Creepy Porn! Watching a hot bitch get double dicked into next weekend is always hot as hell. But it cannot always get you off. We all have specific tastes. For some people, they can’t ejaculate unless a woman has vomited at least once while she is getting the shit fucked out of her.

Some dudes also get horny when women – literally – get the shit fucked out of them. Or they suck the pee-pee from their vaginas. Like I fucking said, everyone is different. For some, they can’t get off unless they are watching extreme types of pornography.

That is where Creepy Porn comes into the fucking picture. Here, you can find all kinds of extreme pornography. It is not for those of you that want to watch a woman get has ass slapped a few times. This is only for those with specific, kinky as fuck tastes. From BDSM and midgets to amputees, shitting and vomiting, and so much more, you will find a little bit of everything for your extreme tastes over on Creepy Porn!

When you want extreme porn

Creepy Porn does something a bit unique. They don’t outright show you all of the kinky kind of shit you can find on Creepy Porn. Instead, they make the site look about as fucking boring as possible.

If you had reviewed as many of these types of extreme porn sites as I have for ThePornDude, you would know that many of these tube sites don’t shy away from the kind of porn that they offer. They show you all of the nasty porn videos that you can expect to find right there in the fucking open.

Perhaps they want to shock people as a joke for those that accidentally come across the site. Though, I don’t know how you could accidentally visit a site like ‘’ without knowing what you are getting yourself into. I’m sure plenty of dinguses have tricked their religious buddies into visiting one of these tube sites and laughing at how revolted they get.

Or perhaps these types of tube sites are in the open about their content because they want their target audience to know what kind of content they can expect. After all, if you visit a tube site and see a huge oily ass on the screen with shit dripping out of the butthole while a midget vomits all over her tits, it’s pretty apparent what kind of content you are going to find.

Creepy Porn does not display its porn in that manner. They are much more discrete about the hints they give away, which works a bit against them. On one hand, the overall bland look of the site can turn away certain people that want to know what kind of content is on the site within a few seconds. Since this is a forum, it keeps away everyone who isn’t either ‘in the know’ or is not willing to explore on their own and see what kind of content is available.

It’s not like it’s exactly hard to know what kind of content is available on Creepy Porn, either. After scrolling past the ‘new threads’ section at the top of the homepage, users will find the categories featured on Creepy Porn (more on that in a moment). These categories feature large images showing the kind of porn you can find and beat off to on Creepy Porn. While the site does not shy away from the kind of content you can find on Creepy Porn, you have to want to look downward to find instances of the kind of porn that this forum has to offer.

Scroll down just a tad, and you will find all of the categories that Creepy Porn offers. It is the perfect example of hardcore, extreme porn available on this forum. It is an impressive variety. If that’s the kind of porn that typically gets you off, know that Creepy Porn has something in store for you!

It is also extremely easy to find the content that will make you cum a fuck load. Unlike other forum porn sites where you have to download basically everything, that doesn’t typically happen on Creepy Porn. Most threads allow you to stream clips or look at videos embedded into the post.

That is not to say that there are no instances where some threads have downloadable-only packs. Which is to say, some threads may require you to download the porn before you can look at it. However, I can say that most threads are not like this.

That goes a long fucking way. Featuring content that is mostly embedded into threads makes it easy as fuck to discover and get off to the kind of extreme porn that gets you horny as hell. It’s just as easy to find the right kind of extreme porn that will make you cum your brains out as well.

Extreme categories

A porn site that says they have a fuck ton of extreme porn available can easily work against them. If you say that you have extreme pornography that will satisfy one’s extreme urges, you better be telling the fucking truth. Otherwise, visitors are going to see through that bullshit.

Fortunately for Creepy Porn, they do not make that mistake. They know that you are arriving to look at extreme fucking porn. Which is precisely what they fucking deliver on the goddamn forum.

Most notably, Creepy Porn showcases this kind of porn on the categories section of the homepage. Scroll down to the bottom of the front page and look under the ‘categories’ section. You will find all of the various categories that Creepy Porn offers horny fuckers like you the chance to jerk off to this kind of content.

You will find categories like scat, vomit, amputees, midgets, BDSM, insertion, etc. Even hentai and amateur porn are available, though those two categories pale compared to the other kinds of extreme porn available on Creepy Porn. Hell, I’m talking about porn where women vomit inside of each other’s assholes, then suck the puke and shit out – all before making out! My God!

Look, bro, if that sounds disgusting to you, then maybe you shouldn’t be on Creepy Porn in the first place. It does not shy away from extreme content. You have been fucking warned. But if the idea of watching women pissing inside one another’s mouths makes you horny as hell, Creepy Porn is there to deliver the kind of pornography that you fucking crave!

Find porn from the community

Creepy Porn does not just feature horny, perverted mother fuckers like yourself posting content on threads. It also features members posting their own personal content. If you want to see what the members of Creepy Porn are up to on the extreme porn forum, you can do so by selecting ‘creepy community.’

Click it, and you will find a problem that plagues the rest of Creepy Porn. The ‘creepy community’ section doesn’t have any fucking threads. There were only three threads when I visited. One guy talking about how he got scammed, another looking for porn advice, and someone saying hello. That’s it: there are no other threads on this section.

When you start looking at the rest of the threads on the various sections of Creepy Porn, you too will find that there are not that many threads going live. Creepy Porn seriously needs a more engaged community. As it stands, there are a little over 10,000 users and only a little over 1800 threads. When you look at the ‘newest’ threads, you will notice that some days, there aren’t even any threads that are published.

This seriously has to change. Creepy Porn is a newer forum, sure, but it needs to find a community that wants to contribute to the forum regularly. Considering the theme and the type of pornography that can be found on Creepy Porn, I do not doubt that this community can find a foothold and form around the porn that unites everyone together.

How can that happen? That is something that only Creepy Porn can answer. They have the extreme porn categories. And the available porn is fucking extreme as hell. If Creepy Porn can find it possible to scale upward and ultimately attract more people than ever before, they can be an extreme porn forum to be reckoned with. Until then, they need to fucking grow.


Creepy Porn is an extreme porn forum with plenty of extreme pornography awaiting you. With all kinds of categories such as vomiting, shitting, pissing, amputee porn, and more, there is something for goddamn everyone to get off to that loves more extreme pornography. The only issue is that the forum looks bland as hell and the lack of community engagement. If Creepy Porn can entice people to visit the forum, stick around, and post their unique content, they will grow better than ever!

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