Reddit Feet, aka r/Feet! I’m going to gain access to any of a chick’s best bits I’m choosing her pussy or tits. Maybe even her asshole if I’m feeling especially kinky and want some of that anal action. But feet? Come on, that’s like saying you want to get jerked off by her eyelid.

Maybe I don’t fucking get it. Plenty of people have foot fetishes: a female foot basically plays a supporting role in every Quentin Tarantino film. Harvey Weinstein would dip his foot in peanut butter, and while his Great Dane sporting a Gwyneth Paltrow mask would lick it off of him before he was thrown into prison. The point is that foot fetishes are a real thing, they’re not that bizarre, but goddamn…do you know where people’s feet even go?

Nevermind. If you want to gawk at a woman’s foot, there’s no better place to go than You will find more feet than you could jerk off to – mainly because the community has been around for over ten years. It’s the place to be if you want to see a ton of feet images – many of them being NSFW (Not Safe For Work) – all in one place. If you don’t mind seeing a lack of nudity (not a total lack – more on that later) – and only care about the fucking feet, then read on!

The subreddit is Reddit

If you’ve ever used Reddit before, then you already know how to fucking use There’s no point in worrying about whether you’ll be able to find those hot ass feet pictures that you suddenly cannot live without since I brought them up. Come on: you look at action figure stop-motion GIFs for hours – you already know how to do this!

The only difference between and other subreddits are like any other subreddit: the rules are different. While some subs only have a few rules, more unique subreddits – specifically the NSFW subreddits that are more adult-oriented – have unique rules designed to keep the sub’s theme and focus on-point. Moreover, these rules are designed to protect users from hazards like harassment and theft. It also protects feet fans too, as it ensures they don’t have to deal with feet sellers, poor images, underage feet, and especially not any male feet.

Who the fuck wants to see hairy, scaly man feet? Not I! And you don’t either, especially since women with perfectly kempt feet do something to your genitals for some bizarre reason. If that’s you, great: this is the sub for you!

What’s familiar on is where it counts: the sorting options. You are going to notice that the subreddit features sorting options that are applied to all other subreddits: the ability to sort by hot, new, and top. As with other subreddits, layers its filtering options with the top sorting option. When sorting by top, users can filter content by now, this week, this month, this year, and all time.

Whichever method you choose to sort by, know that you’re going to be able to find all of the feet content you can handle by these sorting options. If you are not sure where to start though, as with all new subreddits, I suggest sorting by top and all time. Even though there isn’t really any nudity accepted on the subreddit (more on that in a moment), sorting by this option and filter proves that the beautiful women on here know how to push the envelope and get away with showing as much skin as possible without getting the banhammer.

No nudity (mostly)

Whether you browse by top and all-time or new, you’re not going to see any nudity – but then again, you are. That doesn’t make any fucking sense, but it’s the best way to describe what’s acceptable and what isn’t on The subreddit draws a fine line between what nudity is acceptable and what isn’t.

For example, forbids users from showing off their genitals (the entire vagina), their holes (vaginal cavities), dildos inserted into any holes, or any of the XXX shit you’d find over on /r/gonewild. Showing parts of the vagina ( specifically mentions that the uvula is okay) is perfectly acceptable as well. The focus is on the feet, so they want to keep the main focal point of each shot feet-only; anything else is simply a bonus.

Thus, if you visit hoping to spot a little bit of pussy along the way, you’re probably going to be in for a bad time. Visiting hoping to see a hot vagina is like going to a Scrabble tournament hoping to see fitness models: they’re all old, wearing Garfield sweaters, and have as much sex appeal as a half-eaten tuna salad sandwich.

Only female feet here

Look, I’m all for these subreddits that preach inclusion and want to give everyone – even disgusting dudes – the chances to show off their sexy bits. But I have to applaud a subreddit that goes against the grain and says, ‘no fucking way. Men’s feet are disgusting, and they’re banned on our sub!’

That’s because they know what people want. They also know what’s fucking true. Men’s feet are disgusting: they don’t belong on a subreddit that invites females to post their own feet pics as men jerk off to them. That would drive a lot of men and women alike away, knows it, and they’ve made the obviously right decision regardless of whether or not that may have pissed someone off.

Not only that, but if they cannot tell if a person’s feet or male or female, they just outright assume they’re men and remove the post. I wish other subreddits had the balls to be this strict with content! Any other subreddit would keep the content live to not offend the other person, but not! Even if you are a female and your feet like mannish, they understand that nobody wants to see that shit; poof, just like that, it’s gone!

Some may see that as asshole behavior, but I see it as common sense. knows exactly who its target audience is: perverted dudes that probably have a tab of ThePornDude open in their browser and want to get off to feet pictures of hot bitches. They eliminate any post that takes away from that goal, and I, for one, am glad they have the fucking giblets to do it.

Over 130,000 people is a more exclusive NSFW subreddit that isn’t as broad and general as other popular subreddits on Reddit. However, for a subreddit that is dedicated to providing sexy feet pictures and GIFs of beautiful amateur females, the sub has an impressive amount of subscribers that have turned the subreddit into a community that’s welcoming to all women that want to post their feet for the world to see.

The subreddit features over 130,000 members with a few hundred people online at any given moment. It may not seem like a lot in the grand scheme of things. Still, when considering how much content is posted here every hour and the fact that there’s a ton of engagement, upvotes, and users that are posting content at all hours of the day, that number doesn’t seem that small when it becomes clear that this is a community of people for foot lovers, by the foot lovers.

A community for feet like no other

Look, an online community surrounding feet has been a running gag for as long as the Internet has been around. It’s as cliché as joking about looking at furry porn at this point. Unlike middle-aged men that get off to watching two men in squirrel costumes fuck each other’s assholes though, foot fetishes don’t affect total weirdos: they’re something that ordinary people like you or I have. I may not understand why dudes beat off to the thought of licking honey off of a perfectly manicured female foot. Even so, I successfully masturbated to an episode of The View every day for a week: we all have our kinks, I get it: a foot fetish isn’t that fucking weird when My Little Pony porn is still popular for some bizarre reason. normalizes what some people may still see as a weird fetish to have. Ordinary women post their feet on here every day, and the one dude you may be sitting next to in class or working alongside on the job site may be the one that’s fucking into it. It’s just another kink that people are into. Yet again, a subreddit like has created a community around such a kink, and the result is exclusive content you’re not going to find elsewhere. It’s one of the things Reddit is best at, and this subreddit further proves that point.

Suggestions: is a thriving community that continuously features feet porn from amazing amateur females. The subreddit should not change anything and should continue doing exactly as it’s doing to ensure continued growth.

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