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Lewdua! If you’re hungry for some girthy girlcock, then you’ll love the selection of hot futa comics, animations, and illustrations that Lewdua has to offer. This ...


Some of you fucks are hungrier for cock than some ecstasy addled twink at a gay bar. I’ll be talking about hentai or toons or SFM and there always has to be that one dick-thirsty cuck that tries to convert other dudes to their futa and trap fetish. They all same the same bullshit like “futa on girl is actually less gay than dude on girl.” Yeah, what the fuck ever. That might be half-true on paper. But we all know you’re jerking yourself off to this shit while imagining getting your asshole stretched by your favorite dick girl or thinking about getting that ‘girlcock’ shoved down your throat and pumping your stomach full of cum. I don’t fucking care what you fap your pencil dick to as long as you fucking own that shit.

Now, I don’t usually go jerking off to this kind of degenerate shit, but I will say that there is a fuck ton of it. It can be hard to sift through and find the actual good futa art. But, as always, I stepped up and waded through all the sites while you lazy fucks sat there doing jack shit. And I found a killer futa/trap site that will satisfy even the most demanding girlcock addicts out there. is a futa comic site with content from a single artist known as, you guessed it, Ledwdua.

Quality Site Layout With Free Content and No Ad Clutter

Lewdua is a french artist who makes hot futa comics for all of you cucks to fap to. The site was launched back in 2016 and has amassed a respectable following of around 420 thousand fappers every single month. And all of this shit is free. You don’t have to cough up any of your cash for a premium membership or anything like that. Lewdua does have a Patreon page, but that just gives you optional drawings and other special privileges. But consider dropping some cash on that shit if you like what you see. It takes a strong person to listen to all of you demanding cucks out there for multiple years.

The site is pretty impressive, especially since all of it is run and done by a single artist. It’s got some quality art in the background and a sleek main page full of lewd previews for the newest uploads to the site. Every single page has a unique background with busty futa babes and other pieces of quality art. Yeah, it’s a bit bright on the comic pages. But this isn’t the kind of theme that is going to burn your fucking retinas. It definitely works for the site.

Large Catalog of Futa Content With Easy to Use Filter Options and Tabs

On that main page, you can scroll through and check out latest articles, read an “about me” section, get a link to the Patreon page, join a Discord server with thousands of other horny fucks, and browse a few different links to social media sites and other art portfolios that Lewdua has. Up top, there’s a simple header with options for “Home, Universe Full Timeline, Full Gallery, Best Of, FAQ, Links, and Contact Me.”

Those last three are straightforward. The FAQ is fun and tells you a little more about what to expect upload wise and shit. You can shoot an email to the artist, but keep in mind that they don’t take commissions. So, you’ll have to force some other poor artist to draw your OC furry futa scat porn comic. The “Best Of” tab lets you check out some of the best or most popular comics on the site. This is a good place to get started, as it is the artist's best shit. If you like the futa bitches in those comics, then odds are you’ll be happy cranking your hog to the rest of the kinky shit in Lewdua’s catalog.

Long Timeline of Fap-Worthy Futa Fetish Comics

There are a bunch of hot comics and series, so the “Universe Full Timeline” page is a good place to go if you’re trying to find where to start your futa fueled fap sesh. There are dozens of comics, short animations, and illustrations to fap to. And this page tells you exactly where to start browsing. Some of these comics have ongoing stories dating all the way to 2016, so it’s actually a good idea to start from the beginning if you care about the plot and shit.

But if you just want to dive into all of the dick-girl comics posted on here in no particular order, then get your ass over to the “Gallery” page. This page has sexy previews for every single piece of art that’s ever been posted. The previews across the site are solid. You get a preview image from either the front page or a kinky scene in the comic, the issue number if it is part of a series, number of comments, and the date it was uploaded.

HD Images, Ongoing Stories, and Animated Panels!

Click on any preview to get the page with the full comic spread that you can scroll through. And even I can recognize that the art is next fucking level. The drawings are incredibly well done and some of these comics even add in some lightly animated panels that make them so fucking good. For each comic, you get a short update from the artist about the site and what’s coming next, as well as links to the comic in multiple different languages.

You even get a hairy version if you want to get down and deep into some hot futa bush! And the art has a lot of true futas on here, which means you get the dick and pussy on one sex-addled slut. There are also GIF versions of the comic, special animations, and more kinky shit that you can jerk off to on the site. Seriously, this artist puts a ton of work into the content here.

Quality Mobile Experience

Even the mobile site is well done. You get full paged previews that you can scroll through on mobile, and you still have access to all of the same menus and options that you did on the desktop version. And you won’t get a single ad on mobile or desktop. All of the income for the site comes in via patrons and donations to the site. They could easily fuck you over with awful ads, but instead, you get a great user experience on both platforms. I had no issues reading and downloading there hot futa comics while on the go.

ThePornDude’s Favorite Features

I mean, I’m sure you fucks will love the art of big tittied babes with giant, floppy cocks. That will probably be your favorite feature. And, you know what, I have to agree. That shit was quality. Even If you don’t jerk your dick to chicks with meaty cocks, you have to appreciate the work that Lewdua puts into this. You get animations, animated panels, HD renders, and so much more from a single fucking person. This artist must live, eat, and breath girl cock. And I got to respect that fucking hustle.

ThePornDude’s Suggestions

I don’t think I’ve got anything for this one. is solid all around. I didn’t go in expecting to be down with this futa artist, but they fucking kill it. So, I guess I’ll throw you virgins a bone. Your odds of finding a girl, let alone some “dickgirl”, in the wild to fuck you is slim. Be realistic. Get you a fucking escort and throw that Vcard away. Your confidence will skyrocket once you get with some bitch who you’ll never see again. That way you don’t have to give a fuck if you cum early. You paid for an hour or whatever. Just thumb your limp noodle of a dick back in there and have at it. She won’t go telling anyone you know.

ThePornDude’s Final Thoughts

Overall, is a solid site by a solid artist with a solid art style. I think you can see what I’m getting at here. The site is fucking great if you love yourself some juicy girlcock. I know you’re all probably hard and ready to get fapping, so I won’t keep you any longer. Go on and get over to to start jerking your dick to cute dick girls and futas!

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