Well, I have done a review on Cam4 before, but considering how much I liked it, I had to start hyper-analyzing the different genres and performer types. I have been enjoying rediscovering this site, and so in this review, we are going to be looking at the Teen section of this website.

This will be a brief but thorough review to get the information and enjoy what you are about to see.

But The Models Look Even Better

Alright, let's get into the most crucial part of this review: the eye candy.

Based on my observations, there are hundreds of models online, no matter when you log in. And they fit into a variety of 'types' in no small part because the ladies in this section come from all over the world.

If some of you are interested, the high range of diversity expands to more than just the ethnicity and features of these females. Indeed, while most of them will be lithe and thin, there are plenty who are particularly well-endowed. Not only that, there are at least a few gals who have a bunch of bass to their bodies. In fact, some ladies are definitely in the BBW range.

More than that, there's a good number of broadcasters who stream with their lovers, or a couple of fuck buddies, too. However, unlike other cam sites – even those who fit into other categories on this site – the ladies here are true exhibitionists. To be precise, they are willing to show off everything, and I mean everything, for free to lure in viewers. Not to mention that they often do not immediately demand to go to private once you start watching.

As to be expected, the performers are very active with chatters and seem to be exceptionally talkative with their viewers. If you are interested in the tools used to interact and take your experience to the next level, see my original article on Cam4.

The Supplementary Tools Are Awesome

With hundreds of gals online in this section, there's something to be said about sifting from page to page, seeing all of the real-time footage of horny babes looking hot. I recommend it if you have the time, especially if you are gooning out.

But not everyone has such time, and some people have particular preferences; it would be nice if you could hyper-target a specific 'type' of titillating lady. Thank the Goddess; there are some ways to search within this subsection of the site easily. For example, you can whittle down the number of teen performers based on country and language, body type, genre, breast size, body hair, and orientation. That enough for you? Well, you can also select ethnicity, hair color, show type, and even popular (read: trending) filters.

Of course, you can select between single ladies and couples. And for you folks who like to switch things up radically and watch guys or trans people, there is an option to toggle that, too.

Adverts Are Not Too Much Of An Issue

Okay, I'll mention this since it is important given the rampancy of advertisements that are laden with malware. As you surf around this website, every page is responsive and doesn't have a spam problem. In fact, the text fest sections and promoted performers are towards the bottom, too. However, you might have to put up with an occasional popup unless you have a decent ad-blocker.

A Few Words Of Criticism

I have found that most streams tend to be good in video and audio quality, at least usually. Unfortunately, not all broadcasters have invested in webcams that are as great as others. Fortunately, this problem does not seem to be too much of an issue.

Also, I would caution some of you people (you know who you are) to respect the model's rights and I don't just mean stop being an asshole. All of the broadcasters have their streams protected by DMCA adherent protection software.

Lastly, the profile pages of the models are decent, I guess. However, there is nowhere near enough effort put into that aspect of the site, which is a real shame. I say this because the ladies in this section of Cam4 are charming, and it would be nice to know more about them, especially when they are going to be broadcasting.

This Is A Titillating Section To Spend Time On

With so many great things going for this part of this site and so little to complain about, this one is pretty easy to rate. I will give this website a near-perfect score of four and a half hands out of five. Good job to all of the ladies (and fellas) on this section, and keep up the excellent work. As for all of you readers, check this part of Cam4 out and consider joining up. In case you do, let me know.

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