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Do you like to see girls getting jealous about other babe's big tits? Well, that is exactly what r/BreastEnvy/ is all about. You have thousands of naughty images here,...


Reddit BreastEnvy, aka r/BreastEnvy! Have you ever tried to pick up girls or just talked to your friends, and one of them seemed a bit more ‘gifted’ than the other? And of course, what I am hinting here is that one of them had bigger tits than the other, thus the subreddit name. To be fair, what is there not to like about chicks with huge tits? You have babes of all shapes and sizes, and I am referring to their bazongas, obviously.

The great thing about all of this is the fact that Reddit is an amazing website, and I am not just saying that because I am biased… I mean, I am biased, but legit, I think that Reddit could fulfill anyone’s fantasies. Let’s start by saying that this is a free site, and other than r/BreastEnvy/ you have a shit ton of other subreddits to check out. Pretty neat.

Big titty envy.

What more to say? You have lots of friends being envious of their friend’s huge tits, simple. Since the browsing is simple, you can visit the site on your own and explore all you want. You do not really need any of my help; you know that, right? But, in case you would still like to know what r/BreastEnvy/ has to offer without checking it out on your own, I am here.

As soon as you open r/BreastEnvy/, you will get to see lots of gorgeous women posing for the camera. One of the friends in the group will have huge tits, while others not so much. Sometimes you get a picture of more babes with huge tits, but the point of this subreddit is to show boobs envy, meaning that one or more friends will have small tits.

I think that the name of the subreddit should already give it away, as to what the fuck you can expect or whatever the fuck. On the side, of the subreddit, you can see the small description of this place, and they basically explained it all in one sentence. That might have been enough, to be fair… I mean, it does not take long for you to understand what the fuck I mean.

For example, the first picture that was showed featured two girlfriends; one of them did not only have bigger tits; she was also a lot taller; it was adorable. The picture right below that one showed a pretty blonde slut with massive tatas and her hot friend posing right beside her… who was not so lucky genetically speaking, but hey… her face was still pretty.

To be fair, that is the whole point of this subreddit, so I am not sure whether there is a need for me to tell you anything else. Just expect to see so many hot sluts with huge tits and plenty of their friends who do not have big boobs. What else do you want me to say? I think it is pretty obvious what this subreddit is all about, and you can enjoy browsing as much as you want.

Solid statistics.

Other than the description being listed on the side of the site, you have other shit. You can see that r/BreastEnvy/ has over 218k members, and usually, not many of them will be online. But even if that is the case, there are still a lot of posts for you to explore, and from what I have seen, they will usually have at least one new daily post.

This subreddit was created in 2013, which means that you have a lot of content already. Even if you run out of new daily content, you can always scroll and enjoy the old posts instead. This just means that you will not run out of new and cum worthy posts any time soon… not to mention that this is just one subreddit, there are plenty of others.

For example, if you like what this subreddit has to offer, that means that you will like other subreddits with the same theme, and lucky for you, there are many subreddits that offer sluts with huge tits, and similar crap. I mean, there is a lot for you to check out, and I am sure that you will enjoy everything r/BreastEnvy/ has to offer, and if not, there are plenty of other subreddits.

Simple browsing.

When you open r/BreastEnvy/ for the first time, you are in for a treat because all you will get to see is plenty of gorgeous women showing their tits… whether in bras, bikinis, or dressed up. Some of them are naked as well. You just need to scroll down, and you will get to see all the delicious bits, and plus everything that has to offer is free.

You get to choose whether you want a dark or a light layout, which is also pretty neat. We all like to browse for naughty shit like this during the night, and having a dark layout really works the best in this case, don’t you think? On the side of each subreddit, you will get to see the info that is surrounding that subreddit, or however the fuck you want me to say that.

Just like I said that for r/BreastEnvy/ you have all the necessary information on the side, the same applies to each subreddit. We all know that some subreddits can be rather specific, and the description can sometimes help you know more about what that subreddit has to offer, duh! So, you can read the description there, although just scrolling through what a specific subreddit has to offer should be enough.

Register if you want. is a user-driven website, which is neat and also something I already stated. You can choose to register if you want, which brings with it a lot of nice privileges. The privileges are pretty obvious, and since the
registration to Reddit is free, why the fuck not? If you intend to check out everything Reddit has to offer, you might as well register.

The registration allows you to comment on each of the posts, and there are lots of members who love to discuss different shit in the comment section. You can obviously like and dislike your favorite posts. I mean, this should have been obvious, but you also get to upload your own shit, and just do whatever the fuck you’d expect to be able to do on a user-driven website in the first place.

Chat with the community.

One of my favorite features on is the ability to chat with the users, and I am sure that you will like that aspect as well. You can send a message to any of the members of, which also includes the members of r/BreastEnvy/. However, do not be surprised if the chicks and dudes from r/BreastEnvy/ do not answer you… they are here to see the same shit like you and not chat.

However, many subreddits are actually dedicated to chatting instead, and you can check them out. However, if you are here to see lovely girls getting titty envy from their friends for having huge bazongas, then you are welcome to browse r/BreastEnvy/ as much as you fucking want.

Post your own stuff.

As I briefly said, you can post your own shit if you want, and it is obviously free. SO, that means that if you have a friend that would fit the category or the other way around, you are welcome to upload your images on r/BreastEnvy/ or you can upload pictures you found. Keep in mind that each subreddit will have its rules listed on the side with all the other information, and you should check that out first.

The rules are pretty much straightforward, in most cases. It is important that you check out the rules for the subreddit you want to post on because if nobody followed the rules, everything would have been a mess. If you cannot find the rules on the side, you will be able to find them as the first pinned post. The rules for r/BreastEnvy/ are on top of the subreddit.


Well, if you find it fun, arousing, or pleasing to look at gorgeous women who have big tits and babes who do not have them, I think you will love r/BreastEnvy/. I mean, that is the gist of this subreddit, and you are welcome to explore it. Of course, is a free website overall, so you can always explore other subreddits that it has to offer. That is a given.

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