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Boodigo is an adult related search engine with fast loading speeds that allows you to search for porn across the web, Tumblr, Blogspot, and Clips4Sale. The site is...

Tags: is a search engine that helps users cut the chase and go straight to the thick of the action when it comes to searching for adult entertainment material online. The site adopts a no-nonsense approach when it comes to finding you high-quality material in unbelievably high speeds and even better, blocks any results that looks threatening or remotely spammy.

Whether you care to admit it or not, searching for porn online can be a pain in the ass. Sometimes it’s a long fucking process of registering, searching, and blocking millions of distractive ads and occasionally running into videos you never asked for. Some porn sites can also be particularly sketchy when it comes to computer security. That is where a site like Boodigo comes into play. Few sites offer a more secure route when it comes to sex-specific web searches as you will find out if you stick around long enough for the full review.

Statistics and a brief history

Boodigo has been in the porn industry since the recesses of 2014 and is deemed to be popular by Alexa with a ranking of 92,344. It was created by people who worked for Google before, but unlike Google, this site does everything but to avoid taking you to sex-related results. The site understands you are not looking for Wikipedia articles and some crappy’ how to’ articles in women’s magazine.

“Boodigo's search algorithm is designed to find ‘real’ adult sites and give top listings to them,” says one of its founders, Colin Rowntree. “That avoids the problem of going to Google, searching for, say, 'blowjob,' and getting the first multiple results pages of Wikipedia articles before the online user can actually find a link to sites that focus on blowjob photos and movies.”

There you have it folks, from the fucking horse’s own mouth I must say. No one wants to find Wikipedia articles and some crappy advice from average adult magazines when you search for terms like ‘oral sex.’ Users are certainly loving Boodigo’s idea, with the platform announcing last year that they are receiving one million unique visitors each month.

Site design and navigation

I’ve seen plenty of sites with a minimalistic design, but Boodigo has outdone itself in this regard. Almost the whole homepage is a fucking blank white wall with nothing in the way of visual appeal. Anyone visiting the site for the first time will not have a damn clue what it is about. For a site that has been around for that long, they fall short. At least some colors and a few photos to let new users know what they are getting themselves into would not be too much to ask. I know they are trying to be like Google but still…

The design aside, site navigation is as simple as drinking a fucking glass of water. There is a search feature that lets you type whatever you have in mind and brings you hundreds of results almost instantly. Even better, you can choose whether you want the search engine to crawl the entire web or the three other available options; Blogspot, Tumblr or Clips4sale. How freaking convenient is that? You will have the easiest time searching for your favorite fap video.


The sites major selling point is the anonymity it gives users. The site is designed to return accurate search results in a secure, private and anonymous environment. Boodigo does not use cookies or other user-tracking technologies to gather information about their users since they have no interest in building a user profile for their visitors. Before you conduct your search, the site lets you turn on query string encryption so you won’t have to worry about your nosey wife digging through your browser history.

Or maybe you share a computer with a roommate studying to be a clergyman. Your late night searches for ‘busty MILFs’ somehow crops up in your browsing history, and that is obviously a grave concern. That will be the least of your worries at Boodigo. The site does keep data, but only the search term and the country that searched for it and that’s it. They don’t keep anything identifiable about each individual user’s habits or searches and nothing to track it back to them.

I can’t emphasize the importance of user security enough, especially in this era when everything is being logged and harvested for all sorts of unspoken purposes by commercial and governmental interests. A site that shields you from all that is definitely worth every minute of your time especially because it’s unlike just about every other major search engine.


Boodigo not only refines the user’s search results to bring the results that actually take you to the content you were looking for, they also block sites that are known to be security threats which allows you to browse without fear that something will compromise your computer security. Distributors of malware or perpetrators of fraud and sites that sell unlicensed and illegal porn are not found in Boodigo’s search results. You will not only be downloading content that’s free from viruses or spyware but also free of intellectual property concerns as well. How awesome is that?

Boodigo works with a double verification process; while the first one associate’s keywords of the search with content, the second one ensures the content belongs to trustworthy sites as opposed to shitty porn sites with fraudulent and malicious intentions. They will not only keep your browsing history squeaky clean but also keep you and your system safe from the spyware, pop-ups, and viruses that prey on porn-purveying sites.

Should you bump upon links that contain illegal or malicious content, the site encourages you to contact them with the site’s URL and a quick description of what you would like to report about, and it will promptly be removed from the listings. That’s how fucking committed they are to your security.

Top notch searches

Boodigo’s search results are top notch too. I searched ‘big ass’ and was presented with over 34,086 results from sites covering the big ass niche. The same could be said about Clips4Sale, while Blogspot and Tumblr searches also give stellar results. All the four destinations take you to the best places where you will get a daily dose of fapping material. Each search result link opens a door for even more erotic content, and you will just be spoilt for choice. Remember there are no limits to what you can search and no matter what your dirty mind conjures, there will always be thousands of results to check out.

What I love about the site

If you have been searching for smut for a long time, then you know how disturbing it is for someone to have a peek at your browsing history. That threat has been effectively eliminated at Boodigo. The site works just like Google but instead directs you straight to where explicit content is likely to be found. That works fine if you ask me.

The fact that the site blocks other sites known to contain spyware and viruses that might pose a security threat to your system is also something worth being excited about. The site also lets you search through sites like Tumblr and Blogspot with relative ease while offering satisfactory results.

What I hate about the site

It’s not every day that a search engine specifically for porn you come across on the internet, but that also means advertisers who would otherwise not be allowed to advertise their wares on Google have found a safe haven here. You will be seeing some ads once you click on a search listing, but luckily it’s not overwhelming as to ruin your experience. The site also has no photos or thumbnails. I also didn’t appreciate having to confirm that I’m 18 before I could proceed. I mean, this one is old-fashioned. It’s not like anyone has ever said ‘No’ to that.

Suggestions I have for the site

Boodigo is stripped down and simple, but that also means you are getting some pretty basic features. Some additional features would go a long way towards enhancing user experience.


Boodigo is a reliable search engine that will change the way you look for porn. I mean, how many sites allow you to search for adult content across four platforms? The site also loads quickly and is committed to user anonymity and data security. If I were you, I’d bookmark and visit the website immediately.

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