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Incest Stories is an incest loving subreddit for people who like to swap stories. Whether your stories are real or fictional, there’s a place for them on t...


Reddit Incest Stories, aka r/IncestStories! Just when I think I’ve seen enough weird shit on Reddit, a new sub comes in from out of the left field to surprise me yet again. /r/IncestStories is today’s offender, with an unoriginal take on a topic that’s already been beaten to death. But, they’re great at what they do, bring tons of quality to the table, and if you like reading one-handed, they might just be the sub for you.

Keeping it in the Family

First, I thought incest porn was a fad, then I thought it was a culture that would eventually die out. Now, I’m starting to believe that people are really out there dying to fuck their siblings. I don’t get it; I don’t want to get it, I’m just here to catalog the best places to get incest-themed smut.

This here subreddit is kind of a cross between a literary erotica site and a confessions corner. I tried finding the rules for the sub and couldn’t. No sidebar explains what this place is about, and I couldn’t even find a pinned post. So, I’m going by the title of the sub and the content I could find.

Most of the posts look like actual accounts of real-life events that have happened to the original poster. As it turns out, there are countless perverts out there who have had some sort of incestuous experiences, some in their youth, others in their adult years. They’re all trying really hard to capture every moment of their "family" passion here on this sub, with as much detail as possible.

Now, if you want to get deep into why people find incest sexy, I only have one theory, and I’d have to go out on a limb. Personally, I can’t think of anything less arousing than sex with a family member. Maybe doing it with animals might be a bit worse, I don’t know. Either way, it’s all-around disgusting. But, I’ve seen more than my fair share of perverts who are turned on by things exactly because they’re wrong and taboo. And, since families are the ultimate sacred thing that gets spared from the world of sex, I guess this makes them an excellent target for the ultimate perverts.

Or, it could just be some sort of psychological consequence of growing up with daddy issues or something. I wouldn’t personally relate, but I guess I can see how a fucked up childhood could get you riled up to fuck your sister or something.

Between Fiction and Fact

As I said, I have no idea which of these stories are real and which are fake, but I guess that’s part of what gives the sub its charm. Looking past the whole incest thing – it’s a smut sub with stories. Let’s just consider that for a second and forget the genre. If you like what you see and you get turned on by reading about kinky sexual scenarios, you’re sure to enjoy this sub.

The unclear balance between real and fake stories means that you flat out don’t have to think about it. You don’t have to try and figure out who’s lying and who’s telling the truth. At the very least, all the people in the comments’ section are telling the truth. They all chime in with their opinions and various admissions of horniness. Everyone’s riled up on this sub. Every story is someone’s ultimate fantasy. Hell, for the most part, they encourage each other’s love for this fetish. If this fetish is a bad thing, morally, then these guys are definitely enabling each other to the max. But, who am I to judge? I’m just here for the sub.

It’s Hot in Here

Now, as I said, I don’t have any passionate feelings towards my siblings, but I’d give your sister a run down any day. And I guess, with that logic in mind, I can jack it hard to any of these stories without batting an eye. It isn’t immoral. They’re not my family members – they’re someone else’s!

So if you take that mindset into this sub, you’re going to have a hell of a time. I mean, imagine having an ever-growing subreddit of incredibly steamy stories that will all have you rock hard, with both taboo and passion, throughout. The characters in the stories have reason to feel guilt, maybe, as they may or may not be real. But you, you are just chilling. You’re having yourself a lovely quiet evening reading other people’s secrets. What’s hotter than that, am I right? Well, mainstream porn for one. But I’m losing my train of thought. The point is, this sub is an excellent place for people who both enjoy reading and enjoy feeling second-hand guilt.

As for the writing itself, it varies from story to story. You’re not going to see a lot of literary genius here. No exposition, either. It’s not about the artsy-fartsy crap that makes other stories give you a boner. It’s more about the nitty and gritty approach to just telling it like it is. It kind of feels like you’re reading someone’s confession, and you just want them to get to the good stuff. And boy how they get to the good stuff.

Advice Column

Ever think to ask Jeeves for advice on how to fuck your dad quicker? Well, these people sure as hell have. Except, they sidestepped the whole Jeeves fiasco and went straight to Reddit. One out of three posts on this sub is going to have some sort of question thrown in there. Something along the lines of how to properly expose your genitals to your dad. Why would you want to do that? Who in the world started this shit? These questions are way above my paygrade. I am just a lowly porn god. All I can tell you is that if you have insanely depraved questions that, in some way, involve your genitals and a family member, this is probably the best place on the internet to ask them.

As for the answers you’re going to get, well, let’s just say that the folks that frequent these sub probably shouldn’t be doling out advice. I mean, they’re nice and all, and kind of respectful. However, they’re also kind of simple. Too simple. I mean, most of the questions on this sub get answered with the same generic “Just Do It” attitude, which is likelier to land you deep in prison rather than balls deep in your sister.

Who’s It for?

Oh boy. I might have said this three times already, but I’m not judging you. If you’re into incest, where it’s with your family, or with someone else’s, this sub’s here to service your imagination. I haven’t seen any visual media or external links, and I don’t think that the sub is made for that kind of advertising. It’s more of a singular destination where it’s clear that you’re going to stay for longer and read many posts at a time.

The posts are here to immerse you into the stories of real people, even if some of them might be a bit far-fetched. Still, even the fictional stories have real incestuous people behind them, so there’s some reality to every post. Plus, all the community members are very much on the same page, so there will be no judgment or disagreement. The only downside you might find is that everyone is so horny they’re practically talking from their dicks.

They’re not spamming or anything, but everything they do say seems to be announced in a gasp. It means that if you ask for advice, it’s unlikely you’re getting anything more than encouragement to go at your family members with pace.

If you’re looking for the best hangout location for incest lovers, whether you are one yourself or you’re just curious, well, you’ve definitely found one in /r/IncestStories. They might have a very narrow focus on content, but their love for incest is very general. There are no gender preferences or trends on this site. All incest is perfectly welcome. Plus, you’ll see a lot of respect among men and women on this sub, as family stuff comes first, and gender is very much secondary.

Unfortunately, the sub doesn’t have any officially posted rules, though, so it can be a bit unclear what the sub is for and how you’re expected to use it. Still, it seems to work quite well. The implied Reddit-wide rules very much apply, so any content including minors is not allowed, of course. Beyond that, the sub is pretty much a wild-west scenario. You'll find both fictional and real stories that have anything to do with incest.

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