There is only one reason anyone would visit Hard GIF, and this porn site knows it too well. They understand why you are here, what you are doing, and they don’t want to waste your fucking time. And that’s why whenever you land on Hard GIF’s homepage, you will immediately know where to go and what to do.

Hard GIF does not try to do anything out of the ordinary. Simplicity is key when it comes to these kinds of imageboards, and this site understands that. And that’s the reason they show you the best and hottest porn right there on the front page. Hey, that sounds a lot like ThePornDude!

Just be prepared. When you first look at Hard GIF’s front page, you will discover so much goddamn content that you will not know where to start. That’s a fucking good problem to have if you ask me. But it can be a bit of an overkill when you look at the site for the first time. Between an endless array of GIFs and sexy images that show some of the absolute sexiest and best parts of a porn video, clip, gallery, or otherwise, it’s a beautiful collection of content that is absolutely certain to make you want to start jerking your cock right where you sit.

I can say with the utmost sincerity that Hard GIF has a fucking incredible selection of GIFs and images. This shit will get you off, regardless of what kind of fucking mood you are in. So if you crave a fantastic supply of hot GIFs that never stops, Hard GIF is going to give you precisely what you want.

One amazing fact about Hard GIF is that they don’t leave you hanging when you want to see more of a particular kind of GIF. Many of the GIFs have sources (more on this later), which accomplishes something pretty damn convenient. If you are like me and you see a particular GIF that gets you so hard and horny that you have to slap your balls not to drain them just yet, know that you can often find the source of that particular GIF.

In other words, you can see the origin of that video. However, keep in mind that the sources are never updated. So if the source video has been removed from the source tube site, you won’t be able to access it. But that is where the comments section comes in so fucking handy (give me a moment, mother fucker, I will cover that momentarily!).

A lot of content has sources

As you browse from one GIF and image to the next, you will realize that much of the content on Hard GIF is sourced from other sites. In fact, you can even select the ‘with sources’ tab at the top of the page to view only the content that’s sourced elsewhere. It’s an excellent way to make it even easier for you to find the original, full version of the GIF that makes you want to cream your pants. Still, like I already mentioned, just because the source of the content is listed does not mean that you are always going to access it.

There are times when the source content is not available. Sometimes videos get removed. It happens. But that is also why Hard GIF has a comments section to assist you. Every file has its own comment section on its page, and it makes it easy to find out any info you want to know about the content at large.

In the comments section, you can ask questions about the content you want to learn more about. I noticed that in a lot of cases, people also put links to new sources of the particular content. Thus, if a source is outdated, the comment section usually shows you alternative sources. So if the source for content is obsolete, there’s a chance that you will find an active alternative source in the comments section.

Besides, it’s also a great way to learn more about the characters in a GIF while finding a valid link that works. I know you betas like to discuss how hard you would fuck a pornstar featured on a video. Just look through the comment section to see what you can find because that is part of the fun here!

High fucking quality GIFs and images

Now that you know that Hard GIF has an assortment of GIFs and images just waiting for you to cream your pants to on the site, is any of this content any good? Of course, it’s fucking good!

Besides being very fappable, the content on this site is fucking sexy as hell! Of course, Hard GIF has a fuck load of content for you to browse on the site. But none of that really matters if the content is not up to the standards.

Allow me to put that mind at ease, bitch. Hard GIF allows you to find the most incredible fucking GIFs and images you can find out there. They look quality as hell, so you never have to worry about looking at crappy GIFs and images that won’t get the fucking job done. It’s a fantastic assortment of content that allows you to hop in and out in a matter of minutes.

If you want to watch content that will seriously make you cum in your fucking pants within a matter of moments, this is where you are going to find it. This kind of content is perfect for those jerk sessions where you do not want to wait for a video to buffer and need something stimulating to watch. It is ideal for those situations, and I know that you will love what you fucking find here on Hard GIF!

Sort content by best of

You will also find that the sorting options on Hard GIF are also easy to figure out as well. Again, they are at the top of the page. But instead of sorting content by most viewed, longest duration (everything is short, so that would not make sense), etc., Hard GIF lets you sort content by the best.

It’s not a big deal, and it works. If you want to filter the best content on Hard GIF, all you have to do is select the frame of time that you wish to sort. Then, click on the drop-down menu labeled ‘best of’ to see the dates that you can sort by. You will have the option to sort the best content by 24-hours, week, month, or all time. I urge you to see the best content of all-time first to get an idea about the hottest shit on this site. Moreover, you can also look at the ‘hottest’ and ‘newest’ content on Hard GIF, so it’s easy to find the freshest and most popular content to jerk off to!

But that’s not the only to sort content on Hard GIF. You will find that you can actually choose the kind of content you look at. You can choose to only look at GIFs (videos), images, with source, or all. It couldn’t be any fucking easier!

Unfortunately, there are a few things that don’t sit right with me. They are not huge problems. But you will find that there is no auto-playing slideshow function. Nor is there is a random section that actually works. The slideshow function is not a must-have; however, an imageboard like Hard GIF basically begs for a slideshow feature to be available. Perhaps Hard GIF can add that in the near future.

The biggest challenge is the random section. The truth of the matter is that content is not actually randomized in this section! Sure, when you click on the tab, content appears random, but refreshing the page does not load new content. So the same videos appear all the time, and that’s a huge problem. It makes the random section worthless. Hard GIF needs to fix this issue and make it functional.


Hard GIF is a porn site that has an amazing assortment of videos (GIFs) and images just waiting for you to jerk off to. It’s an insane amount of content with new shit added every day. Unfortunately, the random section is worthless, as it is not truly random. Further, there is no auto-playing slideshow feature, which is a missed opportunity. Hard GIF should fix these issues to make the site even more convenient!

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