Caramel BBW! Big butted women or big beautiful women whatever name you would love to call them to have a bit of everything in excess, and so when it comes to sexiness I bet their sweetness can only be compared with caramel hence Caramel BBWs. This site is beaming with loads of these women getting down to naughty actions such as; ass/pussy licking, dick sucking, finger fucking, masturbation, toys and many more. I can guarantee all BBW lovers that there is so much to look forward to here! To find out more about this excellent site, follow through the review below.


Caramel BBW a popular tube site that features big beautiful women has been around for 7 fucking years which are attested by the huge collection of videos available. While the owner remains anonymous, the website is located in the Netherlands. Currently, its value sums up to $62927.75. To top it up, the site has been deemed popular by Alexa with a ranking of 38282.

Site design and navigation

The site appears pretty bountiful in terms of nasty porn videos featuring thick beautiful sexy women. As for the site's design, these suckers have succeeded in keeping it pretty simple, and I must say that the dark background is pretty thoughtful especially because you can browse through the videos for hours on end without your eyes getting damaged. It is also commendable in terms of neatness; everything is just where you can fucking see it.

The logo is also remarkable; a burger and hot dog. It sent me thinking that these bitches could as well be burgers because burgers are big anyways but as for hot dogs am not quite sure because most dudes are white and you know, unlike black dudes we cannot rely on hot dog size unless of course sometimes, it’s just a sausage.

As for navigation, there are a handful of sorting features including categories and a basic search feature for specified searches. In addition, on the top right is a language button that allows you to switch to a language that you are comfortable with. They include the likes of Espanol, Magyar, Polski, Dansk, Nederlands, Portuguese, Dutch, Italian among others. Very fucking thoughtful, huh?

Popular categories

Well, there is a truckload of categories featured which actually does it for me because am all for diversity. I will list only a few; they include; lesbian, threesome, mom, granny, blow job, gangbang, webcam, cuckold, femdom, pissing, BDSM, cougar, mature anal, face sitting, hairy, dance, pregnant, lactating, Old and young and like a million others. While the most popular ones are listed on the homepage and represented with colorful thumbnails, below the page is an alphabetical listing of more categories. Besides, the number of videos hosted under each category is indicated with some popular categories like amateur, ass, BBW, Blowjob, etc. Having over 100,000. Even though I’m not a fucking mathematician, I can tell that they have one hell of a video collection.


The sorting options for both popular videos and new videos include; latest, all and long. It’s a good thing that the time of upload is indicated which bluntly confirms to you that these motherfuckers are not just fucking around but working their asses off to ensure that their massive collection continues to grow each fucking day.

The videos are of standard HD quality, mainly of a good length but factors such as; download option, streaming speeds, Ads, provision of related videos as well as storylines vary depending on the site from which the video is sourced. I was disappointed at the fact that these suckers are a bit outdated; most modern tube sites link you to that particular video, but this one links you to the page of the mother site. This is just completely unacceptable!


Am sure most of you sick motherfuckers who are deep into this BBW shit have imagined how it would feel to dig into some big assed bitch or have already dug into one already. A friend of mine says that voluptuous babes are meant for rough sex because they utterly have enough thickness around them to not only absorb the vigorousness but also the vibrations add unto their sexual experience. I don’t actually know how true that is, but I think their thick sexy bodies can take double the pounding skinny bitches can.

In a way, these chubby babes seem to want more than anything to feel some hard cock between their fucking thick thighs, most of them even have their round bums hanging on the air to give room for deeper penetration. There are all sorts of scenes featuring; big titties babe all oily and giving boob jobs, sucking dicks, old girls proving they can still ride a cock, tight pussies and assholes being mercilessly pounded, lesbian heated up grinding, some playing with their pussies in masturbation scenes as well as inserting toys, ass/pussy licking, boobs sucking, touching, kissing and many more.

Well, I wouldn’t exactly call their content exclusive because somehow these suckers got things mixed up so you should expect to find one or two videos featuring skinny babes in mostly hot threesome scenes which is not too pleasant.

Outside links

There are two sections on the site that link to other sites. They include the adult dating section which links you to and the DVD download section which redirects you to If you are in the mood to explore you might want to check them out and find out what kind of shit they have in store for you.


Forget that stressful bullshit they call politely signing up because at there is enough reason for you to stay or keep coming back for more. I am sure it is precisely why they didn’t find it necessary to tie you down here.

What I like about the site

You will definitely fall in love with this site most especially if you love the view of big boobies and very round booties. They have a very large collection of good quality videos featuring a variety of categories.

Also, there are no Ads to fuck with your user experience, they spare you from the registration bullshit, keep you supplied with more free videos every day, provide you with necessary sorting features and a search engine to assist you in locating free content and the scenes featured are not only superb but also very erotic.

What I hate about the site

These folks must be really fucked up if they cannot at times tell thin from thick, no wonder they have the videos mixed up. Although most are BBW, there are still some videos featuring skinny babes which to me is totally fucked up.

Also, these suckers have not made it easier for users to locate and enjoy videos; for instance, I clicked on a certain video which opened up to a page full of other videos. Are they fucking kidding me! At this point in time with this kind of bullshit this site cannot even fit to be ranked among other top BBW sites, they are fucking ahead, dumbasses.

Am sure this is bad news to those dickheads who fancy jerking off to still photo scenes. It’s a pity that this site features exclusively videos, so you might have to try your luck elsewhere.

Suggestions that I have for the site

As the name suggests, caramel BBWs, this is a big beautiful/butted women site so including some bones even a couple is basically a big let-down so they would better stick to their theme or get rid of the BBW in the site's name.

Also, quit punishing us by linking to pages instead of particular videos. Even the dummiest dummy knows that is stupid.


All in all, Caramel BBWs (often misspelled as "carmel bbw" and "bbw caramel") is the epitome of big beautiful women with big booties and boobies. The videos featured are diverse in terms of categories, they are updated regularly and are of basically good quality. Also, the scenes are as naughty as they come with these enormous bitches taking in meats in ass/pussy hard-core pounding scenes. Considering that these folks actually host a collection that can last you for a very long time and they do not require you to sign up to access it and it's all free. You only have yourself to blame for not checking it out!

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