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Hentai.Animestigma.com (HentaiStigma) is a free hentai video stream site where you can watch the latest releases from Japan. Hentai Stigma features raw and subbed Japa...


Hentai Stigma aka Anime Stigma is a strange one. The site features the latest and greatest hentai from Japan, in its purest, rawest, Japanese only form.

Let’s start with the good. HentaiStigma aka AnimeStigma has zero ads. For a porn stream site, this is virtually unheard of. The site does tell you that it costs ~$60/month to run, and they take donations, but it is pretty amazing that there are no ads otherwise.

HentaiStigma also works really well and is regularly updated. I didn’t find any broken links, and the site uses a special video player that doesn’t use Flash (although a Flash player is supported also). HentaiStigma has very recent video releases from Japan, and also provides preview posts showcasing all the upcoming videos next month.

But HentaiStigma (hentai.animestigma.com) won’t be great for most of you. First, there is only Japanese raw and subbed videos. That means no dubs and a shitload of pixels.

I can’t imagine why anyone who doesn’t understand English would seek the raws out, except maybe because raws are the latest content. There’s only so much gibberish one can take between sex scenes in my opinion, and the only sound I want to hear from a Japanese cunt is moaning and/or crying from getting fucked the fuck out.

HentaiStigma’s videos are also really low quality. You won’t get anything above 480p, and the site admin admits that providing HQ videos will fuck the site up and make it too expensive. Just imagine you’re watching the porn without glasses on to feel better about the low quality.

One of the most head-scratching parts of HentaiStigma is that it gives you no fucking information on the episodes. Even the video player thumbnail is just a big ass splash page for HentaiStigma, so you get zero previews whatsoever. No summary, no background information, nothing other than the episode name.

One unique feature of HentaiStigma is its collection of 3D hentai videos. These are full-fledged CGI hentai videos of computer-generated bitches getting sucked and fucked. All the 3D videos are separately categorized making it easy to browse, and videos like Little Ballerina and Stepfather are more than fap-worthy.

You won’t easily find these videos on other sites, making HentaiStigma a solid place to find and watch these videos pain-free. If only the site supported HQ quality…I’d be cumming all kinds of buckets.

Frankly, this place feels more a site where someone wants to share his videos with friends than an actual porn site. There are no comments, no ads, and basically no real effort to get visitors. Think of it as just a stash of the latest hentai anime videos from Japan that almost nobody has ever heard of, almost like a Google Drive of hentai porn.

The Simplest of Layouts

HentaiStigma has a really basic layout that maximizes content and minimizes information.

The home page is just a big list of the latest updates. You’ll see that the site is updated roughly once a week.

Another thing you might notice is that you don’t get any goddamn information. There are no screenshots, summaries, or even studio information. All you get is the series name and the episode number.

Also sprinkled in is the “Upcoming Hentai” posts. These posts will break down all the upcoming videos along with the release date. These posts actually have pictures, giving you a better picture of what to look forward to.

Along the right side of the page, you can see lists of the latest hentai, the top 10 most favorited hentai, recent comments, and most viewed videos. HentaiStigma features a registration system, though it's not useful for anything other than commenting and favoriting.

Along the top of the page are the main links which include Hentai List, 3D Hentai List, Top Hentai, FAQ, and a Help Us Out section. HentaiStigma is completely ad-free, so they seem to rely on donations to stay afloat. Maybe it's just a service to the world.

The Top Hentai section shows you the top viewed hentai for the week, all time, as well as most favorited videos of all time. I recommend checking out the Most Favorited list to find the best the site has to offer.

Click on an episode to go to the video player. At the top of the page is a “Turn off the lights!” button to darken everything outside of the video.

You will also see the video to choose between RAW or SUB (if sub is supported for the video). HentaiStigma will try to provide a subbed version a couple of weeks after the raw is released.

At the bottom of the player, you’ll see an option to choose between Old Player and V Player. Don’t worry, the V Player doesn’t seem to be some bullshit malware scam like you’ll see on other sites.

Basically, the Old Player is a flash-based video player, while V Player is HTML. Flash has been known for having security flaws and is generally considered outdated, so it’s great that HentaiStigma offers an alternative player.

At the bottom of the page is the comments section. The number of comments varies wildly from video to video, with the popular videos having dozens. You can also leave your own comment.

Sadly there isn’t any download button for the hentai videos. The FAQ page will recommend using an Ant video downloader to nab the porn, but it’s fucking annoying to need to resort to this kind of shit just to download the porn.

What I Like

HentaiStigma is a neat little site if you don’t mind standard resolution censored porn. For the latest hentai videos, this is par for the course, meaning you won’t magically find uncensored HQ versions of the videos elsewhere.

Well, you CAN find high-quality versions of these episodes in other places, but I guarantee you it won’t be so reliable or ad-free. Most high-quality hentai sites will have you jumping through a shitload of ad hoops to watch, let alone the malware scares or the inconsistent streams.

HentaiStigma sacrifices quality for consistency, and you’ll find most of the videos working without any issues.

I really wonder what the site owner’s master plan is for this site. The motherfucker explicitly tells you it costs $60/month to run, and that he’s open to donations, but doesn’t show any easy way to donate. I’m pretty sure he’s just paying it out of his own pocket, frankly.

So enjoy the ad-free porn while it lasts. You might also think that the site has only Raws based on the home page, but dig into the archives and you’ll find lots of videos with subs as well. As long as it’s legal, HentaiStigma will chase down the subs for you sooner or later.

What I hate

Like a fat bitch, HentaiStigma is really upfront about its flaws. The site owner refuses to add any content above 480p, since that’s where things get expensive and unstable. On the other hand, I appreciate that HentaiStigma keeps one reliable stream, rather than making us play whack-a-mole with 3-4 mirror links like other sites.

The lack of information is probably the worst thing about HentaiStigma. If you don’t know anything about the Japanese hentai scene, you’ll be going into each episode completely blind. No screenshots, no summaries, not even studio information is provided for these videos.

Your best bet is to research the series somewhere else, and then come to HentaiStigma to watch the raw or subbed video. That’s what I did at least. I don’t get why they can’t at least give a quick synopsis; they can just copy-paste it from another site and it’ll barely cost any bandwidth.

Pretty cool if you know what you’re looking for

Overall, I’d say HentaiStigma is best for those who follow the hentai scene and watch porn on their phones. 480p is just fine when you are on mobile, though on a full monitor shit starts looking real fuzzy (and I ain’t talking about the pussy hair).

I just find it ridiculous that the site owner expects visitors to try the actual videos to see if they like it or not. Screenshots and summaries save a shit-ton of time, cause you know pretty quick if the hentai bitches are worth fapping to or not.

On the other hand, all the videos load fast and there are no ads, so sampling all the different hentai videos isn’t a painful experience. This is the complete opposite of some other hentai stream sites, where you can sit through popups and malware download requests only to find out that the link is broken and you need to try three other mirrors.

HentaiStigma isn’t about glamour and giving you the latest and greatest. Rather, HentaiStigma gives a steady and solid fap experience that you can rely on, even if it isn’t the highest quality. It seems to have found a solid user base, and it’s easily one of the best places to sample the new hentai videos coming out from Japan.

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