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Literotica Trans Stories is one of the largest collections of trans erotic literature on the net. It’s no surprise considering they have been around ...


The first porn in the world was not drawn onto cave walls or carved into the ash of a recent fire. Instead, they took place inside the human mind. Cavemen would sit alone in the forest, picturing all manner of foul things they would like to do to the tribe leaders’ wives. This was the only way to masturbate for tens of thousands of years. Sure, you could draw on the walls, but they only served to fuel the imagination.

In this age of extreme stimulation, few can still masturbate with their mind alone. I have seen too many bitches get filled up with so much cum that their eyes get cloudy. I can’t devolve back to mental porn after experiencing some shit like that. Last night I saw a man stick his entire Mr. Clean bald head into a chick’s pussy. I would not have even thought to imagine that shit. I need porn to spur such foul debauchery.

Once speech developed, the erotic story could be told. This provided much more of a foundation for men to build fantasy upon, but it was far from ideal. First off, you had to sit in a circle of other men to listen to the story. Can you imagine the smell of a dozen cavemen with their cocks out? Now add the scent of dung-based lube to that, and you have a recipe for a boner killer solution.

Origin of the Circle Jerk

This is almost certainly the origin of the circle jerk, though. Think about it. If you already have to sit next to some grimy motherfucker while masturbating, you might as well help each other out. Getting jerked off by some hunter-gatherer’s hands can’t be that great of a feeling, though. That’s why the caveman penis was rough and calloused. It had to withstand the daily beating it got from its own host body.

It wasn’t until the written word that these stories could go from public view to entering the privacy of one’s own home. So now, it could be just you, all alone, nothing to stop you from jerking in any fashion you please. That’s the American dream right there; a man, his penis, and the freedom to treat it how he sees fit.

Erotic literature came into its own in the victorian era. All that public sexual restriction leads to batshit insane sex in the bathroom and literature. You might think the books would be all about ankles and wrists, but that was saved for polite company. When people were reading in their bedrooms, it was about shitting up each other’s asses and shoving nettle stems down your dick hole. If you have never tried pushing a nettle stem down your cock you are missing out, well, on extreme regret.

The late eighteen and early nineteen hundreds were the golden age of erotic literature. Things started to trail off when pictures and moving pictures were developed. Men are visual creatures, and it’s hard to beat seeing the real thing. That didn’t mean it was totally out of the window, though.

For many moons, women carried the torch of smutty books. We all know the stereotype of a mother in the nineties, unhappy with her marriage, getting lost in books about centaurs fucking princesses. Did they flick the bean while reading them? Some. Women masturbating hadn’t become part of the national conversation yet. Many were still in the dark about washing their own load. These days every woman owns a couple of dildos and vibrators.

You should own one also. Do you think you can make a woman cum with your cock alone? HA! I say! No, HAHA, I say. You will be hard-pressed to make a woman cum no matter what tools you use. You are kryptonite to a woman’s orgasm, but you have way better chances if you use a Hitachi wand. You will have even better luck if you use a body double. I’m available for rent, but only if the bitch is sexy. I’m not out here doing the Lord’s work for shits and giggles. I’m trying to cum in hot cunts.

These days erotic literature has jumped off the shelf and into the internet. You no longer have to be a published author to get your erotic writing out to the masses. Many sites now accept stories from anyone, so you can go from having no readers to thousands of readers in a day. It’s an excellent way for authors to get their names out there.

But we are not here to talk about the producers of literature. We are here to talk about the producers of cum, also known as you guys. Besides, I have the perfect website if you want to jerk off, practice your reading comprehension skills, and love trans bitches. Literotica is one of the leading boner story websites on the internet, so it is no surprise that their trans section is fully loaded with everything you need to bust a fat nut all over your house cat.

Head over to Literotica and select the “Transgender and Crossdressers Stories Hub.” You will be blown away by how many stories there are to choose from. You will never run out of fresh tranny content to make your balls swell with anticipation. You will have to jerk them off before they split down the seams.

While the content is superb, the website is a bit janky. First off, there is a ton of blank space. At first, I thought this was because the site was optimized for mobile usage, and they didn’t care about creating the main site. That is until I saw a button to use the newly updated mobile version. I’m not sure what’s up because this is a mistake most grade school kids could fix these days. It’s bad enough that one might think the website is sketchy if they had never visited before. Don’t worry. The site is clean except for all the dirty writing.

There is no main menu on the trans page, but there’s an alphabet to help you locate titles. Down the middle of the page are tons of content displayed in multiple different fashions. First up are all the newest stories to be published. New shit is being added every day, so make it part of your routine to check-in.

Shit Ton of Content

Below that is a list of “random transgender and crossdresser stories.” Literotica has been around for over ten years, so they have a massive back catalog to pull random stories from. I wasn’t lying when I said you would never run out of content.

Last up down the center of the page is the “transgender and crossdresser hall of fame.” These are all the highest-rated stories ever to be released by Literotica. Some of these titles are “Ambiramus” (which means voyage, but I’m sure you already knew that unless you’re a dumbass) “Is She Smiling at Me” (If you have ever asked that question to yourself, I’ll answer it. No. A resounding hell no.) “Family Issues” (Oh good. We might as well mix up an incest tranny margarita) “Women’s Studies” (I’d rather fuck a chick with a dick than sit through that class) “Once You Go Black” (... it makes it hard for white guys to get laid)

Down the right side is an assortment of navigational tools. First is a list of content winners on the site. They are always holding contests, so you should get in on one if you write. If you’re just here to read the best of the best, this is where you find it. Under that is a list of the most recent comments made on stories. That’s not something I’m particularly concerned with. Next up are popular tags. This includes such classics as Sissy, Anal, Femdom, and Feminization.

The second to last list is of trending stories, and you can switch between trending for the day, week, or month. Finally, last up is a list of popular authors.

If you are a fan of chicks with dicks and erotic literature, you’re not going to get much better than Literotica. They have done a great job creating a place where authors feel comfortable sharing their smut.

You probably already know what I would change if I were admin for Literotica. The website design is crap. Navigation is fine, but this giant empty space is amateurish. The place has been around for over a decade. How do they fuck this up for so long? You could hire a fifteen-year-old to fix this mistake.

Regardless of this large oversight, the content on Literotica more than makes up for its shortcomings. So if you are one of my few fans that’s literate enough to read anything but this, you should head over today.

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