How many of you get off to fucking ladyboys? Well, if you know what I’m talking about, then you know precisely the kind of sexy people I’m referring to. But for those whose brains are melting at the term of ladyboys, let’s keep it simple for them. A ladyboy is an Asian transsexual. But then again, if you didn’t know that, you probably are not into this kind of porn in the first place!

On the other hand, if you are or are curious, allow me to invite you to Hello Ladyboy. This series has been a mainstay for over six years; it’s one of the staple series from Globe Twatters. One hard look and you will discover for yourself how top-quality their porn really is. And speaking of hard, you’ll be hard as fuck when you see the high-def penises on these incredible ladyboys. So go ahead and take a look, explore what Hello Ladyboy has to offer, and get off to a niche of porn that is hard to fucking come by!

Fuck load of content

Hard to come by, maybe right. But one look at Hello Ladyboy, and you will not find it ‘hard to cum’ by any measure! So in case you have an itch as to wanting to watch Asian transsexuals get their fuck on, it’s hard to beat the kind of quality pornography that Globe Twatters brings to the proverbial table.

But first, let’s look at just how much fucking content is available on this platform. Well, at first glance, Hello Ladyboy looks like a tube site rather than a place devoted to only one porn series. That’s a testament to how many fucking videos are on Hello Ladyboy. You will have one hell of a time exploring all of the amazing content that this porn site has to offer. And naturally, it all starts by looking at the homepage.

Hello Ladyboy shows you what is hot at the moment right from the top. First, you will find the ‘latest’ ladyboy video published, and in this case, it was just 10-days prior to this review. That’s pretty damn impressive for a series that has been ongoing for so fucking long.

And if you want to see more of the latest content, right below the top three categories (more on those in a millisecond), you can click on ‘view more’ on the ‘latest’ section. Alternatively, you can click one of the ‘left’ or ‘right’ arrows to see more of the freshest content.

But if you do not feel like looking at the newest content and instead want to jerk off to older content, you can do that easily. Just click on the video listed in the ‘throwback ladyboy’ section to check out that day’s throwback pick. It’s a great way to see hot videos from Hello Ladyboy’s past.

There’s also an ‘upcoming ladyboy’ listing that you can check out if you want to have something to look forward to. This shows you a thumbnail of the performer, name, age, and description of the hung piece of ass. You cannot click on the listing, though, nor is there a date that shows you the video’s release date. That would have been helpful, and it’s a detail that Hello Ladyboy should consider adding to the listing later down the road.

But what about the number of videos that are currently available on this website? Well, Hello Ladyboy is just shy of over 300 videos as of this review. More are on the way, which is fucking fantastic. For a series that has been around since May 2015 and continues to make content, it is incredible to see that there are so many fucking videos in this goddamn series!

Keep in mind that videos in this series have different lengths. Some videos are close to an hour-long, while others are much shorter. It depends on the type of ladyboy content displayed. And it makes sense since different videos have various set-ups on display.

Hot as hell content

Sure, Hello Ladyboy could fucking phone it in and give you the same goddamn type of videos one after another. I am certain fans would keep watching for years since the content is again so fucking high quality. But Globe Twatters comes across as the kind of studio that doesn’t jive well with being complacent. That is why they continuously spice content up with different types of scenarios.

After browsing from one video to the next, you will notice that not every video feels the same. And to be honest, sometimes you will feel like you are watching an entirely different series. That is all thanks to the various settings that you will spot throughout the series.

But what’s is different from one video to the next? Well, mother fucker, you will have to watch them and spot the nuances for yourself. But I will give you a crash course as to what makes every scene unique so you can understand. Again though, you will have to discover all for yourself what really makes the content so diverse.

As I jumped from one video to the next, I noticed is that some of the videos on Hello Ladyboy are straight to the fucking point. For instance, I spotted a sort of ‘date night’ video where the ladyboy dove right onto the guy’s cock and started sucking him silly. Seriously, within the first few seconds, her mouth was gagging on that pecker!

Still, other videos take a bit longer to get into the thick of the action. For example, when looking at one of the ‘meeting’ videos where a hung stud meets another hung ladyboy for the first time, it felt like a completely different video. You see the crew walking through marketplaces and villages in places like Bangkok and Pattaya to meet a ladyboy to cum on.

Overall, the contents of these videos are raw and uncensored footage from a real place, which makes the content feel all the more believable. You genuinely feel like someone flew across the world to meet someone casually, which is something many globe-trotting porn series of this type cannot claim.

Decent categories

Incredibly, you can find so many fucking ladyboy videos to choose from. But what if you want to look at a particular breed of ladyboys. I know how some of you fuckers are picky. After all, I’m ThePornDude; I have dealt with you cucks for years, and I understand how specialized a lot of your fucking porn tastes truly are!

Well, it isn’t a hassle to filter content on this platform. Globe Twatters provides several categories to help you find the right kind of performer for your jerk-off pleasure. For example, Hello Ladyboy offers categories like big boobs, teens, shaven, small dick, petite, and more.

It is not an exhaustive list of categories by any means, but if you want to watch videos that fall into a niche within a niche, Hello Ladyboy makes it easy to do that. The categories more than suffice. So take a look, find videos that you know will get you off, and jerk off to content that only a site like Hello Ladyboy can deliver!

Download content with ease

Finally, I know some of you are concerned about saving your favorite videos from the site. I get the feeling. When you want to jerk off in the train station to Asian ladyboys, not any video will do. Fortunately, though, Hello Ladyboy makes downloading content across multiple resolutions easy. Remember: the higher the resolution, the more space you will need to store the porn!

You are never going to have trouble finding videos to download, much less stream. The content loads fast as fuck on your device, and it looks fantastic – figuring out which videos you want to watch is not a chore. I noticed that every video had an enticing thumbnail, good information within the listings like the date it was added, title, rating, view count, and comments.

So what the fuck are you waiting for? If you want top-quality ladyboy pornography, this is where you want to steer that flaccid cock of yours. See what Hello Ladyboy can deliver and cum to porn that was tailor-made for horny fuckers like you!


Hello Ladyboy is a porn series that showcases beautiful Asian transsexuals from various countries like Bangkok and Pattaya, just to name a few. With over 300 videos in glorious high definition, there are more than enough videos for fans of this content to beat off to. As long as the site continues adding compelling ladyboy content as they have been, Globe Twatters’ Hello Ladyboy will be successful for many more years to come!

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