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Statistically speaking, most porn consumers are dudes. Sometimes when I mention that, women will go all #MeToo and say, “Hey, I watch porn, too!” Well, yeah; another statistic says 1 in 3 women consume porn at least once a week, or nearly 1% of how often dudes watch the stuff. Bellesa Films is looking out for that third of women, not to mention anybody else who likes an erotic setup to their dirty porno. gets over 8,000 visitors a day, which ain’t fucking bad at all for a website that’s only been online since the beginning of 2019. I wonder how many of those viewers are the female audience they’re shooting for. I am 110% man if you count my extra testicle, but I just loaded up the front page, and I already know I’m going to be cranking one out as I write this review. Let’s begin, shall we?

Porn by Women, for Everyone

Female-oriented porn is a nebulously defined thing. Sometimes “porn for women” is just softcore stuff where you can’t see penetration. Other times, it’s absolute vile filth with bright lighting. Sometimes it’s a sensual setup, or scenarios that emphasize female empowerment.

BellesaFilms has the kind of clean sets and white lighting that I see in a lot of porn aimed at chicks. The photos sliding across the top of the screen have a romantic sensuality you expect, with lovers looking into each other’s eyes or exchanging kisses on the neck while shoving a finger in a twat.

It’s sexy stuff, but I’m extra excited by some of the names, faces, and racks I see on the front page. Valentina Nappi is jerking off a guy in one of the newest thumbnails. Hovering my mouse over the image gives me glimpses of the pair making out before Valentina sucks his cock, he eats her ass, and they fuck doggystyle. In the update before that, it was Adria Rae getting her sweet cunt licked and smiling all pretty with a dick in her face.

MILF Cherie DeVille was in one within the last few weeks, as was beautiful nymphomaniac Gianna Dior. AJ Applegate, Alina Lopez, and the exotic Autumn Falls also grace the front page. Legendary porn cock Ramon Nomar is on BellesaFilms, fucking the world’s most beautiful women, as per usual.

There’s a silent montage of featured scenes playing halfway down the page. There’s a lot of kissing in these movies, but there’s also a ton of blowjobs, pussy licking, and deep dicking. Everything is drenched in a layer of deep sensuality that will appeal to those who like the thought of having a threesome with two people you love very much.

The Play button on top of the montage is bullshit. The montage is already playing, and the button just leads you to the sign-up page. There are short previews of the newest movies, though. It’s interesting how the site sells a Valentina Nappi porn flick with a trailer that’s half talking and walking in the woods. I mean, she gets her salad tossed and her face fucked, but there’s also romance!

High-Class Porn for Cheap

Women are notoriously suckers when it comes to shopping. Not only do they love buying shit, but they also pay about 7% more for products aimed specifically at them, like pink pens, shampoo that smells like flowers, and jeans that show off their butts. BellesaFilms hates that fucking bullshit, so they’re only asking $25 a month for their female-directed smut. That’s a few bucks less than your typical paysite in 2022.

They will, however, charge you an inflated monthly rate if you sign up for the 2-day membership and forget to cancel. That shit always cracks me up because it’s pretty blatantly shady, but it’s also pretty much your fault if you fall for it at this point. I don’t think the broads get paid extra when you do that, but hey, don’t let me stop you.

Downloads do cost extra on this site, which they don’t mention anywhere out front. I fucking hate that shit, but what can you do? That’s just the direction the industry has been heading in. Downloads are fifteen bucks a month here, bringing the total price to $40 if you’re the type of pervert who collects MP4s for when mom changes the WiFi password.

Once you get logged in, it’s just a slightly more full-featured view than out front. Now I have access to the movies, and can see a bit of additional info attached to the thumbnails. Uploads dates are listed, so I can see how fast BellesaFilms updates the site. Right now, they’re adding an exclusive new porno to the site every week, which ain’t a bad release schedule.

They’ve got more of their Top Bellesa Girls listed in the member’s area. It seems women like the same pornstars as men, because all I see is top-shelf video whores like Casey Calvert, Riley Reid, and Abella Danger. Just a glimpse of Abella’s butt makes some of the anger I felt about the download premium just kind of melt away, replaced with a strong desire to crank it to a fuck movie.

Fortunately, I’ve come to exactly the right place to do just that. BellesaFilms may be created by women, but my boner has been banging the bottom of my desk for the last hour. I clicked my way to their newest flick, Training Ritual, starring Ramon Nomar and Lacy Lennon.

World-Famous Pornstars Fucked Raw on Camera

The 37-minute movie starts playing in HD the very moment I hit the Play button, with no apparent buffering at all. She’s on his lap in her underwear, kissing him passionately as the flick opens.

“It turned me on how aggressive my husband was both in and out of the boxing ring,” she says in the voiceover, going on about his success and the sacrifices he makes. He abstains from fucking for a couple of months before a big fight. She’s not sure she believes it works, but she knows it makes her want him more.

Ramon tries to bail, in accordance with his routine, but she grabs his dick and encourages him to stay. She begs him to be a gentleman and just lick her nipples. He’s resistant, but ultimately he does the valiant thing and sucks her boobs. Then he eats her pussy, because it doesn’t violate his crazy abstinence rule.

I was worried the whole female-oriented porn angle at BellesaFilms would mean slow, boring starts to the movies, but that isn’t the case here. After licking her twat, Ramon can’t help but put his raging hard boner inside her. Can you blame the dude?

The setting is clean, but not overly white and sterile like some “porn for women”. Really, it doesn’t strike me as much different from regular porno. One of the obvious differences may be the setup, since we’re watching a pretend husband and wife get it on, though that’s not too unusual.

One of the things BellesaFilms prides itself on is the chemistry of the actors and actresses in their flicks. That’s definitely the case here, as we watch Ramon Nomar and Lacy Lennon fuck with reckless abandon. There’s a lot of making out as he pounds her cunt in a side-rider position before switching to reverse cowgirl. Then again, the site does work with top-shelf talent. When you hire real nymphos, you can’t be all that surprised when they really enjoy having sex on camera.

A similarly high degree of passion is on display in the other flicks I checked out. Ebony goddess Kira Noir fucks like she’s in love in Night Cap, and I wonder if Abella Danger and Valentina Nappi went home together after shooting My Italian Muse. I can’t even tell you how excited I was to see Gianna Dior and Autumn Falls together in a threesome in Rules Are Made to be Broken.

BellesaFilms hypes itself as female-directed porno with a bonus dose of palpable on-screen chemistry and passion between its stars. That’s true, but it’s also just damn good smut that everybody can easily get off to. They release new hardcore movies every week, starring some of the most gorgeous, perverted babes in the world at their naughtiest. While men and women may not agree on everything, we can all agree that it’s fun masturbating to these flicks. You’re going to cum buckets.

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