Reddit Asian Hotties, aka /rAsianHotties! Everyone has their type - some guys like big boobs, some like big butts, others like petite girls, some like pale goth girls with toxic habits, some like healthy girls who test negative for COVID-19 and some like Asian girls, which come in many shapes, colors and sizes. Asian girls aren’t just big-boobed, petite-built pale babes who don’t trim their bush, and each nationality on the world’s biggest continent has its own qualities.

For example, Asian girls who live in more temperate climates such as in Thailand, Vietnam, or the Philippines tend to have better asses. In contrast, their northern counterparts are typically more well-endowed in their “chest area”. Both counterparts have qualities which make up for what the other lacks - kind of like a yin-yang symbol, visually speaking.

But when it’s all said and done, Asian girls are, without a doubt, one of the hottest ethnicities in the world. Just think of all Asian pornstars that have made a name for themselves in the industry thanks to their unique beauty. I know all too well that a lot of you have blown loads repeatedly to the entrancing visuals and sultry moans of stars like Asa Akira, Kalina Ryu, London Keyes, and so on. But despite that, I’m not sure that a lot of you Asian babe fans out there have heard of /r/AsianHotties before.

This almost half-a-million man-strong Subreddit contains some of the best, most top-quality XXX content that’s centered on nothing but the hottest, most breathtaking Asian babes the world has to offer. And I really mean “the world”, because this Subreddit’s content is mostly OC in nature, meaning that it’s originally produced by content creators who actively use profiles on the site itself, which brings me to my next paragraph...

There is Tons of OC Here, In All Kinds of Formats Too

Now that the world is put in a stalemate position and everyone’s left feeling horny and frustrated at home, a lot of people have taken up to leaving a much larger digital footprint than ever before. Every day, thousands of people decide to let their creativity blossom and create content for the internet to enjoy - because no one can go outside anymore and have fun trying to hook up with others, so what else is there to do really? And there are TONS of horny babes left stuck at home with nothing better to do than show the world their most prized valuables - and that naturally means that a lot of hot Asian babes have begun uploading tons of fresh new OC here on /r/AsianHotties.

This Subreddit’s content is at least 85% OC - and “OC” is different from “amateur” content, because it hasn’t been found as a random homemade video by someone on the internet. Rather, it’s been made at home and uploaded for the world to see by the same person who made it, all while it’s still piping-hot fresh. One quick scroll through this Subreddit will result in you bearing witness to newly-made XXX content that features some of the hottest amateur Asian babes that the world will ever see.

I mean, we all could be facing massive consequences and world-ending cataclysmic events in the near future anyway, so the world really might not see any hotter content on the internet than the kind of stuff that’s being uploaded right now, especially here on this Subreddit. All kinds of undeniably sexy Asian babes from all the world are posting images, videos and GIFs of themselves sucking, fucking and masturbating on camera here on /r/AsianHotties, and it’s really a hell of a time to be alive for porn fans all over.

But Almost No Non-OC Content Whatsoever

If you came here hoping to find some famous or semi-famous pornstar or XXX model spreading her legs and sharing her juices with her fans, then you might have come to the wrong place. To reiterate again; the world is left stuck at home, and a LOT of people are uploading homemade porn now, way more than ever before. And that means that XXX Subreddits such as this one here are full to the brim with freshly-made OC that’s undeniably hotter and more exciting to watch than the same old pornstars we’ve been ogling at and blowing loads to for years now. So to follow-up on this paragraph’s title - no, this Subreddit doesn’t contain a great deal of non-OC content.

/r/AsianHotties has Plenty of Softcore and Candid Stuff

There is a lot of candid and softcore stuff to be enjoyed on this Subreddit - in fact, almost half of all the content here contains no nudity whatsoever. It’s just selfies of hot Asian girls wearing sexy lingerie and other revealing clothing. That’s because not everybody wants to fully expose themselves on the internet for e-fame amidst this whole Coronavirus situation, because some people still have hope that the world will return back to normal in a few months. So if you were looking to enjoy some non-explicit material here, you can enjoy the hell out of it because, as I said, almost half of this Subreddit’s content is softcore.

Not a Lot of Intercourse on The Posts Here Though

Just as there are a lot of people who don’t want to fully expose themselves on the internet, there are also plenty of people who could give a damn about what the internet thinks of how their genitals look or what they sound like during sex. That’s why there is a fair amount of posts here that are 100% hardcore, showing “dick in vagina” action with buttholes and everything else included.

And this, of course, means that those of you who can’t stand non-hardcore porn and love Asian girls have something to fap to here on this Subreddit. But I should inform you - there isn’t a great deal of fully hardcore, intercourse-featuring content on the posts here (around 20%). So if you do happen to find a hot hardcore post here on /r/AsianHotties, then try to save it if it tickles your fancy in a visual sense.

Of Course, This Means You Can’t Mess Around With Categories or Tags

One thing which I’ll always hate about Reddit is the lack of content organization and segregation options on its Subreddits. I mean, a LOT of the content on this site’s XXX Subreddits can’t be found on traditional porntubes. That sadly leaves many horny people without the proper means of content organization that are necessary for finding specific kinds of stuff on this and every other XXX Subreddit. Sure, you can rely on the search bar, but any search query you put into it will only apply to post titles here, and a LOT of the post titles on Reddit can be extremely ambiguous.

For example, you can find a post of a blonde Asian girl with big boobs shoving a dildo in her ass here that’s titled “Nothing better to do in this quarantine,” but you won’t be able to find it by searching for specific keywords related to the post, and since there are no tags and categories, it means that you might likely lose it forever if you don’t save it.

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