Reddit Girls Kissing, aka r/GirlsKissing! It's hard to find anything fucking better than watching two bitches making out and swapping tongue spit. Yeah, I get it, having those two sluts knobbing on that cock would be the best thing of all – but when is the last time you got some of that action, huh? Don't pretend for a second that something that fucking hot happens to you every day, so you better jump over to and look at the next best thing.

Let's face it: you're not getting any anytime soon. Face even harsher facts: you won't see two hot chicks making out IRL anytime soon. will suffice, though, so don't worry too much about being lonely for the moment. Take that dick out, hop onto one of Reddit's finest subs, and watch hot chick after hot chick doing the bad thing with the sexy girls you wish you could have.

Same Reddit design people know and love

If you're reading my review, then you probably already visit Reddit, don't you? I don't care if you fucking go there to bitch out Donald Trump or compare the weird eggs you found inside the supermarket this morning – it's none of my fucking business, okay? You know how to use Reddit, the layout is the same for each subreddit, so there's no point in complaining about a learning curve; there isn't one, you will be fine.

And if you've never used Reddit before? Browse around for five minutes. It's one of the simplest social platforms out there. Even an Amish prepubescent boy that's never flicked a light switch in his life could figure out how to use Reddit. So if you're genuinely interested in looking at girls kissing and think an unknown site is going to hold you back, think again.

Great theme for a subreddit

To say that anything you can think of has a subreddit is an understatement. Literally, every group, movement, feeling, person, thing – anything and everything – has its own subreddit. There's even a subreddit for Chairs Underwater. Chairs. Underwater. Now try doubting me again that not every single thing doesn't have its own subreddit!

To that end, Reddit has a ton of amazing adult/NSFW subs to subscribe to. One of those just happens to be Like the best subreddits, the community is always active, meaning there is always new content available to look at. To see the latest content, you will want to go to the top of the sub and select 'New.' Naturally, this shows users the very latest content uploaded to

Over 251,000 members, 10+ years on Reddit

Not every subreddit is created equally. Despite there being any kind of subreddit a person can think of, it does not change the fact that some of them flat out fucking suck. Look, there is a community for everyone. However, just because a Redditor can make a community for robots having sex with fruit and some people want to see that kind of content doesn't mean that it's going to be a full-fledged community that's so active people can't keep up with the newest posts. Some subreddits have a bigger audience than the number of bitches Jon Stamos has fucked; others have less than the number of one night stands Bob Saget had on the set of Full House (two.).

Thankfully, has an active community that isn't going to slow down anytime soon. Add to the fact that it's a legacy community that's older than a decade (ancient history in Reddit years) with hundreds of thousands of members (not only several thousand), and it's clear that this is the place to go for girl-on-girl kissing content.

That’s the good thing about Reddit. It’s always easy to judge if a community is worth your time just by looking at the numbers. For example, a community that's been around for 10+ years but only has six people probably isn't going to have anything worthwhile, so you can skip that shit.

A NSFW sub about amateur midgets spinning themselves on office chairs with a few thousand subscribers is probably worth your time, though. It’s always a numbers game on Reddit. To that end, it’s easy to identify which subs are worth subscribing to and which ones you can safely ignore.

Hundreds online at any given moment

It’s true! No matter what time you are online at any moment, you are bound to find at least a few people browsing That’s because it isn’t just a bunch of neckbeard Americans bitching about Trump or Brits lollygagging on about Boris: people from all over the world browse Reddit – specifically the NSFW subs. This includes

No matter what time you go on the sub, chances are when you look in the 'About Community' box to see how many users are online. You will see at least a few hundred. This number includes the number of people looking, not exactly posting. Still, it seems that even when the number of people online dips a bit, there are always at least several members that post regularly. Thus, even if you are browsing in the middle of a weekday, expect to find some fresh content that hasn't been seen before.

And this is how other subreddits operate. Read the other Reddit reviews over on ThePornDude if you don’t fucking believe me. It’s this kind of community focus that makes Reddit such a force to be reckoned with after all these years. Other places exist on the Web to get hot content, but it’s hard to beat a source that’s consistently posting new content all the time.

New content posted by the hour

As you can see, consistency is key here. A subreddit that does not have a community that consistently posts new content is not worth a fuck. Luckily, because has new content posted almost every hour by some pervert that can't stop touching his dingus to two hot bitches kissing (and really, who can blame that bastard, anyway?) – and as stated earlier – there is always something new to look at.

Want to see something even hotter? Browse by 'Top' and choose 'All Time' to see the very best girl-on-girl action from the 10+ years that has been around. You can thank me later but don't…goddamn, dude don't fucking touch me after you've been there: wash your hands first.

Tons of great girls kissing content

Well, there better be good content of girls kissing! The good news is that there is not only hot content featuring two females locking lips and swapping tongue spit, but the variety of this type of theme is apparent. Just from minimal browsing, you are going to find GIFs featuring young/young, young/old, old/old, and other variants along with amateurs, professionals, cam girls, and everything and anything in between. The sheer variety of hot bitches kissing and making out cannot be understated.

Yet, it should not come as a surprise. Come on. This community has been around for almost over 12 years! It's one of Reddit's oldest subreddits, so the variety better be there! It is, and no matter if you are coming over for the first time or you've visited every day since 2008, you're going to find something to love.

Besides, who the fuck can say no to watching GIFs of two hot bitches kissing?! That's like saying no to free gold handed to you by a prospector with gold dust spilling out of his pockets. Who the fuck would say no to say?!

GIFs autoload – at least on desktop

Browsing on a desktop? Then you’re going to be in for a visual treat that’s going to make you want to pull off your clothes, grab a jar of lotion, and instantly grease that cock up for some marathon masturbation sessions. Maybe not in that order, but you’re going to wish browsing Reddit on mobile was this delicious.

Once you visit, the GIFs on the sub autoplay as you browse down the list. With the majority of content on being GIFs anyway, this means that you do not have to click posts or even leave the timeline to enjoy what has to offer. Go through the list, watch the GIFs play automatically in all their glory, and enjoy what this amazing sub has to offer. If you’re visiting for the first time, you’re going to become a subscriber before you exist the sub; if you’ve been there before, you know the magic that’s about to happen (hint: it involves accidentally getting semen all over your device).


There is nothing that can do any better than they are currently doing. The subreddit has an active community, its numbers are only growing, and it's still as strong as it has been for years. Keep it up!

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