A video shot In The Crack is arguably a whole lot better than one shot from outside of that enticing fleshy crevasse. It isn’t fucking rocket science: close-up shots of damn near anything just look better than ones taken from afar. That’s why humanity has invested so much time, energy, and money building advanced telescopes to get better looks at all those celestial bodies floating out there in space instead of staring into the sky with our bare eyes. It’s why your sister takes selfies with the camera held close to her face instead of across the room, and it’s why the folks behind this next website will stick a camera right up in a broad’s business after she takes off her clothes. A good photographer focuses on the good stuff.

InTheCrack.com is a long-running premium website where they do exactly that. Since 2001, they’ve been putting out high-end videos that showcase the most beautiful pussies and asses in the world. It’s a different formula from the usual hardcore scenes and reality porn that’s become the norm over the last couple of decades, though I’m sure some connoisseurs of smut would call it a classic formula. The fact that they’re still getting a million visitors a month all these years later says a lot about the quality of their content, which is why I’m so excited to start my day fap testing the stuff.

Stick That Camera In The Crack!

Let’s talk about that classic InTheCrack porno formula a little bit more. As a pervert of the 21st century, I don’t really need to tell you what’s popular right now; you probably spend as much time as anybody cranking it to the hardcore networks, free tubes, and all those OnlyFans models who have taken over the scene during the pandemic. Compared to most modern adult content, InTheCrack is pretty softcore stuff. And while there are a few lesbian scenes scattered around, there isn’t a cock to be seen. Most of the shoots are solo, focusing on one beautiful lady and what’s in her crack.

It’s more akin to those arty-farty nude sites like MetArt, FemJoy, or Playboy than hardcore outfits like Brazzers, Reality Kings, and my very own PornDudeCasting. But, at the same time, it’s that titular focus on the crack that separates InTheCrack from those other softcore nude sites. Yes, the whole thing is built on trained, professional, classy female form photography, but these guys spend a lot more time than the competition getting up close and personal with a woman’s most intimate parts.

There’s a video preview out front that makes it pretty fucking clear. The first thirty seconds or so feature naked models strutting around, dancing, and sensually removing their clothes, looking sexy yet sophisticated. The trailer then heats way the fuck up with close-up shots of spread vaginas, puckering buttholes, a wild speculum shot, super personal twerking, masturbation, and squirting. Some lesbian scenes were more explicit than I’d expected, with girls licking each other’s buttholes and other depravity.

InTheCrack.com has a 3000-word About page that explains their whole philosophy, which I’d sum up like this: “We were tired of softcore solo vids with only fleeting glimpses of the cooter and the bunghole, so we’re going to make them our main focus.” It’s a noble mission and one they seem to be fulfilling quite well if you’re going by the numbers. According to the live count out front, there are currently over 200,000 pics and nearly 1300 hours of video, all fitting nicely into their close-up niche.

In The Crack of the Hottest Pornstars

Like many older porn sites, you can tell InTheCrack.com was launched at the dawn of the new millennium. That’s not really a complaint. On the contrary, I’ve actually grown to appreciate the vibe, in part because older sites that look like this have proven their worth over the years, or else they’d be long gone. Also, it’s common to see a mix of professional and amateur pornography elements, which is a winning formula when done right; some of the best smut has the enthusiasm of amateur content with production values more like the big boys.

On a similar note, InTheCrack.com has worked with hundreds of beautiful models, including well-known pornstars and sexy unknown amateurs. I spotted a few recognizable sluts in the front-page trailer, like Megan Salinas, Riley Reid, and Marica Hase. (I actually got to know Marica quite well over on the PornDudeCasting couch.) So there’s a good chance you’ll find some of your favorite starlets in their Models index, the first page of which features famous babes like Abella Danger, Adriana Chechik, Alexis Texas, and Asa Akira.

I was already pretty much sold on the basic concept, but once I saw how big the stash was and who was in it, I knew I needed the full ticket. So I made my way to the signup page to see how much it would cost to get all up In The Crack. Well, instead of asking a flat thirty bones a month like most paysites, there are few options to choose from based on your needs or budget.

The basic memberships are cheaper than most premium sites. Ten bucks a month will let you stream toaster-quality videos and look at little pictures, or you can drop twenty for last-gen 720p HD. Throw in another five dollars, and you get download access to the same files. Memberships with modern 4K resolution start at forty, which is more than I like to pay. In fairness, though, InTheCrack is peddling a kind of smut you aren’t going to find on many sites these days.

I’ve already mentioned how deep their decades-spanning collection runs, and they aren’t done yet. They’re steadily putting out a new release every five days, so you can schedule your crack faps in advance. This month’s drops include the beautiful Chloe Temple showing off the goods at a seaside pool. It seems like a perfect place to start the masturbation portion of my tour.

Up Close and Oh So Personal

I hit the Play button and watched as Chloe shook her ass in a skimpy one-piece Louis Vuitton string thing. You can tell the cameraman is ready to get all up in the crack even before she gets naked. Chloe walks around, spreading and jiggling her glistening wet cheeks, and then starts flashing her twat, butthole, and tittles from a poolside chair.

The video’s only eleven minutes long, and I kind of assumed that was the whole thing. Short videos are commonplace on the softer solo sites, but it turns out I was just looking at it wrong. InTheCrack has an early millennium setup, so the whole update is actually broken down into a handful of short videos splayed out below the video player. Altogether, it’s about a half-hour, so the runtimes are decent.

I skipped to the segment called Icy Your Pussy. Chloe is fully naked by this point, making oh-faces as she glides a piece of ice down her chest on the way to her pussy. The camera follows, pulling in tight as she ices her beautiful twat down. She’s got her pubes neatly manicured into a little triangle, and the whole package has my mouth watering and my cock hard as a rock. It’s a frankly beautiful sight, drops of cold water dripping down her pussy and passing along her cornhole, the whole thing brightly lit by the hot Mexican sun. Finally, Chloe flips over onto her stomach and starts pushing bigger pieces of ice in the opposite direction, through her ass crack along to her cunt.

With no dicks to stuff her with, it’s a softcore scene by any measure. The softness is usually my biggest complaint about these types of sites, but there’s some kinkier stuff in the pile here, especially in the Lesbian area. If I have any complaint at all about InTheCrack, it’s that the more inclusive memberships with high resolution and downloads cost so much more than most sites. Then again, the amount of traffic they get tells me most people are okay with the price.

I’d recommend InTheCrack.com to anybody who likes the artistically shot softcore sites that showcase the female form, but you wish the camera spent more time right there In The Crack. It’s all in the name, folks! Check out that preview video on their tour page, and you’ll know right away whether this is the kind of spot for you.

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