FuckMyIndianGF! What’s the difference between a chickpea and a lentil? Well, nobody ever paid 50 bucks to have a lentil on their face. I used to tell that joke every time I went to an Indian restaurant until I got arrested for solicitation. The cops said it was busting out the Ulysses S Grant that made the thing a crime. It’s a goddamn shame, because I fucking love Indian chicks. I also love fucking Indian chicks, which is why I’m happy to be looking at FuckMyIndianGF today.

FuckMyIndianGF.com is a user-submitted porn site featuring beautiful amateur Indian sluts. The domain was registered years ago, but the site really took off earlier this year. They currently get nearly a million visitors a month. How many does your ugly girlfriend get, huh?

Smash My Desi Bitch, Please!

The tour page of FuckMyIndianGF gives you a good taste of what you’re in store for. The whole page is lined with Desi beauties with their titties out and dicks in their faces. There is minimal vaginal penetration in the preview pics, but I do see a few ripe hotties flashing their cunts and sticking fingers in them. I really appreciate a babe who takes the initiative to get herself off.

A little blurb sets up the action, claiming these are real Indian girlfriends and sex scandals. They thought they were fucking in private, but their boyfriends secretly filmed them. That doesn’t jive with all the bitches staring right at the camera until I read the rest of the text. Some are stolen mobile phones, others are revenge porn. A few horny exhibitionist sluts even send in their own nude selfies and masturbation videos.

I am a little bit bummed there aren’t any sample videos on the preview page. What the fuck is up with that? It seems fewer and fewer premium porno sites are giving you a free taste these days. These guys are stingier than your coke dealer, and a preview wouldn’t even cost them a goddamn thing. At least they didn’t give me a fake Play button that leads to a sign-up page. The sign-up page is linked under every thumbnail, but they aren’t sneaky about it.

The sign-up page spells out membership details. A one-day trial is five bucks, and standard access is the same 30 bucks every premium site wants out of you nowadays. All of their memberships recur, so make sure to cancel if you get tired of beating off to amateur Indian sluts or you lose your job at the fudge packing plant and can’t afford anymore village bhabhi bang scenes.

Tamil Titties and Punjabi Poonani

Most premium porn sites leave the teasing for the preview page, enticing you into spending money with some free samples that just make you want more. FuckMyIndianGF keeps the tease going even after you log in. The very first thing you see is a big handful of thumbnails for Upcoming Updates. I guess I’ll have to keep my membership if I want to see this Pakistani wife giving a POV blowjob, this married Tamil slut getting boned on MMS, or the hijabi bhabhi violating sharia law. I am pretty fucking sure the Koran forbids eating that type of meat.

Scroll down a bit and you’ll see the Latest Updates. They’re currently adding three new scenes a day, which is a pretty decent update schedule for a paysite. It’s clearly amateur material, too, not that phony shit where the professional porn stars pretend they didn’t plan on hooking up for a paycheck. These movies were shot on phones, tablets and WebCams, and it shows.

One of the downsides of real DIY porno is that the clips tend to be pretty fucking short. If you get a bunch of porn sluts together, hire a crew and hand out Viagra, you’re going to end up with a full-length movie featuring all kinds of depraved fucking, sucking, licking and sticking. These Indian amateurs are just horny people who happened to have a camera on them when they were about to fuck. The longest flick I see on the page is 33 minutes, but most of them are way shorter than that, some as short as a couple of minutes. I watched a cute Sri Lankan girl dance naked and got a raging hard-on for about a minute before the video cut off.

There is also a star rating underneath each thumbnail. Well, I think it’s supposed to be a star rating, but for whatever reason, it’s not working. Maybe none of the site users ever vote for any of the movies, but each thumb displays a row of five empty star outlines. I went back in the catalog to see if it was just the new flicks that are like this, but they all have ambiguous non-ratings.

Bengali Teens and Curry-Flavored Cunt

I feel like such a world-class stud beating off to websites like this. When I first landed at FuckMyIndianGF, I spanked my monkey to a gorgeous Bangladeshi bitch getting her pussy licked by her boyfriend. Then I watched an Indian wife fingering herself in the car and a Bengali teen riding her boyfriend. I can tell it’s a legit teenage bedroom because these fuckers haven’t learned to pick their dirty laundry up off the floor yet.

I loaded up a 10-minute video of a Desi couple having some nice good morning, wake up sex. The video page itself looks kind of weird compared to basically any other sex site because the video player itself is hidden until you hit the Play Video button. That makes a basic little web player scroll up out of nowhere.

Resolution is relatively low, but that’s to be expected with WebCam and iPhone scandals. It’s nonadjustable, and the Download button doesn’t give you any video quality options, either. Bandwidth demands are obviously low as hell compared to HD porn sites, so you’re not going to have any kind of trouble with buffering, even if you’re jumping around to different parts of the clip.

One of the great things about amateur porno is that the passion is fully legit. There are no phoned-in orgasms or fake enthusiasm. The couple in this clip make an attempt to keep their faces out of the shot, but there’s no hiding that big smile whenever her mouth is on camera. Dude starts her out with some pussy eating, and I wonder if it tastes a little bit like curry. That moves on to some doggy style fucking before he experiments with a variety of positions.

The low resolution ain’t the only quirk of amateur flicks. The sound goes in and out of this one as the Desi couple fucks each other’s brains out. I almost wonder if there’s some incriminating dialogue going on that they’ve edited out. “Don’t tell Abdoor you ate my vindaloo and vagina!” It’s not a huge deal. Imperfect video is sort of expected when you’re delving into the world of amateur Indian pornography.

What More Could You Want? More Indian GFs?

After spanking it to the Movies section of FuckMyIndianGF, I started clicking around in the header to see what else they had to offer. There is a rich collection of amateur photo sets if you like to crank it to still images of hot Indian college students and freaky couples in Dubai. I figured the WebCams link was a sponsored trick link, but it actually leads to a section of hot Desi girls and Indian couples fooling around on pre-recorded WebCam videos.

There’s also a Bonus Content area. Honestly, I’m not really sure what separates this from the rest of the Movies section. The content looks more or less the same: a bunch of amateur fuck movies featuring chubby British Indian sluts, South Indians in saris getting the D, and bhabhis taking sensual baths in hotel rooms.

FuckMyIndianGF.com has a few little quirks, but they are largely related to the overall lo-fi quality of Indian amateur porn and not really reflective of the site itself. They serve up to three fresh new clips of DIY Desi blowjobs and Punjabi pussy licking every single day, with a growing stash of the homebrew smut in their back catalog. If you’re into seeing real Bangladeshi babes and Mumbai mamas having real, body-quaking orgasms with their real partners, you’re going to dig this more than a bucket of Chana masala.

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