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Are you into Japanese girls? Well, you have r/javdreams/ to browse as much as you'd like and enjoy all the dirty porn content with these wonderful girls. These babes a...


To all my mates who love JAV as much as I do, this subreddit is basically your heaven. Welcome to r/javdreams/, and explore all the goodies that it has to offer. There are loads of videos and gifs featuring all kinds of pornographic videos with lovely Japanese girls… and obviously, the subreddit is free, so you can explore and enjoy as much as you fucking want. is a free website where you have all kinds of naughty videos, images, and gifs to check out. In case you are not a fan of what r/javdreams/ has to offer, you can always check out other NSFW subreddits. Many of them have already been reviewed by me, and if you see that I have skipped some of your favorites, you can always send me a recommendation.

If you are interested in learning more about r/javdreams/ and what it has to offer, you are welcome to stay and continue reading. I shall go over all the important aspects, don’t you worry. As for those who do not care much, all you need to know is that here you have tons of great JAV suggestions, so you can check them all out whenever the fuck you want.

What to expect?

Well, it is more than obvious that you can expect to see loads of Japanese porn videos, featuring some of the most known pornstars or random girls in general. There is really no rule here; as long as the content can be seen as JAV, it is posted on r/javdreams/. Therefore, those who love to watch Japanese babes in action are bound to enjoy this subreddit as well.

As for those who are not into Japanese girls, why the fuck are you even here? This subreddit is called JAV, so if you have not figured out that the only type of porn content you will have are JAVs, you must be a different kind of a moron. Anyway, if you are interested in the kind of content, I shall go over some of my favorites. Although the subreddit is free, so you can browse and enjoy as much as you fudging want.

The first video that was featured showed the beautiful Yui Ayana in an uncensored movie, in a couple of different fuck scenes. Now, if you are really a fan of JAV, then you should definitely know why the fuck this is a big deal. I mean, finding uncensored porn in Japanese porn videos is quite rare, and a big fucking treat if a beauty like her is featured.

There were actually many uncensored Japanese porn videos, which just proves that Redditors know precisely what the fuck we want. Of course, there were some censored as well, but the majority of the videos were clean, and you could see just what you wanted, without any of that pixelated bullshit. I am pretty sure we all prefer to watch uncensored pornography.

On the side of, you will see that you have some filter options that you can use. Some subreddits have this option, and some do not. It all really depends on the person who created the subreddit in the first place. There are some other shits on the side of, but I shall discuss that later. So, you can actually filter the search on r/javdreams/ by ‘uncensored, which is pretty nice.

As for the overall content, you can expect to see a bit of everything. There are naughty videos that will show a scene from a specific Japanese porn movie, and in most cases, you will get to see where that porn movie is from. You also have images posted, where you can see the beauties in action or the front cover of a particular porn DVD.

I mean, the Japanese babes are always so random, but in a good way. You never really know what the fuck to expect from them, and from my experience, the lovely Japanese babes are always in the mood to get fucked hard. Not to mention that JAVs are known to have a lot of kinky scenarios, and to never disappoint… plus, with so many uncensored suggestions, I am pretty sure that you will be impressed with what r/javdreams/ has to offer.

If you are not really into Japanese porn movies, I am still not sure why the fuck you are here. There are many other subreddits and porn websites that I have reviewed, so what the fuck are you waiting for. Either explore what r/javdreams/ is all about, in case you are into Japanese porn movies, or you can simply check out the rest of what I am talking about. Simple.

Would you like the added privileges?

Now that you know what r/javdreams/ has to offer, you know whether you want to visit this subreddit or not. However, while you know what the fuck r/javdreams/ is all about does not mean that you know what the fuck has to offer. And this all comes from registering, which is not necessary. You can register and have all the usual privileges, or not register and browse through this subreddit as a voyeur.

You can access most of the subreddits without registering, but some of them are age-restricted. As for r/javdreams/, you can browse as much as you fucking want. However, the registration on is free, so why the fuck not actually register? As a member, you can like, dislike and comment on whatever the fuck you want, and not only in this subreddit, but any other as well.

On top of that, you can follow the subreddits that seem interesting to you. By following certain subreddits, you will get to see their updates on the front page of, which is pretty useful and helps you customize the shit that you will see. Of course, you have all kinds of subreddits, from those that offer pornography to those that provide memes, jokes, cute animals, and other crap.

You can also chat with the community, and I do not only mean through the comments. Sure, in the comment section, you can reply and chat with the community, and it can be pretty useful as you can also ask where a certain video is from or where you can watch it. However, you can also send private messages to all the Redditors, which is always a neat option to have.

However, most people who are on r/javdreams/ are here to check out the videos and enjoy the content, and not to actually chat. With that said, you can still find people who want to chat. There are many other subreddits that are perfect for that, such as subreddits made for dating, hookups, swingers, and other naughty fetishes that might require chatting one way or the other.

Post your own JAV favorites.

On the other hand, as a member, you can also post your own Japanese porn favorites on r/javdreams/ or any other subreddit. Of course, this means that you need to follow the rules of posting. |Each subreddit is different, and the rules of posting will often be listed on the side of, so make sure to check that out first.

If a certain subreddit does not have the rules listed, such as r/javdreams/, you should be able to assume what the rules are. I mean, it is obvious that on r/javdreams/ you should not post anything that is not related to JAV. As for other more complicated subreddits, you will know what to post from the rules that are listed on the side.

Other than that, you also have information such as a description of a certain subreddit. You can also see that r/javdreams/ was created in 2018 and that it has over 116k members. From what I have seen, they often have updates, but that pretty much depends on the community. If people decide to be active, they can be. This is why the updates are also very random, as you never know what the fuck to expect.


It all really comes down to whether you are interested in JAVs or not. I mean, if you are not, then why the fuck would you even browse through a subreddit called r/javdreams/? And if you are, welcome! You could get bored from browsing too much, which is when you should check out other subreddits has to offer.

Keep in mind that everything on is free and uploaded by the users. You are welcome to check out the content or upload your own favorites… or do whatever the fuck you want basically. The options are needless, and for those who love to watch Japanese babes in action, enjoy browsing through r/javdreams/.

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