Jay’s POV is a lot similar to mine in a number of ways. To start with, we’re both really, really big porn fans. We both appreciate hot chicks, hot sex, and good camerawork. I guess one of the biggest differences between us is that while I try to cover multiple elements of the smut business, from reviews to production to webmastering, Jay’s got a pretty single-minded focus: banging beautiful women in premium POV movies.

And that’s naturally what you’ll find at JaysPOV.net, which has been chronicling Jay’s first-person porno adventures since 2017. POV porn has really grown in popularity over the last few years, so it looks like Jay was a little ahead of the curve. Shooting from the stud’s perspective is a simple but extremely effective gimmick, but it can also be easy to fuck up with bad framing and nauseating shaking. Jay’s been around long enough that I bet he has an above-average mastery of the genre, but there’s only one way to be sure. Now, where’d I leave my lube bucket?

What the Hell is Jay Looking At?

JaysPOV has a modest layout, keeping things simple but modern and letting the porno sell itself. A video montage at the top shows off some cocksucking and prone-bone fucking with the beautiful Charly Summer in their latest flick, uploaded just two days ago. Below, a dozen thumbnails are presented without comment, the model names and upload dates invisible until you hover over for a moving preview.

One thing that stands out immediately is the bright aesthetic. Every thumbnail shows a babe banging in a super-clean, impeccably lit white room. Yesterday, I reviewed a POV joint called MrLuckyPOV that took an opposite approach, framing the sluts in dark blue rooms. The vibe is different, but the overall effect is similar, drawing all your attention to the lovely ladies getting all full up on ding-dong.

Oh, and let’s talk about those lovely ladies for a second. Jay’s got really fucking good taste, banging a ton of big names and rising starlets. This dude’s gotten it on with Abella Danger, Ariana Marie, Whitney Wright and Gina Valentina, just to name a few of the really well-known chicks. I can’t help notice he’s also fucked a few of the models who have come by the PornDudeCasting couch, like Harlow West, Everly Haze, Madi Collins and Tristan Summers. I told you Jay’s POV was similar to my own!

If you want a taste, you’re in luck because JaysPOV.net offers some free previews out front. I checked out the teaser for that new Charly Summers movie and I was hard as a rock before she even had her panties off. This chick’s got a stunning little body and looks both adorable and sexy in those glasses. It’s a nice, long preview, running a full two minutes, but I’m ready for a full-length fap session.

How Much Porn Would You Like Today?

While I was watching Charly’s trailer, I got a look at prices listed along the side of the video player. You’ve got a few different purchase and subscription options at Jay’s POV. If you just want this scene, you can buy it for ten bucks or stream it for as low as 8 cents a minute. (That’s actually only if you buy the 960-minute, $92 package. The 15-minute, $4 package breaks down to around 27 cents a minute.)

Depending on how much porn you watch, it might be worth it to do the VOD thing. I’m a dude who likes to crank off to dirty movies every day, though, and I know from experience that a la carte porn movies add up fast. I’m still paying off my last big binge, but I should be out of the hole by 2036. To me, the subscription plans looked a hell of a lot more attractive.

If you don’t need downloads, a month of watching Jay’s POV will only cost you $20. For thirty, the price you pay for most paysites, you can save flicks to your permanent, offline porn stash. Three- and six-month subscriptions are available at decent discounts, the yearly coming out around $12.50 a month for the whole shebang.

Even if you spring for the cheaper, no-downloads monthly rate, subscribers all get access to the Jay’s POV 4K Roku channel. I’ve been seeing this on more premium joints lately and I fucking love it. If you prefer beating off on your couch at home, bong in one hand and dick in the other, the Roku channel is a big selling point. Setup is easy as hell. Just click the Add Channel button, click the OK button confirming you’re cool with a non-certified channel (which is standard for Roku porn apps), and then enter the linking code they give you.

If you’re looking to spend even more money, JaysPOV.net also has a well-stocked sex toy shop. I expected a couple of pocket pussies and lubes, but this is a full-fledged store with around a hundred categories of products like Mouths, Collars and Leashes, Classic Vibrators and Probes. They’ve even got some high-end sex dolls for the big spenders looking to add as much realism to their masturbation experience as possible.

Pornstar Sex from Jay’s Point of View

Harlow West and Everly Haze are a pair of teen BFFs who I had the pleasure of getting to know quite intimately at PornDudeCasting, though on separate days. Jay, on the other hand, met up with both of these lovely young ladies at the same time. I won’t lie, I got a little bit jealous, but I absolutely was not about to miss the POV video he shot. It was to be the first stop on my official fap test of JaysPOV.

It’s an hour long, and the tags along the edge tell me all kinds of good things happen in that 60-minute timeframe: there’s Lesbian action, Cunnilingus, Blowjob, Ball Sucking and Reverse Cowgirl, just to name a few. One of the things I really like about the setup here is that each of Tags is a button you can press to skip straight to that part of the video. The menu’s unavailable on the Roku app, so here’s one good reason for watching JaysPOV.net on your laptop instead of your TV.

I figured the more, the merrier, so I clicked on the Threesome button. The video skipped to the 10:30 mark, as Harlow licked Everly’s pussy and Everly reached for Jay’s cock for a BJ. It’s a really beautifully framed shot: Everly’s legs are spread wide, Harlow’s pretty face between them and her perfect ass the air, meanwhile Everly’s working the shaft with her hand and the head with her mouth. Contrast that with any POV iPhone shot you find on the amateur sites, where you often just see a shaky view of half a face-eating dick. Jay clearly knows exactly what he’s doing.

The human centipede shifts a few minutes later, the girls trading positions for a while before the video segues to a double blowjob. Again, the framing is flawless, and I can’t help noticing how much that bright-white aesthetic really shows off the natural beauty at play here. Both girls have perfect skin to match their pretty faces, stunning bodies and impressive aptitude for dirty fucking. These chicks have great chemistry, too; check out that teamwork as they take turns slurping, sucking balls and stroking him with their hands.

I won’t lie: I took a really fucking long break in the middle of writing this review. If you watch this movie, you’ll totally understand my predicament, so don’t hit the Play button unless you’ve got enough time to rub one out. It ain’t just the Harlow and Everly episode, either. I fell down the rabbit hole, shaking my dick at JaysPOV films until I started getting a little sore.

The high-level talent is obviously one of the biggest draws, since the best porn stars the hottest girls who fuck the best. What makes this site really stand out from other premium POV outfits is the quality of Jay’s camerawork and production. This guy’s got a steady hand and real eye for both framing and lighting, giving you a porn’s eye view that never inadvertently crops out the good stuff or makes you feel like barfing. Dude’s multitasking is on point, because he’s usually fucking away while getting those shots. Take a peek at those free previews and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

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