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Bonga Cams Fetish! For as long as people have been having sex, people have been developing fetishes. Tons of research has gone into how fetishes start and what parts of the brain are affected. Yet, despite all this research, there are more questions than answers on the topic.

There are hundreds of fetishes out there, but a few are far more popular than the others. According to a recent survey, BDSM ranks highest amongst its competition. About ninety-three percent of men and ninety-six percent of women had fantasized about some form of BDSM. Humans love the combination of pain and pleasure. I also think it’s so popular because the umbrella of BDSM covers a shit ton of ground. It can mean anything from spanking to cock and ball torture.

In second place is body part fetishes. The same survey found that forty-five percent of people have a particular body part they are infatuated with. Believe it or not, some of these have scientific explanations. Feet is one of those, and there are two angles researchers take. One is that the part of the brain handling attraction and the part handling feet are right next to each other. Sometimes wires get crossed between the two, leading to feet looking like a pair of tits.

The second explanation is that, as short kids, the most viewable part of our parents is the feet. Because of this, some people start associating love and attraction with staring at feet. Interesting shit.

Bodily fluids are in third place. Bodily fluids come in many forms, so this is not a one-size-fits-all fetish. Forty-five percent of men and thirty-five percent of women report having fantasies involving spit. Thirty-one percent of men and fourteen percent of women report thinking about breast milk, thirty-two percent of men and fifteen percent of women report fantasizing about urine, and six percent of men and two percent of women dream of getting shut on. That’s literally some interesting shit.

Voyeurism is a huge fetish, but I’m actually surprised it’s not even more popular. Having watched so much porn, you think we would have all fantasized about watching porn live. Sixty percent of people have had voyeuristic thoughts, but I think that’s bullshit. That number is closer to one hundred percent, and you can’t convince me otherwise.

No One Wants to See You Fucks Fuck

Continuing along that vein, we have exhibitionism. About forty-two percent of people say they have this fetish, but I think that number is also higher. We all spend so much time jerking off to porn we all have wondered what it would be like to be on the other side of the screen. Well, I’m telling you I put on a great show. Just tune in on the and watch me fuck hot pornstars.

They also get a lot of shit from the fetish community and people at large, but furries are everywhere. Almost ten percent of people surveyed reported having some sort of furry fantasy. For me dressing up in a cartoonish animal mascot costume seems like a lot of extra steps before sex happens. That’s unless you are wearing a cool mascot as I do on my casting shows. By the time I get halfway dressed, I’ll have masturbated out of impatience. Do they at least cut dick and pussy holes into those things, or will I have to remove the damn thing before fucking? Not to mention those suits must be expensive as fuck.

Another popular fetish that gets a lot of hate is cuckolding. I understand why such a demeaning fetish would get shit-talked. No one wants to admit it, but fifty-eight percent of men and thirty-three percent of women say they have had these fantasies. That’s much larger than most would guess. I guarantee all of those people have talked shit while secretly harboring cuckolding urges. Your wife might be into cuckolding. Well, really, it could be the opposite of cuckolding. I’m not trying to tell you that your wife fucks her yoga teacher. But to be honest, though, given all the yoga training, he probably fucks like a champ.

This last one, I’m surprised it isn’t far more popular. The combination of sex and food sounds like peanut butter and jelly to me. In fact, eating a Peanut butter and jelly sandwich while fucking sounds pretty good. Not only does it provide two avenues for pleasure, but it helps you keep your energy level up during long fuck sessions. What am I saying? You guys haven’t had a lengthy fuck session your entire lives. That is unless you count three minutes as protracted intercourse.

So many fetishes, so little time. How can you see as much of it as you can as conveniently as possible? By visiting Bongacams, that’s how. The fetish section of Bongacams is loaded with bitches ready to commit acts of desperate filth for your viewing pleasure.

If you have ever visited a porn site in your life, you are familiar with Bongacams. They make up a solid ten percent of all porn popups and are one of the most popular cam sites on the internet. So it comes as no surprise that they have such a well-populated fetish category.

By well-populated, I mean I can’t even guess how many bitches are online at any one time. The page is an infinite scroller, and I didn’t reach the bottom no matter how long I stared at it. There’s no way you won’t find exactly what you are looking for, no matter what your fetish of choice is.

Of course, given their veterancy, Bongacams is a well-designed website. They have had plenty of time to master their craft. There are two menus, one navigational and one filter. Up top is the navigational menu with the options All models, Categories, History, All promotions, Contests, and Become a model. Below is the filter with the options All, Females, Couples, Males, Transexuals, New, and spy mode. This menu also gives you the hard numbers I hinted at earlier. Altogether, on a random weekday, there were twenty-six hundred people live.

You can also filter for the Highest cam scores, Most popular rooms, Just logged in, New models, and Lovers. Alternatively to the filters is a quick search. That allows you to filter by age, gender, and region quickly.

As you search the thumbnails for the proper lady for you, take note of the information displayed. Each contains details about if they are a newcomer, name, video quality, and the number of viewers. They also state if they have toys, social media accounts, related tags, and a short description.

When you open up a live stream, tipping becomes the name of the game. Bongacams is entirely free to watch passively, but if you want to get in on the action, it will take some dough, and I know you want in on the action. If you didn’t, you would just be watching regular porn. Cams are all about interacting with the performer. It’s the modern phone sex line.

Cum Auction

Many ladies will run a group special where if all viewers combine to donate X amount of coins, she will do something special for everyone. This usually involves her cumming in some fashion. Almost every bitch has one of those little toys that fit in the pussy and stays there. I like to call it the department store dildo because you can put it in to make shopping a less terrible experience.

There is a reason Bongacams is one of the most popular live cam sites on the internet. They have built a fantastic service in terms of web design and the quality of ladies who perform—only the best of the best sign up to ply their wares on Bongacams.

Furthermore, the fetish section is a particularly excellent section of the website. These bitches are performing every objectionable act under the sun, all in the name of making semen fly out of your cock. What a beautiful thing.

There isn’t a whole bunch I would change about Bongacams. They have been around for so long that they have already made many minor corrections other sites need. If I want to get nit-picky, though, the menus up top are packed together a bit tight, making them look chaotic. Again, it’s nothing big, but it would make for a slight improvement.

What’s your fetish? Food? Feet? Fingers? Whatever it is, Bongacams has a live show just for you. So grab your wallet and lube, and prepare to spank your cock like it owes you cum.

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