is a site that's about sex and other stuff. Case closed. That's my take on what this site offers and it is a pretty damn accurate one. They have some sex, and then, they have some other stuff. Get it? No? Okay, let me expand a little bit so that you don't cry me a river and call me lazy for not being too detailed in my reviews. has popups, has sexy pictures, videos, videos that are not sex-related, they have viral clips wallpapers, they have...

Okay, now that you get that is a multi-talented site I think that it is better if I go into detail about what it is that they deliver and they deliver it so well. The best way to describe their content is by listing their header tab on their homepage. So the list goes like this, Videos, Pics, Webcams, xxx videos, Find Romance, Show Yourself, Sex Shop, Wallpapers. Did you get all that?

Which one seems the most interesting to you? To me, the most interesting was Show Yourself, and no it is not a part of the site where you take dick pics and submit them to It is so much more than that. It is a part of the site where you can also see boobs, booties, and pussies as well. The catch is that you need to write down on that body part or somewhere in the picture in order for the picture to be submitted.

The Find Romance part of the site doesn't work. I clicked on it a couple of times, and I didn't get anything, not a popup, not a redirect, nothing. It was just stuck on the homepage, so I continued on to other parts of the site. I guess I will never find romance. Too bad for the girls who are never going to meet me now. The XXX Videos section sent me to a site called I'm not going into that site now, but that's 1 out of three for right now. These sections are getting slimmer by the second I tell ya!

Well, at least the wallpapers worked. This is the section where you could get a 1920x1080 wallpapers, and they have sexy girls with sexy chests and sexy asses on them. I grabbed a few wallpapers for my background and then I got a "Not enough memory to open this page" crash on my Chrome browser! As I was starting to lose my patience with so many things in my life, was not the only thing.

What I liked the most about was the viral videos and the videos that were short and funny. They had nothing to do with sex nor did they have to do anything with anything but, they were interesting and engaging, and they were a breath of fresh air, one that was disrupting the monotony of the sex vids and pics. One more thing, the Webcams section didn't work also. Nice site though.

The videos section was a compilation of all short videos, mixed with sex-related and non-sex related ones. They were about 10 seconds long, and they were not your regular porn videos. In fact, doesn't have porn in its full form, let's just put it that way. They have sex as a spice, to make other content more intriguing. Yes! That's pretty much the gist of Now I nailed it. That's who is!

As I'm coming down to the end of this review, I have to admit, I've seen stuff!!!! There are some of these god damn viral videos that you just don't want to see man! I mean it. Sure, the content is fun and entertaining, but they have a way of placing these images slowly so that when you run into a dude cutting his own dick, you are already prepped for this kind of shit. Just fucked up shit. So I have to state again, is about sex and other stuff and other stuff can be fucked up, so you've been warned now!

So I went through, and this is what I have to say about it. They are a very engaging site. It actually took twice as long for me to finish up this review since some of the "other stuff" videos were way too interesting for me to pass them up. Soon enough, I was caught in a rabbit hole of videos, and I couldn't stop. The good thing that came out of it was that I found that messed up section that had videos that were shocking as fuck so now I can warn ya'll about them. All in all, I liked the site it had a good variety of content, and it was cool regardless of all the sections that didn't work.

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