Reddit DirtyKikPals, aka r/DirtyKikPals! Sexting is a thing of the 2010s - nowadays, if you’re chatting up a girl and don’t get a nude in the first 20 minutes, then best believe that she’s probably not interested in you enough to show her body to you. If that’s the case, just move on cause there are a million other girls out there with their phone-in-hand, ready to send you a nude because they’re bored and have nothing better to do with their lives. This Subreddit, which goes by the name of /r/DirtyKikPals, is here to teach you fellas who can’t get virtual pussy, how to get virtual pussy.

Chatting up a girl almost always proves to be a difficult feat to pull off - you’ll have to be interesting, and not everyone can peacock well enough to come off as someone interesting and fun to talk with. Being engaging in a conversation also requires some conversational skills, and I’m pretty sure that most of you reading this aren’t exactly pros at chatting up people, especially women. But as the Subreddit’s motto so clearly states; Sexting really is a thing of the past.

Nowadays, one of the best ways to be interesting is to look good and send a picture of yourself to the person you’re chatting with. It’s what works best with most zoomers as well as people in their early 20s. I mean that age group can’t be trusted to focus on one single thing for more than 30 seconds or so, so you can’t really expect a lot of them to be able to hold a decent conversation with you.

So that leaves you with resorting to being interesting - good looking guys usually send pictures of themselves, less good-looking guys mostly send memes, and the most “interesting guys” send both. And Kik is one application where nudes are shared more than even Instagram - so of course, you’re gonna see plenty of leaked pics of legal and “almost legal” girls on this Subreddit here. You’re also gonna see plenty of Kik users asking for people to “chat” with, so if you use the app, or if you want to finally see what it feels like to get a nude in your life, then why not check out /r/DirtyKikPals here.

There Are Plenty of Lonely Females Out There

One of the things I found to be very worthy of checking out on /r/DirtyKikPals here is the amount of lonely Kik-using females that post on it. On nearly every online platform I’ve seen, be it a social media app or website, the odds of finding a girl that’s looking for male company are usually slim. But this Subreddit actually contains a pretty decent amount of girls who create simple text-based posts asking for company on Kik.

There are tons of them, and the best part is that they’re all authentic and legit - I mean, it does come off as suspicious to see a girl asking for company online. Rest assured that each “F2M” post made on this Subreddit is created by an actual female who is seeking male company on Kik, and now that practically the whole world is inside due to Coronavirus, there are a LOT more posts like this popping up every day.

And a LOT Of Them Could Really Use Your Company in These Quarantined Times…

Reddit has always been a community-driven website. Nothing on it is backed by some corporate third party, and nothing on it runs on some algorithm that’s being pushed your way by some “bigwigs” sitting around at some corporate shareholder meeting. And since everything that’s ever been posted on Reddit has been posted by an actual person from their phone or PC, you can bet that the site’s overall activity has dramatically increased ever since the recent Coronavirus quarantine switch happened.

Lots more people are staying holed up at home right now bored out of their minds, and a lot of Subreddits are experiencing a new influx of OC as a result. This one is definitely a part of the new “Coronavirus OC wave”, and there are way more horny girls looking for company here than there used to be - I guess quarantine is good for some things after all.

Some Posts Come With a Selfie or Maybe Even a Nude Attached

As good as a Subreddit can be, sometimes the definitive factor that determines it as “good” or “bad” is whether or not it has any instantly-accessible fappable material onto it. Well, with /r/DirtyKikPals here, the answer is yes - this Subreddit does, in fact, have material on it that can be fapped to in an instant. A lot of the posts here contain nude selfies or sexy images attached to them, and around half of those pictures contain females in them. So if you were looking to find some fap material here, then you can probably find a good picture that’s worth splurging to just from a few seconds of browsing.

No Clout Chasing Allowed on This Subreddit

If you want to get with someone here on this Subreddit, you’re going to have to be good enough to persuade them to give you their Kik via a personal message. It’s forbidden to share yours or other people’s Kik usernames on this Subreddit, and it’s also forbidden to promote third parties, logos, Skype usernames, or offer/request for any kind of goods or money. Basically, you can’t “clout chase” at all here on /r/DirtyKikPals, so if you do plan on finding someone on Kik to have a good time with, you’d best not share your username on a post.

Content Organization is a Bust Here

As always, Reddit delivers on nearly every end except content organization. In this case, though, the Subreddit at hand isn’t really full of an awful lot of media format posts. All the posts here are text-based, and any image or video on them is attached via an external link. Regardless, Reddit still lacks a proper content organization system that allows you to properly separate content and find the stuff you’re really looking for. There are no tags or categories here at all, and the only way you can actually try your luck at finding something is by using the provided search bar, which only targets keywords in title posts.

/r/DirtyKikPals Can Easily Be Accessed By All Smartphones

The Reddit website works great on all smartphones and WiFi-enabled digital devices - but the Reddit app is just perfect for any small device, be it a phone, iPad, or otherwise. It doesn’t take up too much memory, responds fast, is easy to use, and lets you flip through all posts on any given Subreddit in a slideshow-like style. That, of course, means that you can flip through all the posts you want here on this Subreddit until you find one that contains a link that has a certain picture or video hidden within it, all from your phone.

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