Juicy Sex Tapes is a site that describes its offerings as “Hot Juicy Ethnic Porn Sextapes.” But honestly, my dudes, I think the site can be summed up in even fewer words just by pointing at the name. This joint is tailor-made for fans of sex tapes where the girls are juicy! Now, that isn’t so complicated, is it?

Just like the name is trying to tell you, JuicySextapes.com is a free sex tube where the babes all have some extra cushion for the pushin’. The domain was registered a few years ago, but the site has really grown in popularity over the last few months. They’re on track to get a million visitors this month, so I figured I might as well add some clicks to the pile as I go through my morning fap routine.

Let’s Watch Juicy Sextapes

I don’t want to get all philosophical or academic on you, but it’s hard to talk about a site like JuicySexTapes without pointing out how beauty standards continue to shift with time. A decade ago, the chubby chasers, thicc booty enthusiasts, and PAWG fans essentially had to settle for fat fetish websites where the broads were all buried in rolls of themselves. There was a bit of juicy fun to be had on Ebony and Latina sites, but big, sexy girls have always been pushed off into the margins of the scene.

Flash forward to today. If you’ve been shaking your dick at sites like OnlyFans, you’ve no doubt noticed all the homebrew models showing off big butts and meaty thighs. The big paysites may be neglecting you, slapping a “curvy” tag onto videos of skinny bitches to get your hopes up, but the bigger girls are blowing up the small-time porn scene.

You’ll see that reflected in the Juicy Sex Tapes you see right from the front page, the very moment you land. Most tubes try to entice you with familiar big-name pornstars and recognizable porn brands. If you’re a frequent consumer of juicy girl porn, you might recognize chicks like Valentine Vonbettie, Rose D Kush, Sydney Screams, and Lyla Everwett. However, the chances are that most or all of these thick girls and BBWs will be new to you.

JuicySexTapes.com has a little disclaimer at the bottom saying they don’t allow user uploads, but I would have guessed that just from the content. User-contributed tubes tend to be a jumble of good stuff and absolute shit, but there’s a uniformity in the porn here. It feels more like somebody’s hand-selecting material than all the tubes that just use a script to scrape content from every other tube.

That means the juicy chicks of JuicySexTapes are all sexy as fuck. It’s a mix of OnlyFans girls, fat pornstars, and no-name amateurs. I’d guess a little more than half of them are Ebony, with a fair amount of Latinas, mixed ethnic beauties, and Phat-Ass White Girls. These chicks are fucking healthy, too, without all the meal-skipping skeletons you find clogging up all the other tubes.

Big Girls Having Big Fun

I mentioned OnlyFans because I think the new wave of amateur internet models is one of the things driving humanity’s renewed interest in chubby beauties. The thing is, Juicy Sex Tapes has a lot more hardcore fucking than you’ll find on your typical leak site or on OnlyFans itself.

Those social-porn sites tend to focus on solo shows, so even when you find a pretty lady with a giant ass, she’s usually just diddling herself on a webcam while wearing a pair of cat ears. On the other hand, JuicySexTapes has an approach akin to the usual amateur tubes, so you’ll find these chunkers in all kinds of hardcore sex scenes.

I don’t even have to stray from the Latest Videos on the front page to find voluptuous hotties feasting on monstrous BBC, taking it doggy style as their bodies jiggle, or bouncing those huge badonkadonks in potentially spine-crushing cowgirl scenes. There’s interracial porn galore, threesomes, and orgies, and even some extra kinky shit like this broad puking on a dick before getting a creampie. Now that’s what I call a meal!

They’re drawing these Juicy Sex Tapes from various sources, but they definitely lean more on amateur. Brazzers and Reality Kings aren’t putting out anything for the chubby chasers, after all. Still, there’s more professional and semi-professional material than I expected for a niche site. That’s good news for anybody worried about sloppy angles and 20-second doggy-style videos. The standards are higher than that.

They’ve kept the Categories and Tags lists pretty trim. There are only half a dozen categories, and they’re pretty much what you expect: Amateur, BBW, Big Ass, Black Porn, Blowjob, and Interracial. The Tags page goes more profound, but it’s not the sprawling pages-long index of overlapping genres you find on many sites. I take that as another sign that this really is a hand-curated collection because the whole thing is organized better than any automatic script can manage.

That’s a Lot of Juicy Sextapes

This is the part of the review where I usually tell you how often a site adds new material to the pile. Unfortunately, JuicySexTapes.com doesn’t publish their upload dates anywhere, so it’s hard to say. However, I can say it is a nice, juicy collection of incredible, juicy sex tapes.

As of this writing, the entire stash adds up to almost 6,000 videos. Runtimes are fucking solid as hell, too, typically clocking in between twenty and thirty minutes. There are some outliers, too, like an hour-long interracial flick I see on the front page. The girl looks hot on her hands and knees, being penetrated from behind, so I may have to check that one out later.

I’ve got my eye on a different thumbnail right now, though. This is my first review of the week, and it’s really fitting because I hooked up with a chubby girl from Tinder over the weekend. There’s a chick on the JuicySexTapes front page that looks a lot like the girl who left my bed a soaking wet mess. She told me she was a squirter, but I kind of wonder if she just had poor bladder control.

I pulled up the half-hour video, a scene from a site called BBW Highway. It opens with this chubby babe named Jada introducing herself before fucking herself with a dildo. Her face is cute, her boobs are huge and jiggly, and she’s got some big thighs that look sexy as fuck in the nylons she’s wearing.

Five minutes in, the scene takes an interracial turn. Then there’s pussy eating, then cock sucking, and then the dude eats her fat ass. The actual fucking starts about halfway through with some doggy-style against the window, and honestly? I’m going to take a quick break from writing this review so I can enjoy it two-handed.

Download Some Juicy Sextapes

It isn’t for everyone, but I recommend the scene if you want to see a chubby white chick doing interracial.
JuicySexTapes.com has a big Download button beneath each video, and I felt like this one deserved a spot in the permanent offline spank bank.

I expected the downloads to be on sketchy file lockers with throttled downloads and heavy limits for free users. But guess what? The videos are hosted off-site; I was surprised to find relatively quick downloads available instead of the usual bullshit where you have to wait a minute, fill out a captcha, and then save the file at a dial-up speed. So if you’re looking to stock up, this is a good place to do it.

Even if you don’t give a fuck about downloading, though, JuicySexTapes is an easy recommendation for anybody who likes juicy girls. The site might be lumped in with ebony sites or interracial sites, but at the end of the day, I think it’s going to appeal most to anybody who likes their babes with a little more (or a lot more) body to hold onto while you’re nailing her. So whether you want them with a layer of leftover baby fat, mildly chubby, or overflowing with boobs and butts, JuicySexTapes.com is an excellent place to get your Juicy Sextapes. It’s right there in the name, folks.

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