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AnalOnly doesn’t jerk you around with a title that tries to be too clever or too funny, forcing you to guess what’s actually going on or at least watch some previews. ...


AnalOnly doesn’t jerk you around with a title that tries to be too clever or too funny, forcing you to guess what’s actually going on or at least watch some previews. These guys tell you right in the title what you’re going to get, and it isn’t some boring, tired, vanilla missionary sex like you have with your bored-ass wife with the cellulite and bad attitude. Instead, this is going to be some premium hardcore ass-fucking action, so if you love butt stuff, read on! (Alternately, you could just follow the link, but hey, don’t let me tell you how to watch your porno.)

Given that spot-on name, I kind of assumed had been around since the olden days, that Internet Gold Rush era where prospectors parked on every domain with an even vaguely porny-sounding name. For whatever reason, it took them forever to think up this moniker because the site wasn’t even launched until the very end of 2020. They get a solid 1.5 million viewers every month, though, so they’re off to a stronger start than most porn operations. I wonder what they’re doing right.

These Sluts Want Anal Only!

AnalOnly’s got one of those standard warning screens when you first hit the domain, cautioning you in all caps with some exclamation points that this material is for ADULTS ONLY! Yeah, we get it, your porno is filthy and obscene, and you’d like us to sign up without even perusing the stash, but that’s kind of my whole deal around here. So I clicked through to the real tour page to see what all that hubbub was about, bearing that in mind.

Holy shit. You know what, guys? I immediately understand why these guys are doing so well. For one thing, the action is as wild and nasty as you were hoping. A big, auto-playing montage of oiled asses bouncing on dicks spins by at the top of the screen, with gaping bungholes galore. One hungry dude’s even sticking his tongue deep into that gaping pink rose.

They’re also working with some big-name pornstars. This isn’t amateur hour with some random local sluts off of Craigslist. The latest flick features none other than the lovely Whitney Wright getting pounded up the pooper. They’ve also featured a bunch of girls who have swung by the PornDudeCasting couch, like Gia Derza, Erin Everheart, Marilyn Johnson, April Olsen, and Dixie Lynn. The buttfuckers at AnalOnly have got great taste!

There’s a button over the Whitney Wright scene saying I could watch the trailer. I clicked on it, expecting to be shuffled to the signup page, a big pet peeve of mine, but they also include some actual video previews. So many sites these days are ditching the previews, but I got a two-minute glimpse of Whitney slurping on cock, getting her cornhole hammered, and gaping super wide. There’s salad tossing going both ways, too, so there’s plenty for the chocolate lickers in the audience.

Half a Dozen Gaping Butts Per Month

I’ll be honest: I was pretty much sold within the first few seconds of seeing the tour page. That automatic montage, the gaping buttholes, and big-name starlets got my dick all hard and drippy before I’d even had my morning bowl of Viagra, and that counts for a lot these days. So I made my way to the signup page to see how to get the full ticket.

I found no surprises. Anal Only will run you thirty bones a month, which is the standard going rate for almost any pay site these days. However, there are some lower rates for longer memberships, with a 6-monther that breaks down to around $17 every 30 days. It isn’t the greatest deal I’ve ever seen on the long plans, but it isn’t the worst, either.

Let’s take a look at what you get for those three Alexander Hamiltons. One of the big perks is the release rate. They’re putting out half a dozen new AnalOnly scenes every month. I looked for at least weekly scenes on any site you’ve got to pay for, and these butt-humping perverts fit the bill. So I took a closer look, and sure enough, they’re adding a new scene like clockwork every five days. That’s a little above and beyond when you compare them to most of the competition.

One potential downside, especially for the big-value shoppers, has to do with how young is. The site has only been around for nine months or so. They’ve got about 40 movies so far, which is absolutely solid for a website that’s only been around this long. That said, it isn’t a huge collection compared to the extensive networks that have been around for decades. Keep in mind that Anal Only movies regularly clock in at around an hour-long, so you’ll have plenty of material to shake your dick at.

They let you do what you want with those forty fuck flicks, too. I’ve noticed many paysites ditching the mp4s again, but AnalOnly allows members to save all their favorites for later. That’ll appeal to the older masturbators, who see downloadable files as their God-given right, as well as the younger perverts who are mainly concerned with building an offline porn stash to use for bartering when society entirely collapses.

Let’s Watch These Girls Get Butt-Fucked

It turns out Gia Derza visited AnalOnly around the same time that I got to know her. I’ve been missing the bubbly nymphomaniac, so I decided to start my official fap test with her movie. The scene runs a solid 55 minutes, so I started lubing up and settling in for a marathon fap. Like my own scene, this one begins with a nice interview segment with lots of giggling and flashing gorgeous body parts before the real fun kicks off.

After showing off that sparkly clean bunghole between those two flawless butt cheeks, the dude in the scene can’t help burying his face in there for a taste. The camerawork is lovely, getting in nice and close as Gia winks her holes before getting tongued down. Her moan is fucking music to my ears. The girl’s already gaping a few minutes into the ass-eating segment.

A couple of minutes after that, the toys come out. Gia gags herself on a huge black dildo before shoving it up her butt. It’s an inflatable dong, and they pump it up once it’s jammed in there nice and tight. Then, she pushes it out with a little farty eruption of lube. There’s a lot of lube flying around these Anal Only scenes, which makes sense given the tightness of those holiest of holes.

Gia is still giggly and eager as the boner comes out and immediately impales her face. She gets loud and messy, working up a ton of stringers and getting watery-eyed from the gagging within the first minute of sucking. She’s an enthusiastic head giver, to say the least! We get some excellent POV shots in there as it segues into a girl-on-guy rimming scene. I love how Gia’s bottom half looks splayed out on the bed as she slurps away. That ass is to fucking die for.

The site’s called AnalOnly, but the butt-humping doesn’t even start until nearly halfway through the flick. Gia puts her legs up in the air, they pour even more oil all over her ass, and she laughs as she gets her gaping butthole speared. Her eyes roll back in her head, she moans and swears, and I tried hard not to bust a nut quite yet as I played along at home. I still had another half hour of anal action to enjoy!

There’s a lot of ass-to-mouth in this scene and on, in case you were wondering. I mean, the fact that she eats ass should be a dead giveaway that’s going to do ATM, but sometimes you’ve got to ask. So many fluids are exchanged, and the whole thing ends with Gia’s pretty face all sticky and spermy, similar to how I left her. is an easy winner if you love good, well-made anal porn. They’re a newer site, so you don’t get quite as many videos as you’ll get with some of the longer-running butt-sex sites, but what they’ve put out so far is fantastic. This is high-end anal, with big stars and beautiful, fapworthy production values. If you can’t get off to this one, you’re either gay or just don’t like butt stuff that much.

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