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Colegialas De Verdad! There is nothing better than schoolgirl porn. Well, except maybe for amateur porn. So, to find a site like Colegialas De Verdad is truly a gift...


I have a serious thing for schoolgirls and ColegialasDeVerdad is full with them. There is just something about the uniform, the implied submissiveness, the thigh high stockings, the little skirts. I fucking love it. It probably stems from the fact that, before I decided to start watching porn full-time for a living, I was a college professor. The whole dynamic is just riddled with sex appeal for me. I could not even begin to count the number of times I fantasized about my students coming to meet me during office hours and wanting a little ‘extra credit.’

“Please, sir,” she would say, approaching my desk after hours, “I need to pass your class … I’ll do anything.” That’s when she would lift her skirt up a little bit, exposing her thigh and, eventually, her panties. She would be seductively biting the index finger of her free hand. That would be my signal to touch her little pussy, knowing that my job is on the line, but unable to fight the temptation.

Her pussy would be wet, and she would moan at my touch. “Okay,” I would say, “but you’re going to have to work extra hard.” That’s when I would unzip my pants and pull my dick out, leading her hand to it.

“I will, professor. I promise. Teach me how and I’ll try my very best.” Then I would instruct her to get on her knees and to put my cock in her mouth. “Like this?” she would ask, licking the tip a little bit and looking up at me intently with those innocent sky-blue eyes of hers.

“Almost. Here,” I would say, grabbing the back of her head and slowly guiding my dick deeper into her mouth, smoothly down her throat. She would gag a little, but she’s a fast learner and now she’s deepthroating like a natural. Ah, fucking perfection.

My second favorite kind of porn is amateur porn. You just can’t go wrong with the realism of it—the fact that the girls are not plastic Barbie doll porn stars theatrically screaming fake orgasms with fake tits that do not bounce. I love watching real people fucking, real girls really cumming. So, to be able to combine the two—schoolgirls and amateur porn—would, in theory, make for the perfect site in my opinion.

Real, Amateur Schoolgirls

And that leads us to Colegialas de Verdad is a site that is, well, exactly what the name implies: true schoolgirls. Meaning real students and coeds getting fucked or pleasuring themselves. Exactly the kind of thing I tend to search for on every porn tube site I visit: real, amateur schoolgirls.

From the moment you land on Colegialas de Verdad’s home page, it should look pretty familiar to other tube sites you’ve seen—black background, search bar, menu bar underneath, then a bunch of thumbnails and tags to choose from. The main difference here, though, is that the thumbnails are accompanied by rather lengthy descriptions next to them, allowing you to become even further immersed in the realism of the fantasy of the video.

For example: “She is Monroe, the eternal Teen who loves so much. She always viral the beautiful Russian blonde, in each video she catches our attention thanks to her tremendous figure of a woman but with a small girl face. She is Monroe and we finally have her in Colegialas de Verdad, so that you can see the beauty of beautiful Russia, the kind of women she is capable of creating and, in passing, you know this teen goddess. Did you like the natural blonde?”

Most sites do not go through the trouble of writing out that in-depth of a description. It appears as if they have done this for every video, though, on Colegialas de Verdad. I definitely appreciate it when sites do that extra little bit of work in order to provide a more enjoyable experience.

Selfshot Content

The more that I click through the site, though, the less impressed (and the more skeptical) I become. First of all—and I know this is often the case with homemade porn and it is hard to avoid, but still—so many of these videos are of absolutely fucking horrible quality. Some of them are so bad that you can’t even make out what is happening in them. On top of that, lots of them are super fucking short as well, making it really hard to find a video on Colegialas de Verdad that I would actually be able to fap to.

Many Poor-Quality Videos, Lacking Basic Features

On top of the fact that video quality is often some of the poorest that I’ve seen in a long time and there is some seriously sketchy shit to be found here, the site is also riddled in equally sketchy popup ads … the kind that somehow bypass the ad blocker and take over your entire screen, just constantly redirecting to different URLs.

Plus, there is no way to preview videos before you click on them. I just do not understand how the fuck you could be operating a porn site in 2019 and not provide this simple, important, not all that difficult to code feature. How the fuck am I supposed to know what I want to check out?

If all that wasn’t enough to turn you off to this site, the media player is also unimpressive. There is no way to preview what’s to come in the video (another one of my pet peeves with porn sites). So, if you wanted to skip ahead to find the position you prefer, you are shit out of luck. You’re either blindly skipping around or watching the whole thing through (which, actually, might not be so bad considering the fact that most videos on this site are under three minutes long).

Colegialas de Verdad has a lot of amateur videos of schoolgirls to choose from. I hope this site starts moderating content more vigilantly in the future.

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