Whenever people are thinking about the various places on Reddit that they can visit for porn, they rarely think of something that’s broad. Well, sometimes you just want to get a whole bunch of content at once, and that’s when you need to look into subs such as /r/AdultNeeds. This place has got everything you need for a different porn experience. Everything from pics and gifs to vids and tips is here for you. And when you have all this stuff in one place, it can be tempting to check this place out quite often. That’s why people usually don’t notice this place at first but then become avid fans. Let’s check it out!

So much post and upload variety

One of the first things that I notice when it comes to /r/AdultNeeds is how bareboned it really is. It’s not like many other subreddits on the Reddit.com platform that have a lot to offer in terms of features and things like that. It’s just a sub where you can go and post gifs, pics, and videos… Those kinds of things… In that sense, it might seem like it’s not even worth checking out, but I’m willing to dig in a bit deeper with you and see exactly why this place has this many members, despite being such a generic NSFW sub. I like to look at the content for answers in that domain, and the variety of it really helps unravel this mystery. You can always expect to find all kinds of stuff on this sub from OC to studio porn and so on.

I guess that some people just like to have a good variety of porn content to choose from. Can’t argue with that, it’s always better to have more content than less content, right? Anyway, if you’re the kind of guy who enjoys seeing the hottest and best porn, then this place might not be for you. But if you like a good variety of content when it comes to the format as well as the type of porn in terms of it being amateur OC stuff or professional studio content, then this might just be the place to check out. Instead of having to check out multiple subs on Reddit.com every single day, you can check out this catch-all sub.

Quality’s always a mixed bag here

Okay, that’s great and all, but what about quality? You guys know that ya boy The Porn Dude always pays attention to quality when I think about whether I’m going to recommend that you check out a sub or not. Well, here’s the thing, one of the main problems with having a variety of content like it’s the case on /r/AdultNeeds is the fact that you can never be 100% sure about the quality of the content you’re going to get. Sometimes you get the best quality available (at least when it comes to free porn), but at other times, you’re going to get OC pictures that are really bad in quality. And I guess they have their own charm, but they definitely don’t have the best quality that you can expect out of porn content here.

It’s a mixed bag. Sometimes you get high-res pictures and high-quality videos, but at other times you get garbage quality. You can never be 100% straight with what you’re going to get the day that you check out /r/AdultNeeds. I mean, I come to this sub every now and then, and I have to say that the content I was presented with was always different. Sometimes this is a blessing, but sometimes it’s a curse when you just want to have a steady flow of porn content that you generally are familiar with and that you know what to expect with. Oh well, I guess you just have to deal with these things on Reddit.

Very few reposted uploads here

It’s not the best solution that a subreddit has found, but it’s a great way to ensure that many people are going to be satisfied with this variety of content. And not to mention the fact that /r/AdultNeeds is actually for people who get bored with the same old shit every single day. For those kinds of people, it’s important that you get a variety of content from subs such as /r/AdultNeeds. I think that it makes sense that you should then get a few bad apples here and there, except that in this case, they won’t spoil the bunch. Or, rather, they won’t spoil the bunch if you’re not expecting much from that bunch either!

I guess that porn sites and subs have always been about setting your expectations to the right level. One of the ways in which this happens is by going to the subreddits you actually want to check out. When it comes to /r/AdultNeeds, it’s a subreddit you should subscribe to only if you like to have a huge variety in the content you receive. Sometimes this might result in you not really getting the stuff you want to jerk off to, but it will always keep the content fresh and it will never repeat the same material. This also means that it’s tough to encounter reposts on /r/AdultNeeds. I love this about this NSFW sub since it’s not something that you often get with those. Usually, people karma farm the shit out of reposts.

155,000 members in this community

Well, this isn’t the case on /r/AdultNeeds. Another thing that you need to keep in mind is that you can also expect to find a pretty sizeable community of people who are always ready to jump in with their fresh content. It’s literally hundreds of thousands of people who are ready to fulfill their dream of getting thousands of karma points just by posting one thing to this platform. At the same time, even with the pretty big size of the sub in terms of how many members it has subscribed, it’s a bit smaller than most other subreddits. Usually, subs have at least 50% more people on them and there’s a reason for that too!

For one, all those features that are missing on /r/AdultNeeds definitely affect how many people are willing to come here for their porn content. Also, you can expect to find a lot of design aspects that might not be to your liking. This and much more has lead to this place only getting the 155,000 members that they have right now as of the writing of this review. Then again, this place has only existed for a few years, having been founded in 2018. This means that it still has plenty of room to grow and I expect it to be able to reach greater heights than what it has confined itself to right now.

Subreddit design isn’t customized at all

So, what about the design is it that bugs me? You guys know that as The Porn Dude, it’s my job to bring you all the nitty and gritty details of what I like and what I dislike about any subreddit. This is why I can easily tell you that I just don’t like the way they’ve handled the design of the sub here. They just didn’t do anything when it comes to the customization and it’s one of the main things that you have to do if you want to see your sub flourish in this saturated space that is Reddit.com. I’m pretty sure there is already a subreddit for anything, so figuring out something new can be an impossible task.

They don’t have an avatar, they don’t have a cover photo, and they don’t even have that detailed of a description. I had a bit of trouble figuring out what the fuck this place is about when I first stumbled upon it. I mean, sure they say that it’s a place where you can get a whole bunch of porn that’s related to pictures, videos, gifs, and even tips (if you want to trust people on a NSFW sub for anything adult related) but nothing more than that is clarified! I guess it’s best to just go to the Hot and Top sections if you want to get the best of the best when it comes to what /r/AdultNeeds has to offer!

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