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Deep Fucks! Well, it happened. Finally, we’ve got dedicated websites that serve nothing but deepfake videos. It was only a matter of time before these kinds of websites became common, and I am not in any way surprised. I knew deepfakes would take off and sell like hotcakes from day one. I remember a few years back when the first realistic deepfakes came out; I recognized the potential instantly.

Whenever we as a species evolve any kind of new revolutionary technology, it will immediately be used and abused for porn. It happened with video, it happened with computers, it happened with the internet, and it definitely happened with VR. VR’s the next big frontier of pornography, but deepfakes are a significant offshoot as well, and I think they’re going to be extremely relevant in the coming years.

I’m not sure about the legality or ethics of deepfakes. I don’t have any strong opinion one way or the other because this is all uncharted territory. I’m sure that down the line, we’re going to get legislation on deepfakes that’ll outline very clearly what we can and cannot do, but this doesn’t really concern the average user much. It certainly doesn’t concern me either. For now, deepfakes are up for grabs. In the future, we’ll see. It’s uncertain.

A Top Notch Porn Tube

Today, I’m covering DeepFucks. What they lack in an original name, they more than makeup for in quality content. They are providing quality content in droves. They’re seriously dedicated to pushing the envelope on deepfake pornography as well as uncovering this new frontier of smut for the world to see and fap to. If you’re a quality porn connoisseur, then you’ll recognize DeepFucks to be a top-notch, five-star smut site with very little to complain about. These fuckers are incredibly professional.

In essence, they’re running a free porn tube, but all of the content features deepfaked celebrities over smut content from around the web. The bodies you see are all actually porn stars, doing what they do best – taking cocks. They’re damn good at what they do, and I’m pretty happy with the selection of porn stars on DeepFucks. Granted, most of you guys won’t even recognize the original porn stars, focusing on the deep-faked faces and all. Some of them are unavoidably recognizable because of their tattoos, but most of them are a bit of a hard guess, to be honest.

Believable and Expertly Crafted

Besides, whoever made the original deepfakes here knew precisely how to match a face to a body - these ensembles make perfect sense. The idea behind the method is that you want to believe that these are indeed the celebrities you see on the screen. Of course, they’re not, and you’re painfully aware of that, but you’re supposed to try and dream. You want to suspend your disbelief and pretend that you’re really pleasuring yourself to a hot smut video of your favorite starlet. To that end, the bodies are matched to the bodies of the actual actresses they’re attached to. So, if a chick has small tits in real life, she’ll have small tits in the video and so on. They’re also very careful with skin tones, providing a perfect match every time.

Let’s talk a bit more about how realistic these deepfakes are, beyond skin tones and body choices, that is. I’m no expert, and I certainly don’t know the inner workings of deep fake technology, but even I can tell that we’ve come a very long way since the beginning of this AI-powered technology. We’re now firmly past the uncanny territory and closer to something that I’d call believable. So I’ll comfortably say that most of these videos are so well made that they straight up look real.

Professional Grade AI Optimization

And sure, there are some moments across the videos where the chick will turn quickly sideways and briefly ruin the illusion because the deep fake can’t be 100% on point when the bitches move too promptly into profile, but that’s fine if we’re honest. The deep fake doesn’t break; it just sort of loses a bit of quality and morphs ever so gently back to the original before returning to the face you were seeing up until that point.

It’s a perfectly smoothed-out system. It’s definitely not like those Snapchat filters where if you tilt your head too quickly, they completely shut down. On the contrary, these algorithms are smooth and gradual. Plus, the AI processes these videos very slowly and meticulously to provide as smooth an experience as possible. As far as I know, these renders take a long time to finish. They’re not the kind of shit anyone can generate on any PC overnight. They take time and dedication. That’s why I’m super grateful for the work that these people have done.

An Amazing Smut Site Team

I don’t know if DeepFucks is exclusively partnered with the people that make these deepfakes or if they’re just hosting the shit for someone else, but there is reason to believe that this is one large team, doing all the work, from beginning to end. I say this because most, if not all, of these videos are of the same high quality. They’re in an extremely high resolution, considering that this is a free porn tube and all. They’re available in 1080p without any shitty bit-crushing compression artifacts. All of the content is smooth and crisp. Plus, it all loads really quickly as well. I don’t know how they can afford to keep all this content free, to be honest.

There are some ads here and there to pad out the site’s overall cash flow, but they’re the kind of ads you can respectfully ignore. They don’t get in the way of your fapping experience. Specifically, they’ve got two kinds of ads on the site, and I don’t mind either. Firstly, there’s a pop-up that opens in another tab every time you open a new video. That’s fine. I will turn it off and move on with my life. They make a bit of money. Everyone’s happy. There are also side banner ads on the right featuring the promises of dick enlargement and sexy singles in your area. It’s cookie-cutter stuff, and if you haven’t learned how to tune it out already, that’s your problem. I’m just glad they’re making enough money to stay afloat.

Western Babes and KPop

Of course, I have something to say about the celebrity selection process. Most of these celebrities are the kinds of babes that the internet has been swooning over for years, like Emma Watson and Scarlet Johannsson. Now, I’m a red-blooded male, so I understand why you’d have the hots for these bitches, but Jesus, what is with this inexplicable popularity? It’s like they’re the only two women on the internet that are worth a lay or something. I don’t understand why everyone’s got their knickers in a twist over these bitches. They’re not magically delicious. They’re just, well, women. Get over yourselves, you nerds.

All right, I’m done bitching. Where was I? Right, the selection. There are all kinds of famous celebrities, and there seems to be the trend of showing people what they want to see. Besides the two babes I mentioned, I also see chicks like Ana De Armas and Ariana Grande, who are super popular for being hot pieces of ass. They also do some acting and singing work, but that’s not what they’re famous for. Level with me here. These bitches are famous because they’re hot.

Seriously, There’s A Lot of KPop

So, there are tons of babes here that the public wants to see, but there’s also a sizeable major category as a sort of side gig on the site that seems to be dominating the world for some fucking reason – it is KPop, my dudes.
KPop comprises 50% of all the videos on this site, and I don’t know what to do with that information. Don’t get me wrong. I like Korean pussy just as much as I enjoy Japanese pussy. I’m all for it. But, this whole KPop shtick is just not my thing. It’s incredibly focused on the music and these bitches’ careers, and I just can’t buy into it. It feels like some sort of cult. Everyone’s talking about KPop these days, and I find it sickening.

However, and this is a big however, Korean bitches are hot. KPop bitches are the hottest of the hot. So, you’ll definitely enjoy this smut either way. As for whether you’ll find it recognizable, well, if you’re a KPop fan, you’ll know all these bitches. If you’re not, then focus on the western starlets instead. Either way, this smut is top-notch 10/10, even if, for some reason, you don’t recognize any of these actresses and singers.

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