Jeff’s Models have a certain something about them, some unifying feature that sets them apart from other porn sites. To be honest, the girls remind me a bit of the local Tinder pickings in my town, only without the meth-addled tombstone teeth. Yes, ladies and gentlemen and assorted deviates, I’m talking about fat chicks, a subject the titular Jeff has been capturing on video since 2013. The landing page even has a little gold ribbon that says they were voted the Best BBW Site, though it doesn’t say who bestowed the honor.

Awards are cool and all, but the real measure of a porn site is how easy it is to jerk off to. offers premium BBW porn for all the chubby chasers out there, so this one may be difficult to get off to if you’re into those chain-smoking, rail-thin Czech chicks you see on some of those Euro sites. These girls don’t have time for cigarettes, because they’re too busy stuffing their pretty, fat faces with candy, Coca-Cola, hamburgers, Cheetos, extra-large meat-lovers pizzas, and a whole hell of a lot of sausage.

Just Who Are Jeff’s Models?

I hope none of you are offended by the fat jokes, but then again, why the fuck would you be reading ThePornDude if you’re easily offended, dipshit? I kid, but it’s all in good fun, because
Jeff manages to find some of the hottest BBWs out there. These broads owe a lot of their looks to slow metabolisms and poor diets, but the nice faces must be genetic gifts from their parents. They’re really big and truly beautiful; I ain’t talking about “chubby” girls or that useless “curvy” label they apply to pretty much every MILF these days. I don’t know where Jeff finds these sluts, but they all seem to have nice skin, without the blemishes and chafed inner thighs you often get with bigger girls.

If you’re a fan of the BBW genre, you’ll probably start recognizing some of Jeff’s Models the moment you hit the tour page. I’ll admit, I’m less familiar with these big ladies than the big names you find on more traditional porn sites, but I do recognize a few faces right away. Lila Lovely, Eliza Allure, Angel DeLuca and Alexis Abuse are just a few of the names I’m looking forward to cranking off to today.

JeffsModels has been around for the better part of a decade, and so far, he’s met over 150 of these fat models. He’s gotten to know them intimately and taken fans along for the ride literally hundreds of times. To date, the collection contains over 500 exclusive BBW videos. The front-page spiel makes sure to mention they’re in HD going all the way back, which is saying something with a site this long-lived. The earliest videos go all the way up to 720p, while the latest flicks are shot in 1080p.

Oh, speaking of the latest flicks, puts out at least two new movies every week. They’ve been dropping steadily every Tuesday and Friday lately, but they also include some preview shots from upcoming releases, so I know some good times are coming. There are 3 updates scheduled for the next 5 days, so I guess it’s a good thing I stocked up on personal lube and old gym socks.

Get a Huge Meal on a Deep Discount

If the babes are super-sized, it makes sense that the price has got to be an upgrade from regular paysites, right? I’m just fucking with you. You often have to pay extra for the niche fetish stuff, but
Jeff’s Models is actually cheaper than most premium sites. A month will run you twenty bones, or you can score a year for half off, a cool buck-twenty. The cute, tatted-up fatty with a guy’s tongue up her bunghole on the sign-up page is clearly enjoying herself, and you should, too.

When I first heard the site was called JeffsModels, I assumed it was going to be one of those semi-amateur joints where one dude, Jeff, bangs a rotating cast of newbie models and established video whores in one-on-one porno shoots. You know, kind of like what I do over at PornDudeCasting, but with fat chicks only. It turns out there’s a little more to it than that, by which I mean there are lots of partners getting some action around here.

Those twenty bucks a month buy you into a BBW porn stash with all kinds of depravity going on within. You’ll find the one-on-one dick-downs you expected, but there’s also a fucking ton of group sex, including double penetration and fat-lady orgy scenes. You’ll find interracial BBW scenes, anal-loving fat girls, lesbian chubsters, mature fatties and even big chicks getting banged by machine.

With over 500 movies, I was worried it might be a little difficult to dig through the pile, but they’ve done a good job organizing the place. All the movies are tagged with the relevant sex acts, fetishes and hair colors, and there’s a nice Content Filter to help sift it all down to your preferred BBW porn styles.

Cranking It to Sexy Fat Chicks

Where do you start your fap test when the collection runs 500 deep, all full of fat chicks, all full up on dick and whatever they had for second breakfast? The last couple updates at have been a streak of BBW redheads, and last week they had a newcomer with purple hair sucking on a dildo while getting pounded from behind. Pretty much everything on the front page looks fapworthy, at least if you’re into fat chicks.

I decided to start with a BBW skin flick released a week ago, starring both Lila Lovely and the lovely Tiffany Star. The thumbnail shows a really soft, fluffy, voluptuous threesome going on, Lila making an oh face with Tiffany laid back like the sexiest flesh pillow you’ve ever seen. You weeaboos with the waifu pillows will probably want to step up your game after seeing this, but I guess that’s just the story of your life.

The movie clocks in at 25 minutes and starts playing smoothly as soon as I hit the Play button, no buffering slowing me down. Weirdly, I got an error when I tried to bump up the resolution to 1080p. I’m not sure what the problem is, but the picture looks clear enough, and the 1080p download works just fine. Downloads are included at JeffsModels, so stock up!

An old dude walks in and lays down in a bed, where he is joined by two of Jeff’s Models a few seconds later. There’s an overwhelming amount of sexy flesh, which I bet is exactly why you tuned in. Tiffany sucks his dick first, looking hungry and happy as hell, while Lila puts those monster jugs in dude’s lucky face. A few minutes later, Lila bobs her head on his knob, making eye contact with the camera while Tiffany fingers herself.

After Lila gives him a tit wank, it’s time to get fucking. Tiffany rides first while Lila sticks her face in there for a lick, both girls getting increasingly vocal. It’s sexy as fucking hell, and we’re only 6 minutes into the feature. A few minutes later, both of JeffsModels taste Tiffany’s pussy juice off dude’s ding-dong.

The camerawork is nice and subtle, staying the fuck out of the way and taking in a lot of wider angles, so we get to see both women in all their big, beautiful glory. I love the panning back and forth when Lila is riding him backwards cowgirl and Tiffany is riding his face, both girls squealing. Come for the BBW lesbian pussy eating, stay for the double doggystyle.

Given the focus, clearly isn’t for everybody. If you don’t appreciate a little extra meat on your babes, you’re not going to enjoy seeing a lot of extra meat on the women around here. If you do have a taste for BBW love and you’re looking for a paysite, this one’s a killer option. It costs less than your typical paysite, they’ve got over 500 movies and multiple updates per week, and their fat girls are legitimate hotties, with pretty faces and overactive libidos to match those healthy appetites. What’s not to love for the chubby chaser?

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