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Do you want escorts that can really get your dick off better than you’ve ever dreamt about? No, I am not talking about getting boned or fucked by just any woman. Rathe...


Do you want escorts that can really get your dick off better than you’ve ever dreamt about? No, I am not talking about getting boned or fucked by just any woman. Rather, I am referring to having a night you will never forget with some of the world’s most luxurious and elite women.

Don’t get too excited! I am not hinting that you get to fulfill your fantasy of fucking Hillary Clinton! But instead, what I am fucking getting at is that you can find elite models that want to fuck you. These are the types of models that those rich fat cats you love to hate put their dicks and tongues inside. Take a look at what the upper class loves to taste, and get a lick if you can afford it (which I fucking doubt!)!

How the hell can you do that? By visiting Discreet Elite. Here, you will find escorts that love to get fucked by rich men of all walks of life. And because they love getting a taste of all types of men, know that you can probably find someone that wants to get a little taste of you no matter where you are in the world.

You will spare no expense, you say? Discreet Elite will take you at your word. See how they accommodate those rich fuckers today. And if you are a rich fuck? See how Discreet Elite will make your next trip so automated you won’t even have to lift a fucking finger!

Find elite models to spend time with

Are you ready to fuck someone that only spreads their legs and asshole apart for wealthy men that know how to satisfy a woman financially and maybe even sexually (sort of?)? If you are and have the deep pockets necessary to pay these women for their time, then you are probably wondering just how in the hell you can find these types of women. Sure, you can ask around your elite buddies. Someone of your stature isn’t going to get an eyebrow raised at them if they ask about hot elite escorts ‘to spend the evening with’ regardless of the country they are staying in at the moment.

But still, sometimes you just do not want to have to deal with having that kind of conversation. You don’t want people to know that you are fucking beautiful women. Sometimes, you want to find these kinds of women in the privacy of your own home.

That is where a service like Discreet Elite fits into the fucking picture. You will come to find that you can actually find elite models that you can fuck and suck all from one site. You won’t have to rely on word of mouth or hinting to a sexy model that you are interested in getting your dick wet even though that isn’t technically supposed to be on the menu. When you find to find gorgeous elite models that you can more than reward generously for your time, Discreet Elite makes this happen with fucking ease.

So what the hell are you waiting for? They have models that are just waiting for you. There is one good thing about spending time with models that you know are only visited by the wealthy and elite.

That is to say, the great thing about fucking elite models is that you know these beauties are not fucking no scrubs. Not even close. Without a doubt, these models are definitely tested to ensure that they are only getting fucked by men that do not have any fucking STDs or anything of the sort. Thus, you can fuck them with the confidence of knowing that you have not shared the vagina with other penises that are nasty, gross, and not well kempt or cared for. When you want to avoid infections or getting it from snatches that may or may not be as clean as they claim to be, it is good to know that you are getting on with vaginas that those nasty mother fuckers could not afford anyway.

Models all over the world

Sure, it is awesome that you can find a place on the Web where you can fuck elite models that are only getting fucked by other elites like yourself. That in and of itself would be enough of a reason to visit Discreet Elite and see what it is all about. Hell, as a bro that owns ThePornDude, I may have to check it out for myself!

But the site goes well above the norm. I will cover all of this shit in detail later. First, they make it easy to find an elite model in your part of the world by providing models throughout the world. In fact, Discreet Elite has special areas of their organization in certain parts of the world. Primarily where there are frequent travelers. Such as in the United States, London, Dubai, and other parts across the civilized world.

So if you find someone that you undoubtedly want to spend an evening or even a weekend with and money is no object, know that Discreet Elite will make it incredibly easy to travel and meet up with that person. Even if the model is on the other side of the world. They can put you in touch with them easily. And if you are flying into one of these hubs anyway, finding a model in that part of the world is as simple as selecting one of the main spots where Discreet Elite operates at the top of the homepage.

It is one thing to know that you are flying into an area to meet up with a beautiful woman. A woman that looks as stunning as the amount of money you are spending to caress her with gifts and elegant fragrances so she smells like elite pasta. But it is a different matter entirely to fly into a part of the world where you have no fucking clue what you are doing. That can be scary if you do not know where you are flying into. Not to mention a pain in the ass and stressful.

If you want to avoid all of that, allow Discreet Elite to take care of those issues for you. They can do the heavy lifting and actually plan your trip for you. That is right: Discreet Elite can act as a vacation itinerary planner for you all in the name of giving you the night of your life.

Concierge services for abroad traveling

How fucking awesome would it be if you could not only have the chance to travel abroad and fuck the most beautiful woman that you have ever seen, but you could also have the entity responsible for the meeting to plan a kick ass vacation around the meeting? It sounds like a dream come true. A truly sexual escapade for the would-be vacationer that wants to get away from it all.

But that is exactly what Discreet Elite delivers. Discreet Elite offers a concierge service where your entire stay is planned by their professionals. They will set up a hotel for you to stay in for the length of your stay, things to do around the area, and pamper you so you feel like you are the elite bastard that you truly are. Go get your balls powdered you rich fuck. You deserve it!

See real reviews

You have to be skeptical of these types of sites when you read the reviews. Sometimes, they seem like they were written by fake robots that have no idea how to write a complete sentence. They come across as totally bogus, which makes you wonder if you can actually trust any of the listings in the first place.

Discreet Elite does not play by these rules. Instead, they feature screenshots of real reviews from bros just like you. I have no idea if these screenshots have been faked, but I doubt it. Click ‘reviews’ at the top of the homepage to read the screenshots. They look like they have been written differently so they do not come across as fake.

If you want an easy way to find someone that you can spend the evening with, then you need to check out Discreet Elite. This is the easiest way to fucking find an escort that only caters to elite clients like you. Take a look at what you have been missing out on all this time. Find someone you want to fuck today, and get off to the kind of elite models that will have your mouth watering.


Discreet Elite is a site that allows you to find elite models that you want to have a night with. It is incredibly easy to find them and even have a vacation spent around them. Take a look at all of the amazing models that you have access to on Discreet Elite, and spend an evening with one of them!

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