FamilySwap! Have you ever wondered what would happen if you had to swap families for a day? It would probably be fucked up. Living in a new home, family members that are looking at you like you’re a fucking outcast, and all of those new fart smells you’re not used to sniffing. It would be a real pain in the ass. But that is unless everyone in your new temporary home looked as sexy as fucking porn stars!

That’s the concept behind Nubiles’ porn series Family Swap. Well, it’s unclear why families are swapping members, but none of that matters when these studs and babes are hot as fuck.

Besides, if you are accustomed to Nubiles’ other content, you know that you are getting the same caliber content that you expect. Nubiles has made a fucking name for itself in the industry, and Family Swap carries on that trend with quality porn clips that will have you pressing that ‘download’ button, so you have top-quality porn to jerk it to on the go (more on downloading later).

Enable or disable previews

There are two kinds of people that browse tube sites. One is those that love watching the video previews within thumbnails. These kinds of porn viewers enjoy this option because it saves them time by showing them a quick preview of a porn clip without having to click on the actual video. So in that sense, fuck yeah, it saves time!

The other kind is those who know that they can tell the difference between hot as fuck pornography and porn that will make their tiny little sparrow penis shrivel up and hang to the side. To that end, they don’t want to have to look at video previews that spoil part of the video. Instead, they want the entire fucking video to be a surprise.

But then again, I guess some just don’t give a fuck either way. Well, I will not be addressing this kind today. But if you have an opinion regarding whether video previews should be disabled or enabled, know that Family Swap has you in mind. And I do too, that’s why I’m sharing this with you. After all, all ThePornDude does care for is how you cum!

Family Swap allows you to enable or disable previews with ease. Notice the ‘previews’ drop-down menu. This will let you state if you want to see the previews automatically play or disable them altogether. Of course, if you are the kind of person that does not want any spoilers, you need to do yourself a favor and disable the previews immediately!

But I will say this much, mother fucker. If you keep the video previews active just to see if the videos are worth watching, you are in for a surprise. The chances are that you will get off to every other video available in the Family Swap series.

Three seasons of Family Swap

It’s fucking bizarre to think of a porn series having actual seasons and episodes. And really, is it any different from other porn series anyway? I did not see a storyline anywhere in these videos. The episodes are not episodic in any way. So I don’t think you have to watch an episode to know what will happen in the next episode.

I will give you a spoiler: in every episode, someone gets fucked! Well, shit, now you know what to expect! But, it’s all good: you are going to cum a fuck load anyway.

Even though the videos are broken up into seasons and episodes, that does not mean that you cannot skip around and watch them in whatever order. So check to see which thumbnails look the sexiest, which performers get you off the most, and have a fun fucking time watching this amazing top-quality porn straight from the minds of Nubiles!

Even though there is no storyline in Family Swap (save for the notion that every episode sees families, you know, swapping), some performers still make numerous appearances. Lulu Chu, for example, is in quite a few episodes. There are at least three episodes featuring this hot fucking piece of ass, and that makes me happy as fuck.

It’s kind of a hilarious thing as you look through all of the three seasons of Family Swap. You can easily see which performers shined the brightest in all of these seasons. And that is not to say that the performers that only show up once in the entire series fucking suck. In fact, nobody puts on a bad performance in any of these episodes.

Even so, you can easily tell which performers are the most popular in this series. Again, Lulu Chu must have impressed someone because she is in numerous episodes. A few others are as well. And when you look at the comments section below each video – specifically the ones with Lulu Chu – you can see the horny fuckers telling Nubiles to ‘give us a more LuLu!’

Whether it is a matter of Nubiles listening to the fans, the fact that Nubiles noticed that LuLu fucking kills it in every one of these scenes, or LuLu enjoyed doing them so much that she kept coming back until they ‘shooed’ her away with a broom, I don’t really give a fuck. She lights up the videos; she’s the performer that makes the most appearances; someone is doing something right. Hell, she makes Katie Morgan look even hotter in one of these videos, and that’s an achievement in and of itself.

Good information in each listing

With so much good porn to choose from, just how in the hell can you figure out which videos are worth watching from the start? Should you watch from the first episode and keep watching until you’ve seen everything or your cock falls off (whichever comes first)? No! Family Swap shows browsers all kinds of good information within each video listing. This will tell you exactly which videos are worth watching and which ones you should save for another day.

The information within each listing is impressive, yet it’s not information overload. You will see the title, actors, date added, rating, number of upvotes, a beautiful thumbnail, and comments. One thing to note is that you cannot see a duration anywhere in the listing. I wish you could see how long a video is without having to click on it.

But it’s not a big deal; most videos are just under 30-minutes in length. This is the equivalent of a porn television show, after all. Think of Family Swap as a 30-minute sitcom, except everyone cums at the end. Now that’s my kind of sitcom!

Download content with ease

Users can download the videos on Family Swap, and it’s amazing. It is one thing to have the luxury of streaming this sexy as fuck porn series wherever you are, but to actually have an offline copy of these videos for your viewing pleasure, now that’s something to get excited about.

I hope you have an external hard drive handy because Family Swap has quite a few videos waiting for you to jerk it to. And because these videos are all in HD (obviously), expect some of these videos to take up a massive amount of space.

The good news is that Family Swap has prepared for this. They allow you to download content in a variety of different resolutions. The lowest resolution is typically 480x270, which gives you a full-length video at under 200MB.

So if you are running low on space and want to pack as many porn videos onto a drive as possible, you could just get off to low-resolution porn. This option is available for a reason. Well, for those that want the rawest, highest quality video available. Family Swap has 4K versions you can download; however, expect these to cost you about 6GB per video.

Content loads fast as hell

Knowing that you can download numerous resolutions of the same video, it’s a given to think that you can also stream multiple resolutions of the Family Swap episodes. That’s certainly true. And if you notice that your Internet connection is giving you problems, Family Swap gives you the option to adjust the resolution so you can stream the porn appropriately.

No matter which resolution you choose, though, Family Swap buffers fast as hell. I had no goddamn problems whatsoever getting the videos to load, ever. I never had to wait a long time; it all just worked. Then again, this is Nubiles we are talking about. You have to expect a certain quality from a professional studio like Nubiles, and they deliver as usual.

Someone said it best in one of the video’s comments. Family Swap has become one of the top series on Nubiles (as of this review, anyway). And after watching a few of these videos, I cannot disagree. I highly doubt that you will either.

The only downside is that I wish there were more episodes. Not because the content is lacking. But because it’s that fucking sexy. Watch just one of these episodes, and I think that you will fucking agree.


Family Swap is a porn series from Nubiles that has families swapping and eventually fucking each other. It’s hot as fuck porn that will get you off in no time. The downside is you are going to be left wishing there was more porn in this series. But that’s a testament to the quality of the series, as it leaves you excited for more entries in the series.

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