Ersties has been around for a decade strong, but the premium porn site seems more relevant today than ever. As I write this, Pornhub is in the midst of a massive controversy over potentially sketchy porn. Ersties, meanwhile, has always been on the complete opposite side of the spectrum from the really rough stuff, the forced porn, and anything with a twisted balance of power. The porn brand has always prided itself on “Genuine, sensual adventures you won’t be able to get enough of."

It might not be a stretch to call the epitome of girl power, at least with respect to pornography. It’s a porn paysite with a positive vibe run by women, with a focus on “passion, joy and natural beauty.” Hey, as long as there’s some dirty sex in there, I’m all in! The site has seen a spike in traffic over recent months, perhaps in response to Pornhub's pushback or maybe just the masturbatory needs of the socially distanced. Whatever the case, today, your old friend The Porn Dude is among their 12,000 daily visitors.

Who’s Up for Some Delicious Fun?

With a tagline referring to their smut as Delicious Fun, Ersties immediately sets itself apart from your typical premium lesbian joint with a vibe that feels, well, like delicious fun. With pseudo-handwritten text, hand-drawn hearts and other icons, not to mention those pink squiggly designs wrapped around the graphics, it almost feels like they could be selling stylized, overpriced school supplies to teen girls. Of course, the naked titties and kissing lesbians don’t exactly scream “Back to School” unless you attend one of those fake universities in those movies I’m always watching.

The imagery on the landing page is mostly softcore until you start hitting Play buttons on the samples, with some of the best examples of their work being within the Twitter feed embedded in the page. That’s where I see some short Ersties sample videos showing sexy lesbians eating each other out, groping each other’s boobies, and diddling themselves for the camera. The samples run a couple of minutes each, which should be more than enough for some of you eager cheapskates cranking it at the library.

The images in the big montage at the top flip by a little fast to really beat off to, but holy shit, I’m impressed. The redhead introducing the action talks about how sex is always best when everyone’s enjoying it, and then we’re treated to a rapid-fire blast of masturbation, squirting, cunnilingus, scissoring, straps-ons, 69s, doggystyle, threesomes and full-on orgies.

I didn’t recognize any of the pornstars spraying pussy juice all over the sheets, which is by design. The redhead in the trailer goes on to say Ersties is all about real amateurs having real sex. Speaking as a dude who fap-tests a ton of homemade porn sites, I can say without exaggeration that the Ersties girls are way hotter than your typical Tinder randos and old ladies in your typical amateur films. Red also explains how she came to be queen for a day with a bunch of sex slaves, when the site chose her emailed sex fantasy to become a real porno movie.

A Few Bucks More for Something Special

I’ve made no secret here at ThePornDude about my love for amateur porn. Ersties is promising me real couples having sex, but with the kind of production values, I expect from an actual porn studio instead of some rando with Parkinson’s taking out his iPhone while banging his ugly girlfriend. That in itself is enough to get me to the sign-up page, never mind all the hotties going to town on each other out front.

Do you love coffee? The reason I ask is that a monthly membership to is a little bit more expensive than your typical paysite by about a cup of joe from the surly teenager in the green apron. Thirty-five might be a little harder on the wallet than most premium joints, but the prices start dropping significantly for the longer memberships. The 90-day rate breaks down to $15 a month, which is fucking solid.

The signup page says they update five times a week with fresh smut. As soon as I logged in, I noticed that’s not entirely true. In fact, it’s even better than that, or at least it has been lately. In the past week, they’ve added eleven updates. A lot of premium sites are still trying to adapt to the challenges of shooting in the pandemic age, but these guys are banging out a very respectable amount of porno.

As I mentioned in the intro, Ersties has been at it for a while. They seem to have picked up steam along the way and are now more prolific than ever, but they’ve always been steadily releasing material. That shit adds up, and today there are thousands of videos and X-rated photo galleries. Nobody can say they don’t give you a good bang for your buck.

Digging into an Index of Smut

Interestingly, there’s a little flag that says NEW above their Video Search icon. With over 2,000 videos in their collection, it’s pretty fucking vital to have a good method for sorting through them. I’m not sure what they were doing before, but the current setup isn’t bad. You can sort them by Popularity, Newest, or by your own personal rating. Then it’s just a matter of checking off the tags you want.

While focuses on real sex with overtly positive and pro-female vibes, there’s still plenty of freakiness on the menu. The tags include pretty much all the standards you’d expect on any good porn site, like Lesbian, Solo, Threesome, Toys, Anal and even Ass Licking. It goes deeper down the kink hole with movies filed under Bondage, BDSM, Blindfold and Spanking.

One thing I totally wasn’t expecting was the growing number of VR movies in the collection. At just ten, it’s a drop in their big porno bucket, but that tells us they have the gear to film it. It’s a safe bet that more is coming. The offerings so far are already mouthwatering, with virtual reality strip poker, threesomes, and even a VR orgy.

Here’s a little tip from a professional masturbator who spends a lot of scratch on premium smut. Even if you have no intention of ever buying one of those new-fangled computer sex helmets, it’s always a good sign when a paysite has some VR on the side. Why? Because until home Internet connections get a hell of a lot faster, sites with VR pretty much have to let you download the movies. All of the Ersties movies are downloadable, 2D or 3D.

Hotties Having Public Lesbian Sex

As much as I love VR, I don’t want to set up my gadget, wait for the download or settle for streaming quality right now. Instead, I started my official fap test with the pinned update featuring two gorgeous lesbians getting it on in a university library. There’s actually a series of videos and galleries, so I skipped to the movie between the aisles.

I’m immediately excited as it opens, because this isn’t a set. The girls are walking through a real public library with other patrons, trying to be quiet as they start making out between shelves of books. Maybe it’s just the overall quietness, but there’s some serious ASMR shit going on with the kissing, whispers and stifled giggles. I got goosebumps even before I was fully hard, which happened a few seconds later.

“We can’t be this loud,” one girl whispers as the other starts sucking her nipple. A few minutes later, they’re on the floor fingering each other. I love the way they look around nervously whenever they hear a noise, but they’re clearly enjoying the public element of their play. Over the next twenty minutes, these cute lesbians get each other off with their delicate hands and pretty mouths. As much as I enjoyed it, I feel like they enjoyed it even more; every moment felt real and genuinely passionate, without any phoned-in dialog or fake moans. delivers on its promise of real amateurs and real sex. Their movies straddle a fine line between homemade and professional porn, giving you the passion of spontaneous sex between couples without the sloppiness you expect from DIY smut. Their positive vibe, pro-female energy will appeal to masturbators who like their dirty sex infused with a hefty dose of joy and real lust. Check it out if you love seeing women truly enjoying themselves.

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