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Are you a man who can appreciate the beauty of women's legs? Well, if so, you are bound to enjoy a subreddit called r/legs/. This subreddit is offering all kinds of im...


Reddit Legs, aka r/Legs! You just gotta love when a subreddit is so straightforward, and you know what the fuck it is about before you even click on it. I mean, it is simple, and it gets straight down to the point. It is called r/legs/, and if you appreciate women with nice legs, then you have come to the right subreddit. There are thousands of naughty posts for you to check out.

You have a choice, you can either stick around and listen to what the fuck I have to say, or you can keep browsing on your own. I mean, Reddit is a free website, so you are allowed to browse on your own, but I mean, if you are already here, you might as well read what the fuck I have to say instead. You could also check out the rest of my reviews, in case you are not the biggest fan of this subreddit.

Although, keep in mind that Reddit has thousands of other subreddits you can check out as well. It all comes down to your personal preferences and what you are looking for because there are thousands of different subreddits you can check out. Anyway, stick around and read what I have to say, or simply browse through until you find the naughty shit you are interested in. Simple.

Both amateur and premium content.

So, are you interested in what the fuck you can expect from r/legs/? While I think that this should be obvious, in case you are confused as to what the fuck I am talking about, I shall explain it all nicely. Of course, the whole point of r/legs/ subreddit is to show pretty women with nice legs, and well, while that is the gist of it, there is still more to the content than just that.

You should know that unlike some other subreddits, r/legs/ is not only filled with amateur content. You have both premium and amateur quality content, which means that you can see users of posting their naughty selfies, as well as the same users posting their favorite images of naughty models with beautiful legs. So, it is a mesh of both, and I’m living for it.

I always enjoy a variety, but if you are searching just for the amateur content, many other subreddits might satisfy your thirst instead. Anyway, what can you actually expect from? Well, it is straightforward. You can expect to see loads of gorgeous women showing off their pretty legs in a variety of scenarios… so you never really know what to expect, I guess.

On the other hand, isn’t that the beauty of You have loads of content, and everything is unpredictable. This is a website made for the community and shaped by one; thus, you know that you can only expect the finest shit that the community would enjoy, simple as that.

Mostly images, and not so many videos.

Each subreddit is different, and while some offer just images, others offer only videos. Here, you have a mesh of both, but the ratio is a bit off. Basically,
90% of what r/legs/ offers will just be images, and there is like that 10% of videos that you might actually stumble upon. You cannot really choose to list through only the videos, so you are basically stuck browsing through until you find the naughty content you are looking for.

The pictures I saw very usually very revealing. Keep in mind that just because the subreddit is all about legs or whatnot, does not mean that is the only thing you will see. Sure, that is the main point, but there is always more sugar in this coffee. For example, one of the first pictures showed the beautiful Christina Dreaming bent over in one of her usual poses, showing off all the naughty goods.

The very next picture showed a beauty sitting down, with her legs in the air, and lucky for us she was not wearing any undies, so you could see it all. There were lots of images that focused on the legs but also gave you some candy in other departments, which is rather nice if you ask me. Of course, the photos are all different, and there have been lots of hot models.

But let’s also not forget about the cute amateur chicks, who love to fuck around, and post all kinds of dirty images for everyone to enjoy. You have cuties who simply show it all, and I really mean all, but you also have the girls who will hide their face and love bits, and focus mostly on the beauty of their legs, which makes sense when you consider the name of this subreddit… r/legs/.

Extra privileges for registered members.

Now, would you like to enjoy Reddit as it was meant to be enjoyed? In that case, you might want to start with registration. Do not get me wrong; for the most part, you can enjoy even without registering. That is the fucking beauty of it. But, if you really want to enjoy what this website is all about, and most importantly what r/legs/ has to offer, why the fuck not register?

The registration is free, and once you are a member, you will get all the usual privileges. You will be able to like and dislike everything that Reddit has to offer, and obviously, that means all the subreddits and not just r/legs/. You will also be able to comment, and from what I have seen, the members love to chat through the comments, and many times the babes who posted their own pictures will respond.

Other than chatting through the comments, you can send private messages to all the users, and again, this does not just apply to the members of r/legs/. As you should already know, Reddit has millions of members, and some of them would love to chat. Well, if you choose to register, you can chat with any of them, and who knows, you might find interesting people to talk to about r/legs/.

Keep in mind, however, that those who are a part of r/legs/ are mostly here for the content. Aka the same reason as you are, so if you would just like to chat, you can try your luck on r/legs/ but your best bet would be to browse through other types of subreddits, like the ones that are actually made for chatting…. And there are plenty.

Post your own naughty images.

Would you like to share your own favorite leg pictures? Or maybe you are a hottie with hot legs, and you do not mind getting down and dirty, snapping naughty photos, and sharing them with the community? In that case, I am sure that you will be interested in what r/legs/have to offer, and the fact that you can post your own images if you become a member.

But, as I have mentioned a lot of times already, if you choose to register, you can access all the subreddits, and not just r/legs/. So, you can post anything anywhere, but if you plan to do that, you should follow the rules. The reason why has a good structure is because they have rules to reach subreddit, and thus they are preventing the chaos.

As long as you follow the rules, there is nothing for you to worry about. There will be rules about everything, but not all subreddits will have them. The rules for r/legs/ are listed on the side of the subreddit, where you can see the majority of rules in general. If you do not follow them, you can be banned, so try not to be a fucking moron.

Great user-features.

Other than that, you will have some basic information about each subreddit listed on the side as well. For example, you can learn more about what r/legs/ is all about, as there will be a small description that will explain it all. This subreddit is basically meant for the lovers of female legs, there are both videos and images here, some professional and some amateur, simple.

You can also see that r/legs/ was created in 2009, and that it has over 159k members. From what I have seen, the updates are frequent, which means that you will always have something new to check out. is a free website with thousands of other subreddits, so even if you dislike what r/legs/ is all about, you can check those out. As for my pretty leg lovers, you are surely going to love r/legs/.

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