Doujin Spot! The Internet has often been referred to as the world’s pornography superhighway. Most of you perverts out there are content to jerk your little dicks to the 4K ultra-HD lesbian movies, explicit gangbangs, and lesbian squirting extravaganzas that litter the web. You hentai perverts, though, seem to want something just a little bit kinkier. Well, you’ll find that at DoujinSpot, where they’ve got exclusive futanari, yuri, and straight anime porn content. is a very new site and is still finding its audience. They get a couple of hundred visits a day so far, with an upward trajectory as more neckbeards and weaboos find out about the explicit doujinshi these guys are peddling. Let’s see what all those lovers of big eyes, bright hair, and giant titties are gawking at.

Hooray for Uncensored Hentai Cooters

Right away, the very second I hit the landing page, I see something that makes me really goddamn happy. All of you hentai enthusiasts already know that the genre is plagued by traditional Japanese porno censorship in which all the naughty bits have been obscured by black bars or flesh-colored Tetris blocks. Well, there are manga images of women fingering their uncensored cunts and getting drilled by fully unobscured hentai cocks at the top of the page.

It’s not just vanilla perversion you’ll find here. As this is a doujinshi site, they have to keep it super fucking kinky to keep up with all the competition serving up Pokémon golden showers vids. One of the full-color porn drawings at the top of the landing page promises anal sex, MILFs, lesbians, blowjobs, feet, and fetishes.

Further down the front page, there’s a section of animation OVAs and loops. The Play buttons don’t actually play these images, instead pulling up a larger version with a larger Play button you can’t click on. That’s a damn shame, because the thumbnails show anime chicks eating enormous cock and getting their twats stuffed with the same.

I see some recognizable faces already. Poison from Street Fighter is riding a dude’s ding-a-ling, and Chun Li is getting fucked from behind by a futanari. I see familiar elven faces from video games, only with a lot more titty-sucking than I ever saw in any of the Final Fantasy games.

One of the site’s biggest gimmicks is that they feature original doujinshi starring your favorite anime and videogame characters. Characters from mainstream entertainment getting groped and penetrated by tentacles are pretty common in the world of doujinshi, but not terribly common on any kind of paysite. That makes me even more curious about what’s in store inside of DoujinSpot.

Naked Hentai Bitches for a Few Bucks

A 30-day membership at DoujinSpot will run you about seven USD. That’s considerably cheaper than the vast majority of premium porn sites out there, which in 2022 will usually run you about 30 bones. The site also offers three-month and six-month memberships if you want to save a few bucks and already know you’ll be jerking it to anime porn for a while.

Membership gains you access to hundreds of images in a variety of filthy anime styles. That’s cool and all, but not all that different from what you find on any premium hentai site. What really makes DoujinSpot different is that you actually get to vote on what comics get made next.

It’s one thing to send a request to some retard with a DeviantArt account, requesting some original drawings of a gender-swapped Bowser getting fucked up the ass. It’s another thing entirely to have a say in what a site like DoujinSpot puts out next. The art is consistently very high quality, polished, and professional. I mean, shit, just look at the screengrab I’ve got here; this ain’t the same half-ass dirty scribblings you’ll find on a lot of doujin sites.

Pretty Girls, Big Eyes and Flying Fluids

The layout at DoujinSpot seems optimized for mobile, looking a bit awkward if you’re browsing in a wider window. Either way, though, you’ll see a lot of anime cock sucking, sloppy lesbian kissing, and monsters violating space chicks as soon as you login.

The thumbnails for the Latest Updates are painfully small, so you barely have any idea what the fuck is going on at all until you click through to the bigger version. I legit thought the newest update was a drawing of a horse, but when I clicked it, I found a redhaired babe getting all sweaty and wet as she rides her boyfriend in the morning. The actual images look nothing like horses.

The comic content is a bit different than what you will find on a lot of hentai or doujinshi sites. Instead of sequential storylines, you usually get a few variations of what is essentially the same image. They allude to this in their sign-up area, where they talk about having wet, clean, and sweaty versions of the pictures.

Hentai is known for having a lot of fluids dripping, squirting, and flying all over the goddamn place all the time. DoujinSpot takes it to the extreme. They’ll show you some beautifully drawn elf futanari sluts humping each other’s titties, then give you the same drawing dripping in sweat. The third variation has so much spunk spraying all over the girls and the bed that I can barely make out the sex. It’s so filthy that it’s practically SFW.

When the illustrations do show sequences of pornographic events, you’re still looking at almost the same image presented with a few variations. A five-panel interaction between Tracer and Zarya from Overwatch features slightly different pleasure faces, a cock that disappears in a doggystyle fashion, and more splooge with each iteration.

Jack Off to Tiny Hentai Videos

DoujinSpot also features original hentai animations. The thumbnail for the latest animation shows a cute chick with her mouth wrapped around… something. Again, the thumbnail is so goddamn small it’s hard to see anything.

Actually playing that video proves to be kind of a pain in the ass, too. Whether viewing it on my laptop or my phone, I was unable to make the video go full screen or even get any larger. On my laptop, it’s so small as to be completely unwatchable. On my phone, it’s still a tiny-ass box that makes terrible use of this expensive little screen I keep in my pocket.

At least the video is good. It’s got terrible music, as I usually expect with any type of anime, porno or not. Some blue-haired dude has an evil grin on his face, and then we see a close-up of a fake anime bubble butt bouncing a little bit. The owner of said bubble butt is sucking off Blue Hair, and we soon see her sliding her lips up and down the shaft.

I was expecting a short loop, so I really appreciate that it’s a full two-minute scene. He squirts in her mouth and all over her face halfway through, still grinning that evil grin, and then starts loudly slamming her wet pussy with his cock. It’s uncensored and animated beautifully, the girl’s booty and big tits jiggling, and her cunt squelching and squirting girlcum as the dude smashes her.

The quality of the animated hentai makes the fucked-up layout and presentation even more annoying. I’d really like to watch a larger version, at least as big as my goddamn phone but ideally even bigger. Every porn site in the world besides DoujinSpot lets you watch your smut full-screen. What is this? Hentai for ants?

It’s such a serious presentation issue that I can only chalk it up to growing pains. This is a new site, and they’re obviously still figuring out what they’re doing. Hopefully, they’ll have worked it out by the time you read this. If not, well, I guess these guys may not stick around very long. offers low-price access to original, exclusive hentai. The artwork is consistently fantastic, though I’d say their real gimmick is that members get to help decide which mainstream videogame or anime character gets violated on the website next. If you’re looking for truly premium, uncensored hentai that you won’t find anywhere else in the world, check these guys out.

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