141 JAV! Porn has come a long way from the days of low-quality VHS tapes and nudie mags that you’d occasionally find stashed somewhere by your father or a certain uncle of yours – 20-30 years ago, porn was a rare find indeed, and guys usually enjoyed it as much as they could whenever they got their hands on it because it wasn’t nearly as accessible as today. Back then you had to go to a VHS store and shamefully rent or buy a porno tape (which was usually in low quality) while looking the cashier in the eye in order to get your hands on a porno video, it just wasn’t something people liked doing, so porn was indeed a rare find.

Nowadays, you can use your smartphone and play a XXX video in under a minute, and it’s usually above 480 pixels too. With this being said, it’s safe to say that porn has come a long way indeed – nowadays it’s as available as ever, and since it’s become so available the demand for it has grown exponentially since a decade or more ago. There are dozens upon dozens of different kinds of porn genres now, and one of the most popular ones is undoubtedly the Japanese genre.

Asian girls have always been sexy and exotic, and watching them fuck and suck on camera is something like a dream for a lot of men, especially Westerners. There’s just something about fair-skinned Japanese women taking dick that gets the blood of men from all over the world pumping (mostly to their dick), which is why sites like 141 Jav do so well in terms of traffic.

All Kinds of Works and Titles

141Jav.com has an abundance of full-length Japanese XXX works and titles – if you’re into Japanese porn then you’ll surely appreciate the beautiful splendor of dozens upon dozens of full-length movies that feature beautiful Japanese girls doing the dirtiest of deeds on HD cameras, and it’s all featured right here. No matter if you’re into Japanese secretaries, cheating wifes, petite schoolgirl teens, big-breasted masseuses, thick stewardesses, sexy swimmers, seductive nurses, busty schoolteachers, succulent news anchors or otherwise, you can bet both your nuts that you’ll find plenty of full-length movies on this site that feature them.

This is a real mecca of Japanese porn, and better yet, all the movies it features are free – that’s right, these full-length movies, which were certainly filmed on some kind of budget in order to sell to horny suckers that would actually pay for porn, are completely free on this website. The secret is the magic of torrents – all the movies on this site can be downloaded via magnet links, and don’t worry about having a hard time making a choice because there are more than enough tags here to help you pick your movie for the night.

More than Enough tags to Go Around

If it’s one trend I’ve noticed with Japanese XXX websites, it’s the fact that they love to organize and categorize their XXX content into as many genres, themes, kinks and fetishes as possible. There are over 200 different tags on this website, while categories are completely absent. Now first things first - it’s always good to see plenty of tags that help organize the content into as many sections as possible, but this practice could have diminishing returns (also known as ‘negative effects) once the tags get to a certain point where they’re way too many, and several pieces of content start overlapping into different tags. For example, the tag ‘Cervix’, which is admittedly pretty bizarre as it is, is simply a tag that contains content which features deep penetration – something that’s in almost every porn movie out there regardless whether it’s a Japanese one or not.

This tag contains pretty much all the movies on this site that feature vaginal intercourse, and there’s also a total overlap of content between this and another tag known as ‘Pussy’ – this is what’s known as oversaturated categorization. There’s always a point where adding tags and categories becomes redundant, and this site has certainly hit it. In any case there’s still a hell of a lot of tags on this website which could definitely help you filter in the kind of content you’d prefer to watch, regardless if it’s something more ‘basic’ like ‘Boobs’, ‘Threesome’, ‘Oral Creampie’ or something more extreme like ‘Piss’, ‘Fisting’ and so on. If you ever run into “fapper’s indecision”, which is a phenomenon that affects many masturbators with indecision over which video/kind of content to fap to, you can always check out the most popular tags on this website, which currently are; anal, cuckold, abuse, affair, married woman and mature.

Plenty of Actresses Too

One of the most common things that a daily masturbator and veteran porn consumer can experience is developing an infatuation with a certain XXX star or model. This happens pretty commonly, and I as a professional porn reviewer, am completely aware of the fact that many of these masturbators who do develop these obsessions tend to rely on a common section of any given porn website which showcases all the actresses/models that are featured in its content. This site, like all other decent XXX websites, has its own ‘Actresses’ section which showcases all the official female pornstars that are featured in its movies. Each actress has her own profile, but the profile itself doesn’t contain any personal or insightful information about her such as her height, weight, background or what kind of genre she tends to gravitate to.

All these profiles contain is a list of all the downloadable movies which the actress in question is featured in. There are dozens upon dozens of official JAV XXX actress profiles on this site, but one annoying thing about this section is that every single shown thumbnail is the same. Every actress profile is supposed to have its own personal thumbnail which shows what she looks like, but for whatever reason, the thumbnail is the same repeating picture that’s a cover of some full XXX movie. This is obviously an oversight made by the site’s admins, and I’m sure that they can fix it easily.

Have Fapper’s Indecision?

I mentioned the phenomenon known as “Fapper’s Indecision” once in this review already, but I’m going to go ahead and focus on it a little seeing as how it’s a pretty common thing that’s synonymous with most regular masturbators. I know all too well that when it comes to masturbating, people who do it every day tend to go on their go-to XXX tubes and pick out a thumbnail that looks attractive enough for them to fap to. One of the problems about this otherwise very simple process is that once a thumbnail is picked, it’s not uncommon for another more attractive thumbnail to pop out in the corner of the fapper’s eye and for them to start going on a wild goose chase trying to find the best possible video for them to fap to.

This can easily lead to the person spending more time looking for a video than actually masturbating, which is just time spent inefficiently if you ask me. If you do experience this common masturbator’s affliction (and chances are you do if you fap every day), then one thing you could do to avoid or at least lower its effect is rely on the ‘Popular’ section, which is not only found here on this site but on most other XXX websites as well. The popular section is simply what fappers like you fapped the most to on a given website – they’ve already spent plenty of time hopping from video to video like you, and have already made their sacrifice so that you don’t have to. This site’s ‘Popular’ section contains only the best of the best full JAV movies, so if want to make sure you blow your load to some quality JAV content without being indecisive about it make sure to check out this part of the site.

Check out the Newest Additions

If you’re a veteran of JAV porn then chances are you’ve already seen your fair share of Japanese XXX content and have probably fapped to some of the best works and titles out there. If that’s the case, then you can certainly make use of this site’s ‘New’ section. This section is simply a list of all the newest additions added to the site – you might not like all of them, but if you’ve seen more than your fair share of JAV pornography then you should definitely make use of this section and find something fresh to fap to.

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