough that I didn’t really need the search function. It’s nice to see it there, though, because it means this site will age well as it fills out with more and more big-booby porno. One of my pet peeves is big porn libraries with bad tagging, making it a chore to find the smut you want.

I already knew exactly what kind of smut I wanted because I’d been drooling over a few of the thumbnails since I landed at Natasha Nice looks as lovely as she did when I met her, and Melody Marks nails that girl-next-door charm as she gets her tits fucked and her twat hammered. I already fap-tested a straight scene this morning, though, so I decided to start with a recent girl-girl tryst starring Asian beauty Luna Mills and tatted-up slut Payton Preslee.

The girls are chatting in a living room as the flick opens, so I skipped ahead a couple of minutes and found Payton fully naked, slipping that thicc body into a bath. She gets those huge titties nice and wet, giving them a couple of gropes for good measure as she lathers them up. It’s a nice, long, titty washing scene, and they’re already sparkly clean and shiny by the time Luna shows up to play.

It’s a forty-minute flick, but I’d say it really kicks off when Luna joins the fun about ten minutes in. Payton dries off, and they head to the bedroom, where Luna sucks those pierced nipples like she’s trying to drink some milk. I love the part where Luna strokes Payton’s clit with her titties, getting some sexy moans out of the rocker babe. That shit gets her going, and the next thing you know, pussy is getting licked, slurped, and otherwise devoured.

The camerawork is simple but lovely, the high-resolution cams moving slow and making sure to give us fapworthy angles of these busty broads. It’s not an exaggeration to say I really do Love Her Boobs, and I’m talking about both girls. I went ahead and took advantage of their download policy to save this to the permanent spank bank. Members have unlimited stream and download access.

I don’t mean to bail on you guys, but I’m halfway through this flick, and frankly, I’d love to watch it with two free hands available. I’m going to wrap this up now, but first, I’m giving my seal of approval. The only real downside is that, as a new site, they’ve still got a pretty small collection. However, the low price makes up for that low content volume, and they otherwise hit all the right notes you want in a premium big-titty porno site. The girls are world-class busty beauties, the movies are really well made, and they’re dropping a new one every week. What more do you want, my dudes?

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