Death By Snu Snu Reddit, aka r/Death_By_SnuSnu! Have you guys ever watched Futurama? Most of us have, and I have to say that I absolutely loved watching that show. My favorite episode? You guessed it! The “death by snu snu” one. It’s actually called Amazon Women in the Mood and it was the first episode of the third season in that show. It was pretty hilarious, and it featured these powerful women with bulky bodies and thighs where they would kill men by fucking them and crushing their penises. It was pretty epic, but what’s even more epic is that that episode spawned a subreddit called /r/Death_By_SnuSnu. Let’s go ahead and check it out.

Muscular women with huge legs and thighs

This sub is all about strong women with huge muscular thighs that look like they could break any man in half. Of course, they would have some trouble with me since I’m probably beefier than most of these hoes. I’m not even that into being a sub, so it’s kinda hard for me to imagine deriving pleasure from this kind of woman. Anyway, I wouldn’t say no to any of these beautiful women, and once you see them, I think that you’ll feel the same way. These beautiful women with muscles are a sub’s wet dream. They can control you, fuck you however they want, and in the end, you’ll be crushed by them during sex.

If I am to be completely honest with you, I probably couldn’t live out that kind of sex. I usually take a dominant roll in the fuck session with any girl, so it’s hard for me to imagine what it would look like if I just let the women do whatever they want with me even if they are really muscular. But I’m sure some guys are into it more than others. If you like strong women with muscular legs and bodies, then I think that you’ll find a lot of content that you’ll enjoy on /r/Death_By_SnuSnu. The Death By SnuSnu subreddit is one that doesn’t take a lot to understand, but you really have to be into this fetish to appreciate everything that goes on here. Trust me; there is a reason why so many people come here.

Girls who never skip leg day

One of the reasons is also that /r/Death_By_SnuSnu is actually 100% free. Yeah, all the content you see on the sub is completely free for you to enjoy. As a matter of fact, you don’t even need to create an account on You can just go here and have fun! It’s that simple. I’m sure that most of you that are on this sub are thinking about all the different ways in which you can jerk off to these girls, but none of you are really thinking about how hard it is to dig out all this content and present it for all the pervs that come crawling to this website. Anyway, it’s quite hard to find muscular women these days.

I mean, just look at the ads girls are getting right now. They are told to slim down as much as possible and to be skinny as fuck! I don’t want to fuck a bunch of bones, you know! I want to fuck a firm ass that’s very tight but also big. And you know how you get an ass like that! You don’t get it by starving yourself, that’s for sure. You get it by hitting the gym. That’s why it’s so damn difficult to find appropriate content for the Death By SnuSnu sub. All in all, I think that you’ll find all that you need in that regard here, but you should be glad that there are people whose sole purpose is to dig out this kind of content for you.

Nudes and SFW content available for free

Listen, I know that it’s hard for us to understand that it’s the people who put all the pics on these subs that need to get our praise. We just expect to get shit for free, but without these guys, there would be no content on /r/Death_By_SnuSnu. I think that the best way to show appreciation is to actually give them a big fat ‘upvote’ whenever you see a post that you like. Trust me; one click goes a long way to providing you with a bunch more content that features muscular women with thighs like tree trunks. If you ask me, there are many different ways you can help out at this sub, but showing appreciation is one of ‘em.

Not that many people hi ‘upvote’ even when they enjoy a picture that they like! Granted, not many people actually come here with their main account or any account at all for that matter. Most people just look at these subs as guests because they don’t want people to know what they’re looking at. And then, at the same time, you can expect many people to go there with their main account and not want to upvote or comment on posts, so it doesn’t send their profile into the NSFW category. Anyway, it’s still very nice that you’re getting all the amazing nudes of these muscular chicks for free on this subreddit.

SFW and NSFW explicit images are here

What’s even more remarkable about the Death By Snu Snu sub is the community. I feel like all the people that come here must have at least heard about the Futurama episode in question. I mean, it’s in the cover photo, so they must know what it’s about. Anyway, when you put people who have the same taste in cartoons together in a NSFW sub, it turns out that they can produce a lot of sexy content that everyone will like as well! This also means that you won’t always get nudes from this sub. Sometimes photos that show off a good cleavage and muscular body are better than straight-up nudes. Isn’t that right?

Anyway, with 125,000 members since 2016, a mere 15 years after the first airing of the Futurama episode this sub is based on, this place seems like a good place to start when you’re looking for this kind of content. Sure, it’s not the biggest NSFW community ever, but it has a lot of content to start you off and you can hope for a lot more as time goes on. All in all, I feel like you can get a lot out of this subreddit if you really want to. You just have to be open to these things and enjoy everything that the place throws at you in terms of both SFW and NSFW images. Trust me; you’ll absolutely adore this place and all the hot women with bulging muscles that come included in the package. There’s so much to see.

Nice design, but could use some flairs

Also, the design isn’t even all that shabby. Now, sure it’s not as amazing as so many other NSFW subs that have millions of people subscribed to them. At the same time, it’s not the worst one ever, and it’s much better than even many of the bigger NSFW subs that are floating around For one, /r/Death_By_SnuSnu actually has a cover photo, so that’s great. They even have a custom color scheme and avatar. The avatar is actually the picture of those three skeleton dudes that have been put to death by snu snu. Yeah, it’s pretty hilarious, I have to say. But the content itself is not as funny as it is really hot.

At the end of the day, I guess the only thing that I would hope to see more of with /r/Death_By_SnuSnu is a good flair system so that you can go through SFW or NSFW explicit images. And I would also like to see some more effort put into the acquirement of new content. Sometimes shit that pops up on Hot isn’t even that good, let alone all the stuff that gets posted in the New section. The mods clearly state that this isn’t /r/thick in the ruleset, but some people simply can’t seem to read it seems. Anyway, expect a lot of stray content that’s not even supposed to be here if you come to this subreddit.

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